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What is a “calling ??”

Posted by tawodi on September 12, 2008

I was asked in an E Mail;

 Why do you say it is your “calling” to form and maintain a Ministry of visitation? I never though of this as a ” Ministry” before.

To illustrate why I know it as my Calling,  rather than re state one of the epiphanies of my life, I chose to explain what I had encountered at the very beginning, when years ago I submitted to God’s  “request”. This is taken from the  “Pastors page, ” at the Tree of The Mustard Seed web site. If you are interested in “epiphanies” they are filed here under the category listed as “evangelism” in the left hand blog roll column. The title of the piece is I’m not what you think!

  It was a month ago that I put up the article about the wedding of the young people.

This time I would like to draw your attention to what it is I do for the major portion of my ministry.
   Ministry takes many forms as most of you know. Mine takes the form of service to the elderly, disabled, those recovering from injury, and those who are lonely and forgotten, such as the homeless and the poor.
   This ministry is one of the most forgotten aspects of all, and in my estimation the most important I can do. In 2002 in June of that year My heart was opened by God in an epiphany on a country road in McHenry Illinois. If you would like a full accounting go to my blog page Life Religion Family and The People of Abraham it is there, listed under evangelism, titled “I’m not what you think”.  It is there for you to learn from. It is NOT about me, but is rather, to have an idea of your own relationship with God and the many forms it can take.
   Once engaged in this ministry, I learned in very short order, how cruel well meaning people can be, to those so in need of human contact. The single biggest issue I encountered was the one of being forgotten. The aged are a lost section of humanity both in society and from their churches. Imagine your self a life long supporter and member of a church. It doesn’t matter which one, they ALL are guilty of this. You have reached the time of your life where you are no longer able to drive, this has great consequence to this group of people. They can’t go shopping for food easily, they can’t get to the doctor,dentist or visit friends and relations. They can’t go to church, and right here is exibited the cruelty that I mentioned. You have given time, love, effort, and money, all of your life and nobody and I mean NOBODY cares about you any more. All of your friends that you had accepted as your church family, all or most of your life, never calls, never visits, never sends you cards or letters, you simply cease to exist!! And worst of all?? The Pastors that you have supported all of your life with your church contributions and fund gathering efforts won’t call, write, or visit either!! But!!!  The pledge cards keep showing up in the mail!! Some Pastors even have the unmitigated  gall  to call the poor soul and ask where their money is. It’s true I have seen it and heard it!!!
  How do you think you would feel about them now?? How do you think you would feel about your old church now?? How do you think you would feel about your old pastor now?? And,  last and the worst ….how do you think you would feel about religion now??? How about God….now?? You have served faithfully all of, or most of,  your life….do you think you would be hurt?? Feel kind of like a SAP???  Of course you would!!  Well virtually every day I walk through some one’s door that has been abandoned this way. I see the results of this cruelty, and I mourn for my fellow humans who can be so unwittingly cruel. Especially Pastors!!! I know how precious time is,  but there is no excuse for this…. none!!  You don’t have time??  Send someone who does!!  Form a committee of people, educate them in how to be a simple human being.  They don’t need to do the God talk, but to sit for an hour and play checkers, cards, write a letter for someone, who no longercan, there are a hundred ways to bring God to these people and never mention His name!!!  If these people are well versed in their faith?  Well that’s a real boon, go for it!! You don’t need to be a pastor, just a human being who can read a few verses and pray with them.
   Now you must beware!!  Once you have started this, these people will not trust you for about three or four visits, do you know why?? They’ve heard it all before!!  So once you start, make SURE that you or someone else, keeps it up, or at least invest fifteen minutes and a phone call, if you have a cold or are going on vacation,  keep the connection open. You have no idea how appreciated you will become,  as a bringer of light, human contact and simple human caring to these people. The same goes for those you may visit in a nursing home. Never forget these are still human beings,  they feel everything you do, still, and “happy”, is usually in very short supply, Bring them some!!!
  If you are interested, contact me, I will tell you how to go about this if you wish,
It is such a simple,  but so great a deed and gift,  you can give them.
Be well, my friends and, be blessed by God……Rev.  Bruce

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A different kind of thinking?? maybe not

Posted by tawodi on March 30, 2008


I am going to take a little side trip with all of you and ask that you consider what I say for just a short while, before you dismiss it. OR accept that it has some truth to offer.

