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Posted by tawodi on August 31, 2010

This came in the other day and I got permission from the writer to use it here, as I felt that the words of one “who’s been there” would carry some wieght with some of the people out in the world.
Rev. Bruce

Words of a Marine

I am writing this to those who want to judge those of us that fight for the Freedom of America. I am a Marine on my fifth tour overseas, and through the years there seems to be more and more anti-war people coming up all over the United States. I have tried to sit back and look at it from all sides of the spectrum. After years of this I have come to one conclusion, if you don’t want to support our troops that fight for your freedom, then move somewhere else where they don’t have the freedoms that the United States has and I’ll bet you’ll come crawling back.
People sit in their nice, cozy homes and complain about how bad America is. Well let me put it into perspective for all of you. You complain that there are no jobs for you to get, so you go and get on welfare right? News flash, other countries would tell you to get the hell over it! Oh, and by the way, many countries make you serve time in the military. Hey there is a bright Idea! Can’t find a job? We have plenty of them that you can get! Anything from being a cook, mechanic, computer tech, or a good old fashion infantryman. It’s a steady paycheck and you recieve benefits. But no, you would rather just take the easy way out. Yes there are cases that it’s the only thing someone can do, but not all. You think our economy is bad? Try again. People in these countries don’t even know what economy is, they think $500 is a gold mind. For the women that complain, guess what, in Iraq and Afghanistan women don’t have rights, and if they do something wrong they get punished and this can go as far as getting stoned. Here is something you’ll find amazing; we are fighting for them to have rights! I’m sorry, I know I just messed up your whole “military is sexist idea”. Wow, America doesn’t seem that bad anymore does it?
Now let me get into people that want to complain and argue about how the U.S. is handling these conflicts is all wrong. Unless you have been there, done it and have seen what’s really going on, not just what you have seen on the news, just keep it to yourself. Why would you sit back and bad mouth a military that is fighting for your rights? The only reason you can even open your mouth and have the freedom of speech is because of the men and women that fought for that right before us. You want to complain about something? Complain about people like you who want to run their mouth about the war and do nothing to help. You don’t like the war? Understood, I don’t know too many people that go around saying “Hey isn’t this war great?”. Here is the bottom line, we are here and we are going to continue to be here until it is all said and done. Why? Because it is our job, and we are damn good at it! You want the war’s to be over? Then do something that will contribute to it. We volunteered to protect our country, we don’t decide when and where.

Ok now there is this “religious group” that goes around with these signs saying “Thank God for IEDS” and “Thank God for dead soldiers”, going to funerals of our fallen Heroes. So let me get this straight. We have Americans wishing death on the people, fellow Americans that give them the right to go out and protest and hold their stupid signs. Yep that makes perfect since. Does somebody want to tell me what the hell they think they are doing?! Who in the world wishes death on other Americans?! Oh I know, they are called an insurgent. That’s right I called them insurgents. Wait now, didn’t God have wars started to destroy enemies that opposed him or his people. Yep he did, I’m glad you people a “religious Group” really pay attention to the Bible. These people are no better than the actual people that we are over here fighting. It makes me happy to know that this is the kind of thing that we fight for, but you know what? That’s fine. Continue your little protest and make your stupid signs, because we don’t need you or your support nor do we want it. Here is a great idea; how about we just ship you out to Iraq or Afghanistan? You’ll fit in great there. Just do us all a favor and stay away from the funerals of our Fallen Heroes. Oh wait, another great idea, how about whenever one of them die we go to their funerals with signs saying”Thank God for “Dead IDIOTS”.
I will close this with this. To those of you I have talked about, We are not asking for your support and again frankly we don’t need it or want it. We have our families, friends, the rest of America, and each other. Enjoy the freedom that we and our families have sacrificed for, and some making the ultimate sacrifice for. I hope every time you look in the mirror you see the face of a Fallen Hero that you have seen on the news and realize that what you have doesn’t come cheap. We don’t do it for glory or medals. We do it so our country can continue to be free and our children and yours will not have to fight.
To those that support us, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am glad to know that there are people that do appreciate what we do and the sacrifices we make. You are the reason that we continue to do what we do and do it proudly. Keep up the support and pray for our safe return.
To my fellow brothers and sisters serving in the military; you and your families making the sacrifices that others wouldn’t dare make, I salute you and thank you for your dedicated service to our great country. Keep up the good work and stay motivated in getting the mission done and making sure we all make it home safe.
We fight for your freedom so you don’t have to. We don’t sleep so you can. We starve so you can eat.



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