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Religious concepts of soul 6

Posted by tawodi on April 29, 2008

W.T. is right in one respect the body is temporary. The “Breath of life” animates it, Or is our first connection to God.

As the mind progresses it learns the necessary things to survive, adapt to society’s needs, comport behaviour to accepted norms according to the culture surrounding it and finally is ready to leave the parents on it’s own course in life. Tradition and scripture suggest that a child be raised in faith, but this is sometimes not done or is not effective.

The reason for the failure is unimportant. The truly important detail is this. God has provided a way to have Him accompany you on your walk, or to re-establish a connection that, for what ever reason, was not nurtured or withered away as one approaches adulthood.

This can take two forms, if you were Baptised as a child, you can stand in front of a congregation of Christians, of your choice, and renew your Baptismal vows. There are some that say you must be Baptised but the Holy spirit needs be conferred only once. In my faith, perhaps not yours.

Full immersion or sprinkling, is acceptable to most, but then again that is your choice.

The purpose of Baptism is not an initiation but to prepare a clean dwelling place for the spirit to be within as well as signifying a washing away of the old and a turning from the ways of sin. The very word “repent” means “to turn from”, in the Greek.

It is not as complicated as it sounds the Baptist church has a booklet that explains many details or you can talk to any pastor of your choice. What is important, is to be at peace with your form of worship, before you decide which course you will follow. Reading and instruction can do this for you.

Now, once the mind is reconciled to the indwelling spirit, your out look about everything will undergo subtle and increasingly complicated new ways of seeing yourself and the world around you …….It is beautifull to experience this! Most take several months to notice the changes, but change you will!

This is why we who have passed through these things know the concept body, mind and spirit. To us in our understanding as Christians we know ourselves as this till death then, at death, the mind with all it’s experience merges with the spirit and, Becomes! The Soul, and as W.T. said goes onward, to what ever it is God has planned for us!! Some will not agree, some will, ALL are free to choose their path with Christ to God. He knows our hearts and how true or not, they are. Even better than we ourselves do, He will judge our intent, not men.

I have renewed my Baptismal vows several times, why several? Because like the other day, I feel pain and react unwisely, just as any other would do, if not sufficiently discipilined in nature. It’s sometimes very difficult for an old street kid like me to avoid that. No excuse, just the truth. Knowing this about myself makes it wonderfully easy, for me to apologise for this and MEAN it, as I am aware of this fault within my self, then move on.

Via Con Dios friend……….Tawodi


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Religious concepts of soul 5

Posted by tawodi on April 29, 2008

As I mentioned One definition of soul comes from the Greek theory that a soul is a complete being existing as PURE energy. It inhabits the body at birth, and goes on after death as an immortal being of energy, to inhabit other planes of existence.

One other concept of soul is Hindu in nature, which some Buddhists also believe. A discorporate being of pure energy that at death inhabits another body, The Dali LLama is said to be reincarnated from the last Dali Llama and on and on from agess past.( he is Buddhist ) The Hindu’s believe that the soul does this starting from a lower life form and progresses through many incarnations till it reaches perfection. That is why they have sacred cows and other such restrictions against eating animal tissue they see it as another Soul, eating it would be a BAD no no!!

SPIRIT; In Judaism the spirit, as I said, is the “Breath of life” given by God at birth and at death returns to him. After death we rest till the ressurection, there our mind and spirit unite ( check this fact of belief ) for the final judgment, the out come to be determined by God. You may or, may not, know that some believe, as do I, that Jesus will be the final judge at the first judgment and it will be God as the final arbiter at the White Throne judgment, according to Revelations.

Now we come to the point that the Hellenzation of scripture has led to the inclusion of soul in our thinking. Their definition of soul and the Judaistic concept of spirit from birth are merged as being spirit, it becomes soul when the mind, with all of lifes experiences are merged with spirit, as soul and go to God for judgment either after death or before judgment. It is this that led to the creation of “purgatory” to accomodate an “immortal” soul. Or the concept of “Limbo” for souls that were innocent or didn’t require punishing but had to go “SOMEWHERE”!! Since different dimensions were not even concieved of then, they came up with these two places, to make their theology work.

INTERPRET; This is no longer necessary. When reading the Bible. You DON”T need me or anybody else to tell you what it means. I am going to assume you all have read books you enjoyed, in doing so, no interpretation was necessary was it? O.K. get a modern translation of the Bible N.I.V. ( New international version ) N.R.S.V. ( New Revised Standard Version. New American Bible ( Approved by the Catholic Church ).

Read them as if you were reading a novel….do not ask what the meaning is, IT MEANS WHAT IT SAYS!! That’s it, that’s all you need do.

When I started reading on my own at not quite thirteen it was the only way it made any sense at all to me.(K.J.V.) Everybody else I asked had different ideas about almost everything in it, and I decided I would just do as I did, read it like any other book. Once having done that, I then bought, I don’t remember how many, concordances such as, Strongs, Harpers, Stromberghs, Zondervans concordance and dictionary. When an adult I purchased the Interpreters Bible library and the Interpreters dictionary of the Bible, Twelve volumes in all, which I still have. Over the years I have somehow wound up with 14 Bibles on the shelves of different translations. The Nag Hammahdi Libraries All the Apocryphal writings from the Bible.