We are body, mind and spirit most accept this as a description of humanity.

Body; well, this has to be accepted.

Mind; that which is capable of learning, forming opinions and capable of judgement. The ability to reason cause and effect and the probable outcomes of certain stimuli to the environment or our actions within it. I do not mean in a macro sense, but in the direct application of reason, ergo, I throw a ball at this window the probable cause of the effect of it’s breakage. Just for now accept this reasoning.

Spirit; that which animates us or directs us in all of our human pursuits. The secularists will state that there is no such thing. But your fellow scientists have had to coin the term , ego, id and superego, or sub-conscience conscience and superconscience to co-relate and reconcile the obvious three levels of conduct and their manifestation in each of us. With out this concept, of three levels of conscience, there is no making sense of any human action, for a host of reasons. I would ask that you simply follow along here for a moment if you have no psycological training, the rest of you will agree.

None of us at any given moment is really, truly, aware of just what we’re doing until we analyse the conduct of all three of the elements of Psychy, and how a given action reached it’s conclusion or indeed, what caused us to act in just this way. ALL human actions are governed by this analytical process to determine what the frack are we doing! And, moreover why!!

With these elements in place for this discussion let us now proceed.

We are created by whatever process you choose to use as the mechanism that is a fact SOMETHING caused us,there again we will make an assumption for this discussion.

That something is “the Creator” ( call him/her/it, what you will for your own purposes.)

If we change the word spirit for soul we can then make another adjustment in our thinking, a soul is something with a life of it’s own in most theologies isn’t it.

Now, to the meat of it.

Posit; Soul, on a journey of learning who and what it is, created at the instant of creation by the creater as part of Him/Her/It’s self to populate the cosmos with life in all it’s many forms. It makes choices for the purpose of learning what and who it is to better itself and become one again with God/Creator.

It knows what it wants, on a concious level we do not. We have “chosen” to forget this aspect of our makeup and there is a reason for this, which I will get into later. It is this that causes us to attempt to “raise our consciousness” to the level at which we begin to see who we are, is this phrase familiar to you?

Now let’s shake the cart up real good!

There is NO original sin I posted the other day this has been accepted by the Catholic church and the Methodist as long ago as 225 years ago and more for John Wesley and the Catholics as recently as 1965 at Vatican two.

Why haven’t any of your churchmen or women for that matter told you this????

Simple they cannot control you with the concept that YOU can have unique and special, PERSONAL relationship with God, all by your self!! YOU DO NOT NEED US!!!

Now I need to get ready for my church services, more later, cogitate on this for awhile I’ll be back later.

BE WELL ALL……………..tawodi


I figured I’d better be! To continue I am not disparaging the “church” it is a good institution and accomplishes much that is good, and even great, about humanity.

When examined closely however it has one common failing……… is run by human beings and as such is subject to certain common failures.

This is not to disparage as I said simply to explain that is not my purpose.

A.K. popped in to say hi and you can read what he said yourself hence this caveat.

Let me state here and now, NO-ONE is more sure of the existence of God than me, NO-ONE!! I have had many “God moments” in my life and, it was not till the age of 37 that I began to closly examine them and become aware of what they truly were.

And A.K. you’re right, there are those who will wish me dead, but I cannot sit on this any longer.

Now all of your life you have been told you are the children of God, is this not right? I would pose the question; why is that so hard to believe?

Answer; because the God you have tried to understand is not possible to understand!! At least, as it has been explained to you.

Let me digress again….you have read my postings for over a year and a half now and never seen me disparage anyone’s religion or belief system or lack of a belief system and there is a reason for that….I don’t have that right!! Each is on a path, but not as commonly thought. It is uniquely your own path and NONE but you will walk it…….That is THE PLAN!!!

