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In answer to a question

Posted by tawodi on August 28, 2008

This was an answer to a question posed by a young man in regard to the status of the Jews in the world today and if God’s covenant was still in effect.






I will endeavor to answer your questions seriatum.
God’s covenant with Israel was never rescinded. The laws He gave Moses, over time, became enmeshed with the laws of men. As such they were not true to the spirit of the law. By the time of Jesus’s birth they had become a travesty of legalisms and, virtually impossible for people to understand, let alone follow. The priesthood and scribes from the time of Moses had added to the ten commandments 603 “Fences” that they felt were to protect the laws of God. As if He needed their help!!

The first hint of a Massiah appears in Genesis. Chapt. 3 verse 15 through the entire Bible there are over two hundred and twenty “hard” prophesies, concerning the Massiah and his two forms. The first is as the suffering Massiah and interssesor “Priest” on the order of Melchizedek. And, the second is as the conquering King.

In His time, it was believed that the conquering King was the ONLY Massiah. The people of the Jewish faith still hold this view, as probably do you.

No one, and no thing, can take Israel’s inheritance from them! Once again, arrogant men in the form of Preachers and Pastors over the centuries have foisted this view that God gave up on the Jews, there is no way that these men and women could be farther from the truth.

God does NOT, change His mind!! When He said an everlasting covenant He meant it!!!

We are now in the age of the Gentiles, soon to end. Hopefully we, as the people of the Book, can forstall the violence and blood shed foretold, and bring peace to all our brothers and sisters as we, as those said people, have been commanded to do by our Creator!!

Any of God’s burdens are light, it is man’s arrogance and bridling at any restraint, that causes us to rebel. It is in our nature to do so. God knows this, and has provided many means to bring ourselves to Him in submition. You may notice I did NOT say surrender, Jesus NEVER surrendered!! He submitted to the will of God!! There is a vast difference between the two.

Some men should not be Pastors, some should not be teachers and, some should not be counsellors. It is the arrogance of being educated, that causes so many to lead themselves into temptation. God doesn’t do it as we beseach Him in the Lords prayer not to do. It is we in our stupid surety that we, and we alone, have THE answer, that leads us into temptation!!

None of us have THE answer, unless it comes from God, it is no answer at ALL.

At the end of this age, there will be a reckoning, and all will be restored as God told us. It will be HIS will, that WILL be done!!

Now I’m just a man, do you need to believe a word of what I just wrote?? No, of course you don’t!! But ask God to lead you, search your heart, as you should with every thing of the spirit. If it rings true, it IS true!! If it does NOT, it is NOT. That is the best that any living man can tell you, or instruct you to do.

As always, choose well!! Be well friend……..Tawodi


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Answer to A question

Posted by tawodi on August 17, 2008


What appears here is exactly what I believe.

The word “logos” is an unfortunate choice by the early Greek translators of the Bible.

Jesus was and is, ‘The light and the way.” No question about it!!

He was there at the creation of the world, and with God, approved everything that was created.

Later His mission was to assume the form we know Him as, Jeshua ( Jesus ) Massiach (the Christ) The annointed One. King of kings, Lord of ALL!!!

Conceived in the womb of Marriam. By the pure act of God, as manifested in the Holy Spirit.

Since God created EVERYTHING in the Universe, including that universe!! How can Jesus, His Son, be anything but created??

Sent to us as Saviour,convicted during an illegal trial in and by the Sanhedrin, turned over to the Romans, scourged, reviled, crucified and died.

He riegns now, at the right hand of God, in heaven. All that God gives Him to rule. in Heaven and earth.

The Holy Spirit is one of God’s manifestations, given to us all as comforter, guide, and friend, to shepherd us on the path we will walk, on our way back to the Father.

It is NOT a separate entity. And! Right there is the sticking point.

I do not believe that God is three “persons”

I beleive that God, Jesus The Christ, as Son, and the Holy Spirit, that binds us ALL, are as described,in Scripture,and, by the very words of Christ Himself.

What this means is simply that all of God’s creation is bound to Him, you, me, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, EVERYTHING!! Every last sub atomic particle in the entire universe!! It can be no other way. Our book tells us, God is in everything, and everything belongs to God.

