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Is there realy a right and wrong, and if so are they always obvious??


Posted by tawodi on July 9, 2007

In today’s  world we see around us this question  every day.  We ask it and every day it seems we get an unacceptable answer, Or at least to me it is unacceptable.

A young felon tells the prison authorities he will kill again or rob again if released and sure enough kills three innocent people to prove he will……..should he now live??  A  drunk gets into a car for the twenty second time and kills  an entire family leaving one orphan…..should he now live?????  A woman  lets her car roll into a pond and kill her two sons as she watches because her illicit boyfriend doesn’t want kids……should she now live???  Two teenagers,  obvious in their alienation by their peers,  kill thirteen and then themselves…..should their parents now live????  Two innocent children playing on the street one is shot and crippled the other killed…… the perpetrator?….A fourteen year old misfit with three previous firearms convictions is on the street and was the shooter..

We turn on the death tube every night and see these things and what do we do….can you pass the potatoes please??

The Judges who continually release these animals to prey upon us,  do we do anything to them … we don’t,  they get to make whatever excuses they choose.  They are more brave,  clean and reverent,  than the rest of us I guess.

We live in an advanced technology I will not use the word society or civilization we are niether,  we are any thing but, civilized. When we accept the depredations of animals as a matter of course,  it is wrong,  When we accept the lame excuses of those who are sworn to defend us with the judicious application of the laws and then don’t because it is not politically expedient or is politically incorrect it’s time for a change. We are paying with our lives for the moral relativism of today……………It MUST stop.  The problem is terrible,  in that the only ones who can stop it,  don’t give a damn!!  WHO  ARE THEY,..  you scream!!   Lets throw them out!!!  Lets get tough,  and show them a lesson!!! 

O.K. here we go!! lets look at who they are!!  They’re the ones who don’t discuss politics it’s ickky!!  they’re the ones who don’t vote , they don’t care!!  They’re above all that political nonsense,  it doesn’t make any difference,  don’t ya know!!  They’re the ones who have kept a piece of sludge,  who let an innocent girl take three hours or more to suffocate to death,  rather than report an accident so the sorry piece of s*** wouldn’t lose his political career,  and now stands around and lectures us on morals  and compassionate behaviour.

A majority leader in the senate who tells us to do without as his land deals get shoved under the table amid calls for ever more investigations into the case that never was,  the Scooter Libby case,   lied?? THERE WAS NO CRIME TO LIE ABOUT YOU IDIOTS!!!!!

Day after day we watch the lamestream media finish each other’s sentences and don’t even notice it and when some body like me says hey wake up!!  Well,  I’m a hate filled,  angry,  middle aged,  white,  biggoted,  sexist,  homophobe,  redneck, ignorant,  blue collar,  Know  nothing!!!!   But God himself better show up at my trial for sexual harrasment,  because I told a girl at work she looked nice!!!   It’s re-education camp for me….Oh! I forgot,  they don’t call it that here,  it’s a sensativity seminar….believe that??? Try telling the Judge,  you ain’t goin’!!!  Do you poor deluded people see what you have let transpire in your absence from responsibility???  Hell is coming to breakfast!!!  It’s here,  all around you and you’ve been standing in line for two days,  waiting for your I phone……geees!

Have any of you ever watched,   I  mean,  REALLY,  watched American Idol??  Have you,  like me,  seen some of the poor pathetic wretches,  who think and then insist,  they have talent??  And then drag in their poor demented mothers or fathers to argue for them?? And they do!!  Or they walk off into the sunset,  convinced,  that they are Gods gift to the music industry,  cursing all the way. Do any of you out there realise how ill these people really are??  And the kicker is there’s nowhere to put them,  the liberals closed all the state hospitals in the seventies,  It will be beautifull if you just take your medi meds!!  Oh wow lets “mainstream” them!!  It will be wonderfull!!  Welcome to the world of the homeless, 70 percent of whom, are those described as incapable of caring for themselves. This I know personally I care for the homeless I know them intimately…..much better than Katie Couric or smarmy Matt Laur.  Ain’t it strange how we had homeless during Reagan,  Bush 1,  and none during Clinton and now SHAAZAAM !!   They’re baaAAAaaack!!!  Are we awake yet GOOD!!   Are you P.O’D. yet??  You should be,  but not at me,  I didn’t do it!!  Guess who!!  The very ones who say they don’t give a damn that’s who, the ones who don’t show up for the party just complain when they don’t get their cut of the action.

O.K. Rant over,  it was time to get that off my chest.  I know I’m not alone and must admit I don’t have many if any answers for these questions at least not by myself I don’t,  but if we just wake up it CAN change but you must WANT it to change.