The soul of each of us KNOWS what it is!! It knows what it wants and, what it wants is this….To be again with God………You read that correctly…….you ARE a literal CHILD OF GOD!! Now niether you or I can change that, it simply IS.

Taken a little further then, how can there be atheists? A soul can not KNOW what it is until it knows, what it isn’t. Consider……for every in, there is an out….for every up, there is a down…..for every is, there is an, is not…..for every here, is a there and what is in between. do you get it yet?

We are here to experience, for it is only by experience that we learn who we are and who we are not….it is only by experience that we learn WHAT we are or are not. It is this experience of being by which God is enriched, as are we, it is the way to God and, guess what, there is no pass/fail. How can there be, remember what Christ SAID when asked where is Heaven. His answer?? IT IS WITHIN YOU Have you ever once truly considered what that means???!!!???

What it means is this, you know who you are, you are part of God and He is part of you!!!

EVERYTHING you need to find God, you already have, every thing you need to be with God you already have, in fact, THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN BE WITHOUT GOD……Except one… choose to be.

You have seen me write about free will many times and argued with me about it but God knows you and WILL NOT interfere with your choices to Him there is no good or bad there simply exists the not. Something is either you, or it is not!! if you choose wrong(there is no wrong) choose again, remember you are building yourself, you are choosing that statement of who, and what, you ARE!! No-one else can.

Choose WISELY and if you make a mistake, remember God will forgive, He is infinite love, is indeed, love itself!!

It must be remembered I am not saying stop going to church I am saying be AWARE believe what He told you, what Jesus told you they do not lie!!

Every master who ever walked the earth has given us the same message consider it.

There is a tremendous amount of stuff here to consider, I will discuss as you question and remember also, I can not tell you what to do, only you, can Decide what is right for you.

Also consider, you are not being told to cast off the teaching of your faiths, just to consider what makes sense in the context I have, and will continue, to out line.

We have the Bible but there is much to learn from, and OF, it that you may not have been taught.

Be well all and I know you ALL go with God….Tawodi

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Posted by tawodi on January 2, 2008

I have not been posting much over the last two months due to the fact that my wife and I bought our first home together at the end of Oct. then I had a very bad turn of health. Thankfully we had the help of my kids to move, I’m still getting better and things are settling down once again.

On my blog talk radio show, Tawodi’s Hawks Nest, I have been discussing for a period of weeks the different causes of the unrest and downright hatred between the people of the middle east. It is important to understand that it is not just religious in nature but political and cultural as well. I had planned to take three weeks to do it, but it ran out to five and there was a lot of positive input from people who listen and they contributed much to the education process that took place there.

Then of course there is the other blog page for The People of Abraham home port so to speak. There is almost no traffic there and I can not seem to get the help that word press has in place to assist in feeding your site once you’re up and running. For instance the tag cloud system that the search engines cruise and bring in so many people.

If I can not change things there I will delete that blog and bring it to the word press platform, as obviously I know how to make things work here and getting help is considerably easier.

I wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR  and will be getting back to my old rate of writing which was almost daily if you all recall.  To learn a little, go to Tawodi’s Hawk nest  ( righthand side bar click)  and listen to what I have been doing for the last six weeks and you will then have a full picture of the plan for this the new year.

 This is what I have decided to focus on with the group called The People of Abraham,  which of course is for Christians Muslims and Jews to talk, learn and, for reconciliation, Not so much of differing faiths but as human beings.

Be well all,  Take care and Iask for His blessings on you all……..Rev  Bruce…………………………………………..Tawodi

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Clearing The Air

Posted by tawodi on October 16, 2007

peopleof-abraham-2x25-pic-only.JPGOnce again the question has been raised as to the name of God, in relation to Islam and Christianity and Judaism.

Once again it is Christian fundamentalists who make spurious accusations about the word Allah. Here for all of you is the TRUTH where the name comes from, who the father of Islam is and, what the name means and why it means it.

I have engaged in this battle for years and when it is put down in one location by once more,  it pops up again in another location. Apparently these people think like Geoseph Geobbels of W.W. 2,  if you repeat a lie long enough, loud enough, it will become the truth. THIS IS NOT SO!! a lie is a lie, no matter how many times you repeat it!! Receive the truth!