Ipso facto; Jesus is The Son of God and told us, “Yea, verily, these things that I do, could I do them if the Father was not in me, and I in Him? Yea, verily, I tell you, all these things and more, shall you do also!!

Believe and you shall become. The most devout people I have ever known, do not accept that Jesus meant what he said!! YOU, are a child of God!! YOU, have no idea, the power you wield!!

Why do you think I am always so careful in describing these things?? Why do you think I am so insistant on them?? I have seen them work!! That’s why!!

If you take into your heart, all that they told you about your place in this universe, the most powerful forces are at your command, the power of creation?? It’s YOURS!! Doubt me?/ The Eiffel Tower started with just a thought, didn’t it?? All did, everything you see on this planet did, that was built by man. And, that will pale by comparison if we could just believe as we were told!! Almost all are crippled in their lives by refusing to believe it, their prayer is crippled, their concepts of self are crippled. EXAMPLE; God did NOT put you here to be miserable!! But, in some strange way most think it is our lot, to be miserable, don’t they.

It’s not true. What did Jesus say??? “I came, so that you could have life, and have it more abundantly!!” You have read it, why don’t you believe it??!!??

All these things, are promises made to us, at the cost of His life, don’t you think He meant them?

I will stop now, I could go on for DAYS! This is Sunday after all Smile

But I am sure you get my drift. As always, this is what I believe, you don’t have to.

Think, Speak, do, and become, that highest vision of yourself that you would be, in service to God.

Be well friend……….Bruce

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The Pastor’s Page from Tree of The Mustard Seed Ministries

Posted by tawodi on August 12, 2008

 Last week we got a little further into prayer and next week will continue. But I need to share something with you, so this week we will take a side trip!!

   All too often in these times of war, tumult, seeming chaos and uncertainty, It is hard to see our way clearly to reach for a future of any kind.
   The media lives on selling us fear and it seems that most of our politicians do too!
   Suddenly something of hope rears up and at first we may not be aware of what we are seeing at first,  but then comes a moment of quietude and clarity. These moments are rare indeed and it is my belief that they should be shared,  as they are precious few and sometimes, in the hurley burley are not recognized for what they truly are, a blessing in hope.
   I officiated at a wedding yesterday, August tenth and right in the middle of the final vows was struck most forcibly with what was actually taking place.
   As I stood there the example of those two young people in front of me, and young people everywhere.  Are simply reaching out for their chance, at life, happiness, children, fruitfulness and hope, in what sometimes seems a hopeless world.  Being of clergy I found myself ashamed at the way I have been feeling lately. Unsure, worried about my 13 year old daughter and her future. All the things that might befall her, in this time of uncertainty and her mother as well, if the time comes when I will be gathered to my people.
   In all the blessings I have received from God to protect our little family. All the things that have been no less than a miracle of His Providing for us when all should have come to ruin.
   It was truly a moment of gifting.  God once again showing me that if we trust, He will provide. He will carry us through those times of helplessness and trial.
As I prayed over and blessed the couple they began to cry, I thought it was from joy, the mother of the groom after I pronounced them man and wife, the pictures taken and time for me to leave, took me aside.
She embraced me and told me, she had never been so inspired by a prayer before and that her son was deeply moved, as was his new bride. He had asked his mother to tell me that, as he was unsure how to do so.
I was speechless, and told her of what had transpired . That it was they, that had inspired me, not the other way around. I then suddenly realized it was God, inspiring Us all, quite a moment indeed!!!
So all of you,  Be in His blessing, it is us who lose sight of God, not God that loses sight of us!!
Rev.  Bruce………..Be well friends.   

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Posted by tawodi on August 7, 2008

I wrote a while ago about why I put up the picture of the Tree of the Mustard seed.  Surprisingly it affected someone deeply and they took comfort from it, and moreover wrote a comment thanking me for it.  Also was the hope that Leigha Grace had arrived safely. Well she was going to wait with her arrival, until we assured her what school she would be made to attend!!  She was born at 9:32 Monday morning July twenty eighth 2008,  It seems she decided our choice of schools could be negotiated at a later date!!  So for my son Jim and the MOM,  Christie, here is Leigha Grace……oh yeah,  all of you too!!!

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