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Posted by tawodi on June 6, 2007

Hello all, the fourth show is up and archived at Tawodi’s Hawks Nest.  After I vetted it last night I thought it the best so far. It seemed to be smoother with more varied content, I hope you enjoy it if you choose to listen.

Late last week I found an interesting spot to visit called GOD TUBE.  It’s kind of like You Tube in concept but is full of religious vidios and forums as well as ministry vidios and movies, lots to look at. I started a group called the People of Abraham , Christians, Muslims and Jews. I set it up and put up a brief description of who we are and what our intent is, we”ll see how it works. As usual look in the right hand column it’s listed there click and enjoy.

ALWAYS  check the right hand bloroll for new places to go and learn,  sometimes I pop things up and don’t have time to write a post telling you about it!!

Something is happening out there and I can see it in here……..last friday this site had four hundred hits since May fifth when I started it. This afternoon some time it went over five hundred lots of people seem to be following feeds in and tags for categories that they are searching for specific things to answer their questions. It is my earnest hope that what I write and put up for study from other sites will help those of you in need.

For those who may not know how this blog works on the left there is a list of what’s currently on the “front page ”  so to speak. Also of course the different sites for research and fun you can click to when you want.  On the left is first the category column it lists by category all the articles and think pieces I have written by their category so if you come here you can click what might interest you with out having to read through everything. Next is the Tag cloud this is a little different in that it shows by highlight which pieces are the most heavily read. A good example is Mike Dolans poetry about fathers if you look it’s at the top bar line on left it says,  about,  if you put your curser there and pause a flag comes up and tells you what it is in a brief description….cool huh!!!

I have recieved over thirty E mails in the last two days about the interfaith efforts and that is very heartening,  people are begining to “get it”  when they  read the preamble.  PRAISE GOD!!!  As I have said previously,  you don’t change a thing you believe to join us,  you simply accept that others have their own concepts of belief and learn together,  what we can do for understanding and to lessen the fear of the unknown we all feel.  From there,  as we come to know each other as humans,  it all gets much easier, when that point is reached,  others seem drawn to us simply because they see,  it DOES work,  just as we say it works. There truly is nothing to lose and so incredibly much to gain. Continue to read,  to watch,  to learn and then make up your own mind. ALL are welcome here whatever faith or no faith at all.

On the blog radio show there is lots of stuff about Y.M.C.A. camps Girl Scouts Boy Scouts and other youth organizations for summer stuff for kids to do and you to do with them and how to access them in your town or city youth ministries and all sorts of stuff, as I said enjoy!!

That’s pretty much it for today, Be well all and at peace………Tawodi


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