You know something?? I get so tired of posting the truth of things, only to have the very same people come back and say the same lie all over again.
The Hebrew EL, was also the Cannaanite EL, or transcendant Chief God. The word is the root of thirty five Attributes of God linguistically for Jews and Christians alike.

ILLAH……pronounced ILL Yach “gutteral, glottal stop,” implied by the semitic ACH sound of Hebrew and Arabic the two main semitic languages.

Shortened to AL (prefix word -the-) apposed (attached) to Illah to make the compound word, Allah. Phonetic pronunciation Al- ach or THE GOD Taken to mean, litterally, the ONE God of Ishmael, Older brother of Issach, by fourteen years, who, the Bible tells us, that God was with as he grew, to be the father of his own people, to whom
would be descended twelve more tribes of people.

Their father???? ABRAHAM!! The FATHER of the two semitic tribes, Hebrews and Arabs.

Read your Bible people!!!! The Arabs didn’t make this up. WE DID!!!!!

K.J.V. Biblical,
Citations, Genesis 21: V.9: -21.
Descendants of Ishmael: Genesis 25: V.12:- 18.
These Verses come after the discription of Abraham’s children by Keturah, their names and the dispersal of Abraham’s estate to Issach only, as the child of the covenant between Abraham and God born of Sarah, as God promised.  Now for the life of me, I fail to see how you can blame Muhammad for what is in OUR OWN BIBLE!!! If you figure out how he did that, maybe you can tell the rest of us!!!

Read and learn, I didn’t write this, or invent it, it is in OUR Bible…….

It is very important that you understand that I am a DEVOUT Christian Minister of many years service. The people of Islam have a different understanding of their worship of God. Is it necessary for me to accept it?? NO it is necessary for me to accept that THEY do. Nothing more is required of a Christian or Jew, other than that.  Respect the fact that these things are what they believe and leave it alone!!!  You are NOT required,  to convert them,  attack them,  or abuse them  for their faith,  because you don’t agree with it.  Jesus tells us,  state your case and walk away,  be as harmless as doves. Why as Christians,  must we always forget those admonishments,  that we were given by the Lord Jesus Christ,  whom we PROFESS to follow??  keep your heart at peace and walk your own path to God as others walk theirs, you are but human beings,  you are NOT to judge, it is written……..

Be well all………Rev Bruce……………………..Tawodi

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Posted by tawodi on July 10, 2007

Today on Tawodi’s Hawks Nest  I discussed the names of God.  There is great controversy in the world today about just that especially in regard to the name Allah. In the exegitical language studies you will find the parralels to connect the dots so to speak and come to your own conclusions, as to who God is,  by His name and what God is,  by the descriptive terms we as humans use to try and comprehend,  the incomprehensible,  for the finite mind.

That is the crux of the matter,  we CANNOT comprehend the infinite,  all we can do is to excercise our sorry little minds and try to describe what we feel,  or sense of God,  as so many common men and prophets alike,  have done through the ages.

I will have to transcribe the show in it’s entirety for you and bring it here.  As well as invite you to go there and listen,  it is archived so you can listen whenever you want and you don’t have to do the whole hour at one sitting.  You can advance or return the listening control to where you turned off the show and catch the rest of it at your leisure.  ENJOY  and learn.

By the way we learned today just in the Hebrew scriptures there are 35 names of God in person and in comprehension of what He is!!  And what He does!!

So the next time someone tells you about the evil Muslims with the name,  Allah  which is al ( the )   ( Illah = God) or the way we see it today, Allah,  which means the One God, the everlasting, without end, constant and abiding…….sound familiar??

That’s all for now,  I’m going to go and start transcribing,  it will take a couple of days.

Be well take care …Rev. Bruce………………………………………………………………..Tawodi

P.S.   On God tube the two videos there are now in the news and the favorites section ………….WOW…………..that’s cool!!

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Posted by tawodi on June 10, 2007

Well it’s been a few days since I have had time to post here. I have of course checked a couple of times a day to see if answers are needed for comments …..nope!   SO,  I’ll begin  with the latest news on the people of Abraham faith initiative.

