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A question posed by an atheist troller on the militery forums answered

Posted by tawodi on September 12, 2007

I am not a great fan of the theories of poverty being responsible for all the ills of the world, but, there is no doubt whatsoever that a “ghetto-ised mentality” can and is responsible for a tremendous amount of the worlds ills.

Hopelessness and being preyed upon by those who ostensibly are supposed to be your defenders is devastating to whole populations around the world.

We see these things in our own country with the implemetation of “plantation thinking” fostered by our welfare system which has forced millions into this mind set. Which is as follows.

Sit down in your apartment, keep quiet,we will give you money to survive and raise your kids, as long as you don’t make waves, you are victims, we know it, we can’t, or won’t, fix it. So just keep your head down and you’ll be all right.

Now we have two complete generations of “entitled” helpless human beings.

Now before any body jumps my “stuff” about racism or some other “ism” A few facts………
the welfare rolls in this country NOW and from time out of mind have been and are comprised of 38% minorities and all the rest WHITE folks.

Being ghetto-ised in your thinking has NOTHING to do with your race, or national origin. It has EVERYTHING to do with societies view of you and your view of yourself!!

The Palestinian People have been pawns of the Arab countries since the formation of Israel in 1948. With the outbreak of war when 11 countries attacked Israel from inside as well as out, the resident Arabs there were told that the Israelli’s would kill them and if they didn’t the Arabs would for betraying their fellow Arabs,they left their homes as refugees and until 1954 the Israelli gov’t. gave them, in fact begged them, to return home but the ability to travel was not granted to them and they could not, the countries in which they resided also would NOT give them the right to seek citizenship there and demanded that the Israelli’s take them back but wouldn’t let them travel with out visa’s and since they didn’t recognise visa’s from Israel, because Israel wasn’t a country according to them, well….no visa, can’t travel to Israel!!

When, with two generations of abject squalor for living conditions imposed by their own people and BLAMED on the west and Israel coupled with Wahabbist poison pumped into their skulls by Saudi Arabian Wahabbist Madrassahs (schools) that exist from right here in the U.S. to Pakistan, and around the world, is it really any wonder why some poor fool kid would say, “what the hell what’s the difference” and add in the fact that his own people tell him he’ll be a hero,, what do you expect.

As you can tell there are a host of reasons for this, and a host of steps that will have to be taken, to lay it to rest. In the modern world the age old formula of kill them all and let God sort them out will not work any more, because of our own restrictions as well as the perceptions of those around the world …..and of course they are right.

When asked about Iraq before we invaded, I was dead set against it, for the simple reason we as a people no longer, if we ever did, have the stomach for a struggle of this magnitude. It will take the marshalling of all our resources, from education to war making ability, to reaching out to these people and showing them that our way does work, they can keep their religion, they can keep their heritage, they can be successful in the western world, but must, leave their CULTURAL biases behind them. It is these biases that stop them from entering the twenty first century, not their religion or for that matter, us.

Be well all ………Tawodi…out………………………………….Rev. Bruce



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