None of this is to blow my own horn as some have accused me of, it is just to show where this search can lead you, once engaged!!

All but a few of these are located in libraries accross the country, go and enjoy!! You needn’t buy them!!

I hope this is of some use to you.

EDIT; the Zondervans dictionary is an invaluable tool for all as the definitions of Biblical words and places is invaluable to reading with understanding. T.

Be well friend…………..Tawodi

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Religious concepts of soul – 4

Posted by tawodi on April 29, 2008

Yes, I differentiated a little at the beginning of the thread and was going to expand the definiton yesterday but didn’t get the chance.

From discussions over the years with different clergy, Protestant and Catholic it seems they pretty much all agree, the definition of soul is the combination of mind and spirit at the end of life. This seems to work as the mind learns from life, as we pass through it and, the spirit is with us from birth. It MUST be understood we are thinking and speaking theologically here and in keeping with Christian concepts.

As I mentioned, the Pharisies were busily engaged in purging the Hellenistic influences of the Occupation by the Greeks after they came to Israel in 325 B.C.E. after the Macabean revolts that finally succeeded in wresting Israel from their grasp ( apprx. 100 B.C.E. ) the restoration of the Pentateuch and the full Torah was of paramount importance to them. Greek philosophy had infiltrated to a large degree much of those writings before the time of Christ, including the Greek concept of “soul”.

Some of these concepts still find their way into our theology, especially from the first translation into the Greek and then to the Latin Vulgate versions and then through history.

The stabilizing of the Old Testament took almost five hundred years. Over that period of time the Masoretic Texts came to the fore and now that we have the Dead Sea Scrolls to compare with them it is astounding that the Rabbinical conclaves yearly, for all that time, were almost in word for word agreement with the Scrolls!!

The King James edition of 1603 and approved and distributed in middle english after it’s first editions in court French are also in almost word for word agreement with the scrolls also. When one considers the accuracy of these translations over thousands of years this is truly astonishing!

Back to your point, there is a difference in that “soul” is generally thought of as immortal in most Religious frameworks, ( Hindu, Krishna, Tantric Buddhism and some disciplines of Tantric Yoga, Shinto, Daoism, Taoism, and others. )

In Judaism and Christianity which of course has it’s roots in Judaism, spirit comes to us at first breath and returns to God at death but some believe as I have mentioned the combination of spirit and mind is the soul.

Others know more, this is the limit of my off the cuff expertise.

Be well friend……………Tawodi

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Concepts of soul 3

Posted by tawodi on April 29, 2008

Have you found any other..(snip)

Yes many, as I alluded to at the beginning of the thread I did not include them there as I once again did not want to digress from the salient points.

Soul; (Shinto) A form of Japanese religion/philosophy and thought, considered by some to be ancestor worship, but it is much more than that. Some believe that their ancestors are with them in life and quide them at times. Small shrines are erected in the home and large shrines are built in villages and towns, for community worship of different deities and to ask or seek supplication and intervention by their ancestors and various entities.

There are several different sects of Shintoism.

Taoism, Daoism; are amalgamations generally speaking of spirit God and beings of spirit/soul combinations. I don’t really know much about either but there is a sect of Daoism that is very nearly, in fact is considered by some to BE Christian, I some how did not ever find the time for much investigation of them other than to note what the very basic concepts are.

Buddism; is not really a religion but some sects of it believe in soul and the progression of the soul till nirvannah is reached (heaven?)

The strictly philosophical version does not believe in soul but proposes that Nirvannah can be reached right here on earth by the living.

There are some Buddhists that frequent these fora but they usually get shouted down by some and, gentle people that they are, mostly stay away.

Islam; There is such friction between the faiths that I will refrain from a descriptiion here but, Sgt Salaam has a thread going and no doubt will read this, so, go there and ask, and he will give you the real take on that, as he is also a scholar and convert from Christianity to Islam and working toward his masters in comparitive religion. That’s why he and I get along well. He can spot B.S. a mile away ‘nough said. One of the grandest people I have ever spoken to is his grandfather who is a pastor of fifty years experience ( Baptist ) in Virginia. We have discussed a few things and it is always well to do so with someone who has forgotten more than I will ever know. They visited on the thread before this one.( different thinking )

Judaism; mostly the same as us ( of course! )

Hinduism; This one gets complicated as they believe EVERYTHING has a soul because everything progresses through incarnations and finally ends up in Heaven after who knows how many incarnations!!

Anamism; The belief that certain animals have souls that are able to communicate with or are kindred to certain human beings.

Totem identification; Not to be confused with anamism. It is different in that people do NOT believe the totem animal/trees of certain kinds/fish/birds/ are “gods” but identify with them because of certain characteristics. This is sometimes interesting as I know a little more of it because I am part native American. My mother was half Wazhazhe or known to you as Osage. From the central plains area.