THERE’S A WAR   and it’s not what you might think it would be,  or even who it would be!!  I was on some different venues over the last few days and got slam dunked a couple of times from….you guessed it fellow Christians.

What is so hard to understand about acceptance??  I don’t follow the tennets of Islam,  but to listen to some of these people I’m the worst thing to come down the pike since Judas Iscariot!!!

Nothing about me has changed,  I still preach the word of God, to us, through Jesus Christ and the New Testament, I still do Hospice work, with all that it entails, I still visit the sick and the shut in’s who can’t travel to church and worship,  or just need to see another human being once in a while, and of course do this work of reconciliation, proudly might I add,  to stand with so many who seek peace through understanding.

I am starting to see something very disturbing out there and what it is,  flies in the face of all we have been taught as Christians.It is written that Jesus said ‘I am sending you out as sheep among wolves, be thee therefore as wise as serpents, and as harmless as doves.”  I had somebody quote this to me in an attempt to show me the error of my ways!!!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,  he completely forgot the part about the doves!! It seems that there is, out there, a certain percentage of people who believe that the Muslims are the children of Satan and will be the armies of the anti Christ and the sooner the war comes the sooner we all get to be with Jesus in His Heaven…….Frightening to say the least!!

First off,  it seems to me to be the height of arrogance on the part of some because we are told, ” No man knoweth the hour of His coming,  only the Father.”  We are to be as watchmen on the wall,  ready,  but not to stop living in the world,  but to live in such a way that we may be worthy of His heaven,  not force the coming of it!!!   As if we could!!!

The open condemnation of literally,  billions of human beings to the fires of hell,  is to them it seems,  almost eagerly looked forward to,  almost like some kind of cosmic wienie roast,  to which we as Christians have been invited to attend and enjoy!!

GOD,  sweet loving Christ,  PROTECT US!!!  From such as these, who it would seem,  gleefully anticipate the deaths of billiions to feel some kind of wierd justifcation in their faith.

Are the people of other faiths to be saved?? Are they to be condemned by God as sinners?? Maybe,  or perhaps definitely, but I can gaurantee one thing for certain sure,  there is no human being on this green earth that is supposed to do it!!!  God tells us again and again,  not to do that,  it is HIS province to judge mens hearts,  NOT OURS!!!

For centuries we condemned the Jews,  only to find through exegitical studies,  that they are still the people of the covenant!! They will be given the chance according to scripture to profess Jesus as Lord. We are taught through scripture that those who but live in the world,  also serve the Lord our God and will be judged from their deeds,  written in the book of life. by GOD, not us!!  We are taught in the Lords prayer to ask to not,  be led into temptation,  and what do they do!!!  Assume they know the mind of God,  in regard to the ultimate disposition of billions of human beings, Sweet Lord what arrogance!! It is unbelievable to me,  that so many would fail so utterly to understand,  the basic tennets of our faith this way!!!

I have seen time and again these people give explanations of the Quoran,  when it is so incredibly obvious they have no clue about their own Bible and what it says in regard to these matters of guilt and innocence in matters of faith.

First there are millions of American Muslims right here in this country who have never hurt anyone and never will,  they are innocent. There are literally more than a billion others,  who the same thing can be said for,  they are innocent!!

Are there monsters out there,  YES,  must they be dealt with,  unfortunately,  in the only way open to us to deal with them, YES,  But the innocent must NOT be condemned along with them.

There are monsters among us,  who call ourselves Christians,  and they call themselves Christians too,  and they must be dealt with also,  hopefully,  before we reach the point that we have reached with the terrorists of the world,  but dealt with none the less. there is NO gainsaying that. I would have to be a fool to believe otherwise and I like to think,  I am not a fool.

Some have accused me of trying to start some wierd hybrid Christian,  Muslim religion, balderdash,  this is no such thing. The people involved in this intend to leave the religion, or lack of it,  in others,  STRICTLY,  alone. It is none of our business what some one believes,  only that they believe,  you and I and them,  have the right,  not to be murdered for that belief!!!  We have the right,  to demand that our children prosper in their beliefs and have a better life than we have had. Not to be Murdered because they are of a certain faith,  or race,  or sex.