That’s all for now….Rev.  Bruce…………………………………………………………………………………………Tawodi 


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Posted by tawodi on June 26, 2007

Tonight is Tuesday night and that means at eight o’clock Tawodi’s Hawks nest is on blog talk radio. Just click Tawodi’s Hawks Nest in the blogroll on the right, it takes you there once there click the blue lettering up on the left and you’re there!!

Last week we had a little fun oh heck, a lot of fun with Robert Salaam paying me a visit and me returning the favor on thursday to him by visiting at his show The American Muslim. Some of you know Robert as the man who started with me the movement called… The People of Abraham, Christians Muslims and Jews.  When I went to scedule my show I found that the nine O’clock spot had been taken even after I had sceduledit three weeks previously. So I guess one needs to sqauck a bit to make sure that doesn’t happen again and I did.  I put up the title and tags for this week as new people, new thoughts, c’mon people lets use our brains!

Then this morning,  after realising I hadn’t written anything in six days,  thought it would be appropriate to lead in here with what I have in mind for tonights show.

There has been a gratifying amount of traffic here on the blog but it is not that strong on the talk show so maybe I need to approach it as a sort of tandem operation. This last week I have seen a lot of restating,  of what may be called the obvious, in the news,  the various news letters, and forums,  telling us who the Muslims and those who don’t hate them,  really are!

EXCUSE ME, but are these the same people we’re talking about??  Or are these new people we haven’t ever heard of before,  that suddenly materialised among us you are talking about??

Tonight on the show we will discuss this phenomenon, where it comes from,  who spreads it,  do these “New People” really exist or are they, once again,  a rehashing of the old hatreds and predjudices,  dressed up in new rhetoric to try and sell to new frightened people who don’t know any better.

Then,  once we explore who they are,  we will examine those who would poison us with phobias that need not be,  regarding them.

Now to sort of precondition you,  I would submit the following. Those of you,  like me,  who are old enough to remember the late fifties and the upheaval of the sixties and the civil rights movements of those times,  will recall all the dire predictions of the fall of Christian civilisation if we embraced equality the end of Jim Crow Laws.  The separate but equal nonsense and all the rest of the undisquised racism that pervaded this country and still does to this day,  although in nowhere near the degree that it did then.  If indeed you do remember,  think about what you are reading,  seeing on the death tube and hearing on the radio,  regarding the world of Islam. Now I’m not stupid,  there are those who would,  if given half a chance,  wipe us out,  but they are few in comparison to the population of Islam world wide.  There are among us,  those who would if given half a chance,  wipe THEM out,  men,  women,  children,  dogs,  cats,  elephants and the countries they live in,  and never blink an eye and you know this is also true!!

It is this and the thoughts and emotions that I will begin to address tonight on the show.

We must start somewhere ending this insanity and it is insane,  to condemn out of hand,  an entire class and people,  we basically know nothing about . And , it is clear,  very little is known about them. That is why on this blog there are,  in the right hand column,  so many places for you to go and begin to learn,  who the American Muslims are . What they think . What they dream of for their children and all the things that make them just as human as you,  with the right to live and prosper,  as you have those rights.

I hope to talk to you tonight and if you can’t be there,  the show like all the others will be archived so whenever you can do so,  you can listen .

Be well, all,                 Rev.   Bruce                                                                                                      Tawodi

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Posted by tawodi on June 1, 2007



We, all of us, have a spiritual quotient, how big it is, is determined by us.

How well developed it becomes, is determined by us. If it doesn’t seem to exist in any one particular human being, it’s because they don’t know what they are looking for,that may seem simplistic but it’s not.

I am not talking about the rush that can be felt at a revival meeting, when somebody says I’m saved, and all shout Allelulia!! Amen. You can get that exact same feeling at a rock concert… I know, I used to perform country music, and it was an incredible high, but you eventually came down. When you’re singing your lungs out, in front of four or five thousand people who paid to see you, there’s nothing like it!! almost.

Being spiritual is like a slight buzz all the time. Instead of walking around in condition white, you are in condition orange, constantly, things are a little brighter, even in times of crisis. Sadness can be overwhelming, but somehow is not as debillitating, with spirituality.

I have said this before and will say it again, there are those here, who are very spiritual in nature and who scream the loudest that they are atheists. I have even told a couple of them this, they thanked me and went away, I’m certain, thinking I’m nuts!!

But it is true, some have a sense of Grace about them, they are not even aware of, it sticks out all over the place, in the way they talk, think, move and act. I always watch such a person very carefully, as they are blessed for some reason to teach us something and I believe that something is, that in the true core of humanity is the blessing of Grace and spirit.

Consider if you will, thats my belief and I’m stickin’ to it!!  Tawodi

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