Spirit guides; this is one area that you must be careful I do not reccomend much study of this as to do so with out Jesus firmly in your heart is in my opinion dangerous. We are told “Treat not with spirits except in my name.” and I firmly believe that, don’t do it!!

Now the reason I brought up the Greek definition of soul was not because Bill did but because the Greeks had a heavy influence on Israel from about 325 B.C.E. till about 100 or so B.C.E. they had conquered Israel and their philosophy caused the Hellenization of scripture. It was one of the things that the Pharasies were heavily engaged in scouring from scripture in the time of Jesus. You have no doubt heard of the Maccabeean rebellion it was these that overthrew the Greeks. If you want to learn of them ( Maccabees ) read Apocryphal texts of Maccabees 1..2..3.. it is fascinating.

Soul Inuit; These people believe in the soul inhabiting an animal after death usually one that has served as a totem for the believer.
Inuit/= eskimo

That’s about all I recall clearly off the top of my head. The little book I sent today has quite a bit more and better detail, as well as dates and places

Be well friends…………Rev.  Bruce……………………………………………….Tawodi


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Next installment of considering the soul

Posted by tawodi on April 29, 2008

After reading through your post twice, very carefully, I don’t see any thing that I cannot agree with. All you have done is extrapolated, or explained, that which I stated as “givens” to a fuller degree.

That’s cool!!

The reason I did NOT include them is that to do so, would force me to digress from the simple statements that I made that many will recognise as accepted and move on from there with their own “discerned truths” as applied to them selves, because their paths will be subtly different from mine.

You, on a different thread, are having a terrible time explaining to Bob, the acceptability of differing paths and still being a “true” Christian,a term that I bridle at, but in this case is fully explanatory of the point, you are trying to make on that other thread.

We CAN have differing points of view on certain meanings of scripture, but be no less “Christians” because of them. As I like to point out, opening your mind does not make your brain fall out!

By the way, staying clear of “some” particular questions, in some cases, is a wise course, would that I, were so wise in some cases!!

Our faith, like science, is a constant quest ever deeper into the mystery. Not to prove or disprove, but to reach the core of the “truths” that we must have in trying to move on to ‘Christian perfection”. Which, in it’s self, is an impossible task, but once engaged can not be ended as our belief drives us onward in search of our God. Where ever that takes us and no matter the slings and arrows of our fellows.

John Wesley’s concept of the Wesleyan quadrilateral is one of the wisest, most freeing things, for Christians in the history of the faith.

The Wesleyan quadrilateral; Is the point in question, bourne out by wisdom? Is the point bourne out by experience? Is the point bourne out by tradition? Is the point bourne out by SCRIPTURE? If all four of these criteria are met then it is permissable to include the point in your faith make up.

His departure from the dogma of original sin 202 years before the Catholic Church did so, is indicative of this truism. This point, as well as many others, is in his philosophy the primary one being……….Always question,yourself and your foundation, in your faith. MAKE SURE you do NOT deviate from the tennets laid out by Christ Jesus in your questions and more importantly, in your answers.

Be well friend…………Tawodi…..Choose well!

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The concept of SOUL and SPIRIT

Posted by tawodi on April 22, 2008

I am going to discuss this article on my show today and also decided to put it here I wrote it early in the morning today my sixty second birthday.

On another thread All 4 truth asked that someone start a thread for the contemplation of the religious concepts of “Soul”. After a couple of days of thought ( and cooling off! ) I thought what the hey I’ll start one, can’t get in much more trouble.

Personal statement; I will note here, that everything I write is not researched as I write it but more rather is “stream of conscienceness ” writing and I just fly free with what I believe, or what I have learned in life. As such it is mine and very seldom can I give links or places of reference to buttress what I say. If you don’t agree with it, fine, go do the study yourself,you should do that with anything you read or hear, as to do any thing else is intellectual laziness. If you ask I will give places to go if I recall them, but I don’t take links or articles and parrot them as some kind of pseudointellectual exercize, to impress the impressionable. These are simply MY beliefs, and understandings, they don’t have to be yours and in some cases, SHOULD NOT BE.

Biblically speaking the concept of soul begins in Genesis with the description of Adam’s creation, after forming the body of Adam the text says”and He (God ) breathed life into the nostrils of the man.” Now right here is a place to explain some thing . Many have said that God was speaking in the “royal sense” when it is written that He said let US make man in OUR image. This is a REAL stretch of the mind as this would be the only place where it occurs in the entire Bible. Exegesis reveals, once again, something that was Misunderstood by ancient man. Jesus was Prevenient, or existed with God at the time of creation. This world was created with Him in mind and, all that you see here, in this world, was for Him, by God, and with the approval of and acceptance by, Jesus. Once again, I did the work. Before you start throwing rocks, YOU do the work! When you read in the Bible “Let us……Jesus was THERE!!!