Look to the right side of the post in the column,  you will find places to go and learn about the efforts of thousands to bring peace to this mud ball before we blow it up. You need not profess their faith,  just understand they have a right to it as human beings and as you study you will find not one of them is authorised by God or Jesus Christ or Muhammad to kill you for your faith. Yes the quoran talks of wars in the early years against pagans and now perverted cultural influences and governments are using it to twist their people to war,  but so are those who profess to be Christians!!!  help us stop this at least in America where we have religious freedom at least for now,  stop this while there is still time.

In the name of Christ we pray…..Amen                                                             Rev. Bruce                                    Tawodi

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Posted by tawodi on June 6, 2007

Hello all, the fourth show is up and archived at Tawodi’s Hawks Nest.  After I vetted it last night I thought it the best so far. It seemed to be smoother with more varied content, I hope you enjoy it if you choose to listen.

Late last week I found an interesting spot to visit called GOD TUBE.  It’s kind of like You Tube in concept but is full of religious vidios and forums as well as ministry vidios and movies, lots to look at. I started a group called the People of Abraham , Christians, Muslims and Jews. I set it up and put up a brief description of who we are and what our intent is, we”ll see how it works. As usual look in the right hand column it’s listed there click and enjoy.

ALWAYS  check the right hand bloroll for new places to go and learn,  sometimes I pop things up and don’t have time to write a post telling you about it!!

Something is happening out there and I can see it in here……..last friday this site had four hundred hits since May fifth when I started it. This afternoon some time it went over five hundred lots of people seem to be following feeds in and tags for categories that they are searching for specific things to answer their questions. It is my earnest hope that what I write and put up for study from other sites will help those of you in need.

For those who may not know how this blog works on the left there is a list of what’s currently on the “front page ”  so to speak. Also of course the different sites for research and fun you can click to when you want.  On the left is first the category column it lists by category all the articles and think pieces I have written by their category so if you come here you can click what might interest you with out having to read through everything. Next is the Tag cloud this is a little different in that it shows by highlight which pieces are the most heavily read. A good example is Mike Dolans poetry about fathers if you look it’s at the top bar line on left it says,  about,  if you put your curser there and pause a flag comes up and tells you what it is in a brief description….cool huh!!!

I have recieved over thirty E mails in the last two days about the interfaith efforts and that is very heartening,  people are begining to “get it”  when they  read the preamble.  PRAISE GOD!!!  As I have said previously,  you don’t change a thing you believe to join us,  you simply accept that others have their own concepts of belief and learn together,  what we can do for understanding and to lessen the fear of the unknown we all feel.  From there,  as we come to know each other as humans,  it all gets much easier, when that point is reached,  others seem drawn to us simply because they see,  it DOES work,  just as we say it works. There truly is nothing to lose and so incredibly much to gain. Continue to read,  to watch,  to learn and then make up your own mind. ALL are welcome here whatever faith or no faith at all.

On the blog radio show there is lots of stuff about Y.M.C.A. camps Girl Scouts Boy Scouts and other youth organizations for summer stuff for kids to do and you to do with them and how to access them in your town or city youth ministries and all sorts of stuff, as I said enjoy!!

That’s pretty much it for today, Be well all and at peace………Tawodi

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invitation to a new thing, it’s for every one

Posted by tawodi on May 8, 2007

Well today is Tuesday May 8th.  the pieces have been falling in place the last couple of days for me to tell you about what the purpose of this blog site is and about an up coming  blog radio show that will probably start in about a month maybe sooner,  I’m not sure. For the last three months a gentleman by the name of Robert Salaam who is an American Muslim ( radio show and blog site,  of the same name)  and I have been working out a way to bring about true understanding between people of different faith structures here in America and eventually around the world.

The biggest stumbling block to every movement that has come before this,  is that people of different faiths don’t want (understandably) to concede any of their beliefs, or faith structure, and we don’t think they should.

