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Posted by tawodi on November 5, 2008

tree of the mustard seedTonight I will begin writing a book.

I vowed to myself four months ago, I would do this, for my grandchildren, and my thirteen year old daughter. I also told you then, we would come to this. Dig, and you will find it back then in the threads. I told you and others, this would come and WHY, I was told I was and alarmist. And, was called worse.

This book will begin with the date I was born, in 1946.

Exactly one year before, we had won a war of epic proportions for freedom across the world.

There ensued a war of just as epic proportions, over the course of the next 45 years, for freedom also, for so many everywhere.

My generation was the first to give up the dream, of freedom and the costs to be bourne for it. For the vain hope of security and the material things and comforts of this world. Rather than dedicate themselves to what ever it took, to give to their children, that freedom we enjoyed as we matured.

In short, we have become a nation of victims. We have victimized ourselves, with the idea that we are “entitled” to certain things, that must of course be supplied by others. We have abrogated our responsibility to ourselves, and fellow citizens, by refusing to shoulder those burdens that freedom, true freedom, requires.

Are those burdens so horribly heavy? Apparently so, for we have shed them in our search for comfort and security, which we now demand from our government. Which of course must of needs, now become ever more coercive to accomplish these goals, at our behest.

We elected tonight, a man who has continually professed socialism as his firm position, he denies it on the surface of it, but then gives chapter and verse in his speaches the explicit out line of just those principals.

Alone it would not be possible for him to implement this policy. But you, my fellow citizens have not listened to such as me, and others. You have deliberately ignored, those such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, who have been waiting patiently to begin implementing these programs and have made no excuses, laid no misleading schemes, but proudly told us exactly what they would do, if this moment came to pass, and it has!

There are no more impediments to their plans in Congress. There are no more impediments to their plans in the Senate, almost every Democrat in the two houses of congress are “progressives”. This is the necessary ingredient to start the process.

Since the end of world war two the socialists, in this country, have been working for this day and, it is here, now, at the door.

Too few of you failed to believe that it could, or would, happen. You forgot the most necessary element that was yet to be provided. The Supreme Court!

There are three justices that will retire in the next four years. They have stated they will not retire before this day. This to ensure their replacements are liberal judges, who will continue their tradition. Which of course, is legislating from the bench. It is this, which more than any other thing, that has brought us this day.

As I construct the remembrance of what this country once was, and as long as I continue to live, document what it will become. I will never for get those heroes who dedicated themselves to those liberties that I enjoyed and believed in, that will fade. As will this country from the stage of history as a shining beacon of freedom, hope,and assurance, that somewhere in the world there is, and now will be seen in the future, to have been such a place.

In our self concern, and ever burgeoning sense of entitlement, we have sacrificed on the alter of the coming Nanny State, all those things we will never see again here, and perhaps ever, on the world stage again.

In case you are concerned that I am angry? No I am not, I am unutterably sad, almost beyond comprehension, at the future we, all of us, have beqeathed to the innocent victims, we leave the remains of this country to.

They will be preyed upon in ever increasing measure, to purloin their honestly earned gains in life, with ever increasing levels of force and coersion, to provide for those of no ambition,no grasp of what true freedom entails, only the grasping envy, that they have come to understand, is their due. To take from those who earn, for those who will not. Using the power of government to accomplish for themselves, what they can, and will, not. This of course, will set up the elite class, that will become the arbiters of who shall gain, and who shall forfiet, that which they have earned.

All the mechanisms are now in place, the culmination of 78 years of effort using subterfuge, lies and legerdemaine, to effect their victory.

From that formerly shining city on a hill, now a guttering candle, in a vast darkness that forbodes the world’s future.

Fare you well my friends.



  1. Robbin said

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