The breath of life is thus described as being “spirit” or by some “soul”. The concept, Biblically speaking, of the ANIMATING< “breath of life”> that then returns to God at death, is the concept of the oldest Biblical scholars because, quite simply, THAT IS WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS!!

This line of thinking agrees with spirit as “given” by God and upon death, returning thence. Some cannot reconcile this with the “mind” full of lifes experience and all the wrong, as well as right, decisions that will be someday judged by God, on the last day.

Further complicating the issue is Jesus tells us that, “The dead are conscious of nothing.” But also tells us that “Those who believe yea, verily, even though they die ,yet shall they live!” Well, most think we “sleep”, that is what death in the bible is referred to, and then we are awakened on the last day to face judgement.

Two problems with this, the first is the “oracle” saught by King Saul the first king of Israel. When he went to the witch of Endor and commanded she call up the prophet Samuel for this oracle and in the earliest writings she did and Samuel said “why do you do this it causes me great pain!” Samuel gave his oracle which was willfully misinterpreted by Saul and led to his defeat and death, of himself and his son Johnathan in battle.

The next account is of the transfiguation on the mount where Jesus, accompanied by Peter, James and John, is Transfigured and meets with Moses, Elijah, and the spirit of God was heard to say “this is my Son, listen to Him” This is written to be the time when Jesus was appraised of the coming weeks and what He should do and of His death. But also note, there were two “beings” alive who conversed with Him.

What does this mean?? Is there life immediately after death? Or were the two great men called up from “sleep”. What was the purpose of God?? Was it to reassure Jesus, that He would ultimately live?? Or was it for the witnesses with Him?? And what form does that “life” take,… awake and sentient, or asleep waiting for God’s call to arise? It is these considerations and questions that led to the concept of “soul”.

The ancient Greeks had a concept of soul in their pantheon of gods and mythic creatures and it was called psyche. ( sike E ) which stipulated a living sentient entity of pure energy that inhabits the body during life. At death it passes on to live in what ever state it has earned, hades or heaven or somwhere in between. The permutations of this are almost endless and only limited by the human imagination!.

Christian theology has evolved along two paths separate and distinct in their slant and application, it is easy to see the two ideas of “spirit’ and “soul” and the different combinations being used to explain supposed dichotomies in scripture, where really, these dichotomies do not exist.

Some are taken up directly to God at death, we have the stories of Elijah and Elisha doing so and we are also told the dead sleep and are conscious of nothing and theologically speaking both are true. Some earn their redemption being Gods emisarries, or more rather, are given this by Gods grace, it CAN’T BE earned by works. others are given rest till the resurrection, both as written, both stated by scripture, BUT unacceptable to man!!

We then enter the area of speculation and it is here, that the combination of soul and spirit begin some kind of wierd amalgamation over the centuries till NOBODY is sure of anything!!

The concept of pure “soul” as a being of pure energy is an old one and who knows may be true. I have often imagined that we are all sparks of creation or actual living entities cast into the universe by our creator to go and learn to be the highest expression of themselves and, by this concept, to glorify God and then return to him as more complete and a statement and a compliment to God, from this eternal infinetude of experience to sort of express, the infinity that IS God, that we some day as “souls” will share in. With all My studies over so many years always with a questing heart and on guard against being misled by my own desperate hope of life of SOME kind after death, this is kind of the way I lean in my understandings. It does NOT contravene scripture, it resolves the dichotomy of “spirit” “soul” argument in my mind quite elegantly as the simplest explanation is usually the correct one in theology and life.

To Wit; The more complicated we make something, so that it becomes impossible to understand, the more it has been corrupted by man. Period!

This is revealed also in the Bible many times when what is startlingly clear, becomes muddied when men simply don’t want to believe what they are told. IT HURTS sometimes to do so, at least to our finite little minds.

And so we look at death with finality and perhaps it is well that we do so and concentrate on the life we have been given.

We are promised eternal life by God and to trust that, takes more than the average human being is capable of, simple trust, In the WORD OF GOD, as given to us to understand and apply to our lives.

O.K. tear me apart now, I expect that many will want to as what I have written flies in the face of what many have been taught. But, consider, there is nothing here, that I have not heard from a pulpit at one time or another

Be well all…………….Rev.Bruce……………………………………………Tawodi


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Posted by tawodi on April 18, 2008

A strange and very upsetting thing happened last night and I thought it was worthwhile to write about it, but didn’t want to on the venue where it happened.  I have been called a lot of things over the years and last night was a real capper. I don’t know if I will publish this but for the last year or so it’s almost as if I can’t really think,  unless I’m writing for some body elses understanding. So if I can make sense to you, maybe it will to me.