What is exciting is we started this on a site called religion in the military which is in the www.military,com web structure.

It has taken a couple of months for people to understand,  EXACTLY,  what we’re doing and what we mean. This has been acceptable to us because,  as I said,  this is something never tried before…………….and it’s WORKING!!

In the last two weeks it has literally exploded,  people of all different faiths and believe it or not the stongest support of all,  has come from people of no faith, thats right atheists and agnostics!! we have a Buddhist,  wiccans deeply spiritual Christians, Jewish people, Muslims, a few pagans,  three witches,  that I know about,  and many many others too many to count any more, for us anyway.

What must be understood is,  this is for the human beings on the planet that need water to drink,  air to breath,  food to eat and who want to see their children grow up,  free of fear,  safe from want,  and to have a little bit better life,  than you and I have had.  Those people only are the ones who need concern themselves with what we are doing,  if you don’t fit into that group well,  then you don’t need to worry about it at all.

You will need time to let all this sink in,  as we all have staked out long ago,  our structure of belief and the fear of those who we THINK mean us harm. There is a pernicious movement in this country to breed fear and distrust of one another, and the sick, pathetic, worst thing of all,  is we don’t even know what we are afraid OF.  We’re afraid because some bozo, cherry picking parts of a book,  they have zero understanding of,  and claiming it as truth.  The very same way these bozo’s have been cherry picking parts of scripture,  to condemn fellow Christians,  in the past and today. Never mind,  all that’s been done to all the poor Jewish people,  who live here and just like you and me,  have worn the uniform to protect this country and come home to persecution and hatred .  And,  the ones who hate them don’t have a clue,  why,  they do it because they were told to. Once again by some bozo who doesn’t have a clue,  except theior own hatred of some thing they REFUSE to try and understand.

I would ask that you consider history for a moment. A great Nation of eighty million people was once led merrily down the road to hell and utter destruction. Can you guess which nation it was? They brought us some of the greatest poets, composers of music, kings and statesmen,  military geniuses, the modern way of thinking about your own Christianity,  new religious movements,  that shaped our entire western civilization, scientific marvels that even today are held up as the best works of mankind ever beheld on a secular level, or equal to the highest achievments of mankind as a whole.

Did you guess?? have you figured it out??  It was Germany between the years of 1933 and 1945. A maniac who I believe was perfectly possesed of evil,  pointed the insecurity of his people at a target,  the Jews,  created of them an enemy to be focused on and then almost destroyed them in an orgy of destruction that the world up to that time had never seen.

In W. W. 2 there were 55,000,000 casualties yes fifty five million,  that doesn’t count the years leading up to the war in Russia, and in Germany and in China if these statistics are added in the toll in human life is over two hundred million.

That is a lot of agony and death isn’t it??  But of course that was then, right,  it’s not now right?  Wrong,  in the decade of the ninties two hundred million more were killed in wars around the world,  that’s right another two hundred million more ,killed in wars,  in the 1990’s.  Do you begin to see the fire that we are playing with,  by fostering all this fear and hatred.  Don’t say it can’t happen here,  you see it on the death tube every day,  kids are killing themselve in schools,  on the streets for dissin’ each other,  or for a pair of sneakers or a cool jacket,  as happened last week,  or just to hear a gun go off in a drive by shooting and they don’t care WHO they kill.

These are the stakes we are playing for,  it’s not political,  it’s not religious,  it’s not geographic,  it’s not economic. It’s not racial,  The nature of the threat is simply pure human FU%^%$ERY,  it’s as simple as that.

I know,  I’m a preacher,  and I’m not  s’posed to talk like that,  but the time for calling a spade a spade has come, euphemisms  buzzwords, catchy phrases are not in order any more,  they don’t work,  they are a way to hide and cower away from the truth, and we can’t afford to hide any more.

Look in the eyes of your  children tonight when you put them to bed,  quietly and for a long moment.  What do you see?? A full future, full of love and achievement, or fear suffering and early death because of some fool who can’t stop being afaraid of the boogyman next door!!!

Be well,  friends….bring peace to one another no one else can….Tawodi…out

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