As most of you know I have a blog radio show and do a lot of posting on a forum else where. On this forum one of the people,  who I respect a great deal,  posted a starter piece for discussion. In it he referred to apostacy in a poorly vieled compilation of scriptural quotes and analysis, that though flawed in it’s scholarship, was very pointed in it’s direction. In it he pointed out,  as many have,  that anyone who adds or takes away from the “word” is of,  or from,  the AntiChrist. I was floored as I do a lot of think pieces there and on my show,  as most of you know. I do not condemn ANYBODY for their beliefs, that is a wrong thing to do, if I do not believe as they,  and they ask,  I will tell them that but in the same breath,  tell them it is not necessary for me to. It is only necessary for me to ACCEPT that they do, understand their viewpoint and work within those parameters,  to include them in my thinking as we converse. Also to be sensitive to the beliefs of others and not step on them inadvertantly by my own ignorance,  something I am not always successful at. WHO IS??

I responded somewhat strongly to his treatise, then went back later and deleted what I had written, as it did not support my image of myself and,  who and WHAT, I choose to be. I left a short explanation of one of the errors in scholarship,  said why I was leaving,  and did.

This is really eating me up because I thought in all of my writing ( 3200+ posts and articles there ) here on the blog and the things I address on my show it was absolutely clear who I am and,  my intent to bring peace between people of ALL faiths,  we need not be afraid of each other,  never mind be killing each other.

I am extremely careful to tell all that read and listen,  that I have NO AUTHORITY to tell anyone anything,  or how they shoud or MUST believe. My belief is that we all walk a different path as we come to know God, each of us is unique and no two of us will know God the same way. There are generalities yes,  but each relationship is unique!

I firmly believe that each one of us is special and unique, in his ot her,  own way and that we are MADE that way by God,  to reflect the many things we can not apprehend about Him.  As we realize this, we see that God is unlimited, that is the PURPOSE of our unique-NESS  ( is that a word?? )

It is possible that he never even considered me as he wrote what he did,  but it felt directed, as many there speculate on aspects of and the nuances of,  God and the lessons brought to us by Jesus, The Christ.

Many know that I don’t believe that Jesus was God. He was OF GOD given great power to do His mission as DIRECTED by God.  Here at the beginning of the world and will rule over that which God gives him to rule,  in Heaven and on earth,  as the Massiah and conquering King of all. He told us he will prepare a place for us in His Fathers mansions and,  He will sit at the right hand of God in Heaven itself,  as He does so.  After all that’s what Jesus said,  isn’t it?  He said that God was in Him and,  He in God.  He did NOT say that He WAS God!   When in Nazareth He could do no miracles because of the people’s unbelief and tells us that all of the things he did were by Gods power, never claiming that power for Himself. He stated that all of the things He did were to glorify God,  not Himself. He told us that the father will decide when to end the world as we know it,  not even the “Son Of Man” knows when this will happen!! If He was God why did He not say,” when I’m ready,  you’re TOAST!!”  evrything in scriptures is stated this way except the changes wrought by two unknown scribes known by scholars as ‘Q”  and the  other is known as “P”.   We know this by changes in syntax and the writing examples themselves on the oldest documents extant.

Can some body,  ANYBODY,   tell me where I have stated anything different??

I got to tell you,  I can’t remember ever doing so!!  I guess I’ll put this in “thoughts and sharing” if I publish it,  I was gonna put it in “Can anybody help me!”  But maybe I’m beyond help!!

Pondering………….What NOW???? ……………be well all…………….Rev. Bruce…………………..Tawodi




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Posted by tawodi on April 11, 2008



Last night we got on to an interesting question posed by AKinNC, I LOVE this stuff!!!

I got jumped by Raunchy as I have been by him, and others, who very closely watch what I say to try and trip me up, or more charitably, keep me from leading the flock astray. (as if I could, or would)

In a strange kind of way I praise him and others for that, as that is what a Soldier of God SHOULD DO. Defend his faith, as he sees it, from every percieved threat, even ME!!

It is to lay his fears to rest, and any body elses, that I make this post.

First off, I don’t and never did think that God is an Alien………geeeesh!!

But, open speculation of the greatness of God, was and is, my point.

The Bible, Old and New Testament, Tells us that God is in everything doesn’t it. ( “He knows the hairs on your head.”) That, to me , is a given. I believe the word of God, as presented for us to be understood, in that book. And just to REALLY tick off some, it also says this in the Quoran, and just about every other treatise, exposition and synopsis of God, ever written……..O.K., I get it, I believe it. What is the problem with what I wrote, late Thursday night april 10th???????

The upshot is, that I suggested that the universe was filled with life, as we can see by examining our own little mud ball, the purpose of life IS life, I will not back off from that point, know why, once again, the book tells us that, that is why we are NOT to wantonly kill!!! Every creation belongs to God and, it is not our place to kill it wantonly, with no regard for it, or it’s Creator!! Men, animals and yes, even bugs!! They serve a purpose I can not see at times, but then, the Maine black fly is extremely necessary or there will NOT be native Maine rainbow trout, because they won’t have the black fly larvae and adults to eat and will starve to death before they adapt to another food source!! FACT!!! I’m being really charitable here as even I, don’t want ants at my picnic!!

The real meat of the controversy is this, The Creator of this universe has a plan, this is what we are told. Right? Right!! What is it?? HMMMMMM, I DON’T KNOW!! Now as a preacher I’m supposed to tell you I do and, it MUST agree with every thing every body else believes about Him or I’m in a world of crap. Right?? RIGHT!! Uh, sorry about that, the same great book tells us to USE ,our discernment to find,God, Him/Her/It’s/ self!!! I stated that for a reason I am writing this for ALL, as I addressed it and, some have different concepts of God and it is only fair to keep from applying MY lable to THEIR concept. Doing so limits GOD!!! Something I am NOT prepared to do. Or qualified, for.

NOW with all that in place as intro. and yes it was necessary!! Let’s proceed………

QUERY; Do you accept and believe that this is as I have described, all is God and God is all?? If you do then continue, if you DON’T continue any way, it still might illuminate something for you.

If this is so, you DO believe this, then tell me please, if you can, what the HELL is the rest of the universe FOR!!!???

If, as was intimated last night, we are the only sentient life forms in it, is it waiting for us to fill it?? What if we destroy ourselves first??!!??

Is it some kind of toy, for God to play with while we get our sxxt together?? I mean you have to admit, it would make one hell of a mobile for the cosmic crib!!

Or is it a back drop for us little temporarily mobile, backbiting, little self important worms to wriggle against, during our futile, dance macabre, of death, we seem so intent on fulfilling.

Come on, TELL me, you who have the answers!!!!

Don’t think for one minute I don’t understand your fear, after all, all of your life you have been taught. He is a “jealous” God, an “angry” God, he will punish, YOU, in his righteous anger and, final retribution, WILL be His!!

Hmmmmmm, Men say that, God tells us we are His children, doesn’t He?? We are told He is all forgiving, He understands our nature and will forgive us infinitely, THAT’S WHAT JESUS SAID!!!
Of course we have to want that forgiveness,don’t we?? Of course we do and will, but, when you are reviewing your life in front of GOD, will it be too late?? I think not, here is why, every thing I just wrote about forgiveness would be a lie, that’s right, a lie. MAN wants it both ways, it can’t BE both ways, it is one, or the other, take your choice I CHOOSE to believe what God and Jesus Christ SAID!!

NOW, the universe, if this creator can create it, and YOU say He did!! Why can it not be full of life??? I for one don’t think the universe we see is some kind of picture show to amuse us as we wriggle toward death, to keep us distracted from the reality of life and the way that God would have us BE. It is a taste, in living beautifull color, of the Magnificence that IS GOD we are seeing and, what IS God? He is THE CREATOR, that is what He DOES!! CREATE!! Every thing in all it’s beauty, and, in the uglyness of some, that is the dichotomy of divinity and man, so we can tell one from the other and THEN CHOOSE, which we will BE!!

Now, as for punishment. I ask this, while you are being judged by God, who is doing the judging, God or YOU?? I would suggest from every thing I understand, that it is YOU! Here is why I beleive that, when you contemplate just how many times you were picking your nose when you THOUGHT no one was looking, when you lost your virginity when you THOUGHT no one was looking, when you stole, lied about your neighbor, cheated the tax man, cheated someone in business( I NEVER cheated any one in business!!!!) Oh really!! You never got home from the convenience store, realised you had been given too much change and DIDN’T GIVE IT BACK? come on, lets continue, you sanctimonious self deifying, have you never masturbated, fooled around with the wrong girl/guy, never slugged your kid and been wrong and failed to apologise, never looked at some middle aged woman at the beach and smirked to yourself boy I’m glad I don’t have that much cellulite! Never looked at some old man at this same beach and the pimples on his butt and had the same thought!!??

This little self audit is gonna be a wowser, ain’t it!! And we know this is going to happen how?? People who have almost drowned tell us, “their whole life flashed before their eyes in seconds!” I submit that it was not seconds but was that timless place where God is, and He was giving that person a heads up, as well as every one that person told about his experience. I was an E.M.T. for some years and have heard this story MANY times and near death is the contributing factor and the judgement that these people apply to themselves is MERCILESS!!! Now, why would God punish you? you can’t hurt HIM!! But, you can hurt, even destroy one of HIS children, at least the corporeal form of that creation, and you are NOT supposed to do that,and the judgement you render unto yourself will be merciless BELIEVE IT!!!

Now I will leave you to consider, remember I never ask anyone to believe a damned thing I say, just consider, does it make sense? Do you feel comfortable with it as you consider, or do you reject it in part, or completly? Is God more magnificent than you EVER in YOUR WILDEST DREAMS contemplated, or not? Is not your life and the mind He gave you not the most magnificent gift ever devised, or not?

Your choice……CHOOSE WELL,……….Tawodi


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Posted by tawodi on April 5, 2008


This is going to be difficult but I think I’m ready to try this… goes.

The biggest single problem in our society is as R.T. said, static thinking.

What does this MEAN?? Not what you think.

We are discussing here, the modern version of the dark ages compared to the enlightenment of the seventeen hundreds and till now.

From the late eighteen hundreds there has been an incredible explosion of knowledge almost indescribable in scope and depth. From the invention of the internal combustion engine and all that that contributed to heat theory and application of mechanical principle to, in 1905 the developement of the theory of relativity by Einstien, (he gives a somewhat comical exposition of static thinking himself in his search for a unified field theory).

Biological understandings have increased exponentialy since the 1950’s and we have as living beings not caught up with the technology, or the full implications of it all.

All of this of course does not address nuclear fission or fusion, brought to our happy little planet first as a weapon, now to be considered as an energy source for the replacement of fossil fuels.

All of the proceeding is to set the stage for what follows.

How much have we changed?? I am serious here, just how much have we changed? REALLY!!

Clue; The missile defense system; Russia is apoplectic over this, why?? We said we’d give it to them, why would they not want us to have it??

Because it leaves them vulnerable to attack with no response possible, or if they attack, we anniaillate them and they can’t do any thing about it!!

Back to that old boogie man once again aren’t we, FEAR!!!….simple fear. What if, has become instead of a blessing, a curse!

It has been said that IF is for children, WHAT IF, should not be a CURSE, it should open the door to new possibilities but now opens the door to fear.

One of the shattering things about the Iraq war is that we have surrendered the moral high ground that we had gained with gulf war one, all of our humanitarian actions through history and the disallowal of statecraft, that we practice, we have given our enemies the reason to ask WHAT IF, when they now see us as the aggressor, and make no mistake we were and must now finish this honorably, and well, the world and the American people do not deserve and, no doubt, will not accept another failure such as Viet Nam.

We as a people, all people, not just the U.S. think and live, pretty much as we did in the twentieth century( the first half!!) We have improved technology immensely but have we improved ourselves?? That is the question and THERE IS an answer!!

Who raised you?? Your parents did right?? Did you, or do you, realise that the most peaceful, tranquil societies are those in which the parents do NOT raise the children?? it’s true, agrarian societies have an advantage over us, in one way that is, or more rather, has been lost to us. Our elders!! You heard me right, who do we credit with wisdom…our elders. Why is that? The answer is simple, once again there is that word. You do know the difference between knowledge and wisdom don’t you?

When you graduate from college you have a fount of knowledge to use don’t you, wisdom comes with the realisation of how much you DON’T know and acknowledge it and then apply “wisdom” to more properly use that which you DO!!

In more “primitive” societies the “extended family” is the way of life and the ELDERS raise and educate the children!! They had to, mom and dad were busting their butts, to make it in tough circumstances. With the advent of “Urban Clustering” and disolution of the extended family, this was destroyed. We have a vast reservoir of knowledge in this country and we push them aside as useless obstructions to our percieved advanced way of life, are we stupid or what??!!

Lifetimes of experience, lifetimes of wisdom and in our arrogance we throw it away!!

We have people in our society who are vastly knowledgable and incredibly successful human beings. And, we shove them out to pasture just when they are the most valuable and, in the modern age are looking for ways to be of service to themselves and to the world. DUH!!

What I would suggest is that we find a way to use this fount of knowledge and here is the reason why.

Our children are being raised by those, who are little more than children themselves! This is one incontrovertable fact of life AND is one we can change NOW.

This is why I asked you, “who raised you??”

It is my belief, that until we do some thing along these lines, we will not be able to reach beyond the social impasse we now find our selves in. Once again, “the thinking that GOT us here, will NOT take us from here!!”

We all of us are, too close to the source, so to speak, of all our training and preconceptions of us, others, and the societies and world around us, this aalso includes the PREDJUDICES. Wisdom is what enables us to step beyond, that which we were taught, NOT knowledge. That is one of the immutable truths of life!!

We must INCUDE wisdom in the teaching of our young. Will it cost more to do this? NO. It won’t, replace day care with elderly providers who WANT to be there. My youngest daughter went to day care at the age of three and was physically abused (violence not sexual) by the provider and her two daughters, age 4 and 11. We are still dealing with the damage done my daughter at the age of almost thirteen. Those who know me personally, still can not believe I didn’t “lose it” and kill the woman….all I can say is I had gained the wisdom not to!!

Now, believe it or not, I started to think this way then and as I read and considered my own past and those when I was teaching, who were around me, it has become clear that these things can and should be done.

Children can not and should not, bring up children, it’s that simple. That does not mean you breed and give them away!! No far from it, you create in them as they grow, the knowledge of who you are and our elders will give them the reasons WHY!! Only then, will they get a “jump start” to become who they are and, engage life on a more level playing field. There again I am NOT talking about equal out comes, but equal oppurtunity to be exposed to WISDOM, so they can USE PROPERLY, the knowledge they have accrued for their entrance into life.

My time is almost over, it will be for those who read these things, to implement them, spread them, absorb them and then benefit from them.

Do I have more ideas as to how to implement them, yes I do and will discuss them with those who ask. There are schools that have been concieved of and are in operation, even as we speak, soooo.

CONSIDER, CHOOSE, as you will.

Factoid; Einstien was a rigid atheist and as such absolutely refused to accept anything but a “STATIC UNIVERSE” well along came Edwin Hubble and kicked the whole idea of a static universe into a cocked hat. You see if the universe is expanding that means it had a BEGINNING!! Sorry about that Albert….. now he never did admit there is a God but he DID begin to succesfull begin to resolve the “unified field theory, before his death.

Be well friends………………..Tawodi

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Posted by tawodi on April 3, 2008

One of the nursing homes that I visit and preach at is going through a bout with a tummy bug and they don’t want me there to catch it so YOU LOSE!! I’m home today!! (just kiddin’)Look into your hearts for your own answers. Some one above said,  I don’t know what angers the militant Muslims,  so I won’t even go there.NEWS FLASH!! TAWODI DOES!! So really, do you.

Winning and loosing and the word,  enough,  is what is wrong, and it can be fixed.

Change your thinking,  change your heart,  yeah it is that simple and yes,  so terribly difficult. Do you know why,  because you’re afraid if you choose to think this way,  you MAY lose, and that would suck wouldn’t it, bear with me here this is NOT some pie in the sky “liberal rant” just a slightly different way of maybe seeing your own life.

HUNGER; It is a fact, there is enough food in the world to feed everybody NOW. Why do almost thirty thousand a DAY starve to death somewhere in the world?? Is this what you would term just natural? As most do. Or is it a CHOICE?

When you insist on attacking some one, because they don’t believe as you, are you afraid of losing YOUR salvation as you have been told you will, so become even more militant in your approach? This is a CHOICE.

When you attack someone of faith because they don’t agree with some of the provable immorality of some life choices that you don’t have a problem with, note, I say here you don’t practice them but, have a real problem with people that call them wrong? This is a CHOICE.

I DO NOT MEAN HOMOSEXUALITY don’t even go there people!!

I mean destructive to themselves and their families ALCOHOL, DRUGS, TOBBACO, and other destructive things, there are hundreds.

LOOSING, is the reason you think by limiting the choice of some, they think to limit yours, so you will lose, thats why you do it (attack the religious)

Now to the meat of it.

Hunger would go away tomorrow if we CHOOSE for it to, yes it would, all we need do is gather together and say to our “great leaders”… THIS STOPS NOW!!!… Why don’t we?…………Well T some body would have to “give up ” something!!!

Who?? What would they have to “give up” or “lose”??

Example; when I was working I would stop every morning on the way to the job site (I had my own little business) buy a cup of coffee a doughnut and a couple of packs of butts, cost? $12.56 This was at least 5 days a week and usually we stop and grab coffe after church on the weekends and I used to be running all the time so would get one or two more cups a day, as well. One day I was watching an ad for the Christian childrens fund and SHAZZAM burst of clarity!! The next morning I went to Dunkin Doughnuts bought two 1 qt. thermos jugs, two lbs. of coffee and went home. From then, till now, my wife and I drink ONLY D.D. coffee (the best!!) Don’t smoke near as much, (we’ve almost quit) and supoort three of the kids somewhere in the world.Cost of coffee not quite 5.00 a week for us now, cost of thermos jugs 14.00 dollars (still got em, and use em,) 71.oo a month to the Christian childrens fund voila!! three little kids that get enough to eat a smattering of education the knowledge that somebody gives a crap about them, who will probably never meet them and, the chance……….just the chance, that they may be the ones to choose to save the world. WE LOST NOTHING!! We have gained the knowledge of hope for them, and for us, in what they may become!!

We helped them to CHOOSE to reach for the best vision of themselves that they can be and BECOME IT!! Was it in the doing, we got this sense of good? No it is in the BEING. this is where the change of heart will begin…….


YOU are a human……BEING……that word BEING is the secret to who you are!! And, WHAT you are. Sounds too simple doesn’t it? here it comes!!

At any given moment you are being “someone” and “something” aren’t you? Come on, give it up, you know this is TRUE!! You are “Being” even as you read this aren’t you? Of course you are, if you aren’t “being” you’re NOT HERE!!!

Now what are you “doing” as you are “Being” ? Well, right now, you’re reading this aren’t you, that is doing, why not take your highest vision of what you are “being” and then “doing” something with it!!

You CAN’T LOSE, THERE IS NO LOSE!!! As you would be ….DO…and you will become as you see YOU, there is NO loss in this course of action.None!

I know in my guts you’re probably thinking, oh well another one over the edge, but stop, THINK, what have you got to “lose” Did we “lose our morning coffee? No, we have MORE and any time we want it, the best there IS!! We have become that we never thought we could be, simply by “being it’!!! Find some small inconsequential thing, do as we have for a short while, look for the change that your choice brings in your perception of your self, as a self defining developing…BEING OF CHOICE… then sit, cogitate, think, how does it feel?? You will be yearning for the next step in learning who YOU are and, we will take it together, you are not doing this for anyone, you are doing it for you!!!

Be a verb, start BEING that which YOU choose.

Be well all…………….Tawodi

This message has

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