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Clearing The Air

Posted by tawodi on October 16, 2007

peopleof-abraham-2x25-pic-only.JPGOnce again the question has been raised as to the name of God, in relation to Islam and Christianity and Judaism.

Once again it is Christian fundamentalists who make spurious accusations about the word Allah. Here for all of you is the TRUTH where the name comes from, who the father of Islam is and, what the name means and why it means it.

I have engaged in this battle for years and when it is put down in one location by once more,  it pops up again in another location. Apparently these people think like Geoseph Geobbels of W.W. 2,  if you repeat a lie long enough, loud enough, it will become the truth. THIS IS NOT SO!! a lie is a lie, no matter how many times you repeat it!! Receive the truth!


You know something?? I get so tired of posting the truth of things, only to have the very same people come back and say the same lie all over again.
The Hebrew EL, was also the Cannaanite EL, or transcendant Chief God. The word is the root of thirty five Attributes of God linguistically for Jews and Christians alike.

ILLAH……pronounced ILL Yach “gutteral, glottal stop,” implied by the semitic ACH sound of Hebrew and Arabic the two main semitic languages.

Shortened to AL (prefix word -the-) apposed (attached) to Illah to make the compound word, Allah. Phonetic pronunciation Al- ach or THE GOD Taken to mean, litterally, the ONE God of Ishmael, Older brother of Issach, by fourteen years, who, the Bible tells us, that God was with as he grew, to be the father of his own people, to whom
would be descended twelve more tribes of people.

Their father???? ABRAHAM!! The FATHER of the two semitic tribes, Hebrews and Arabs.

Read your Bible people!!!! The Arabs didn’t make this up. WE DID!!!!!

K.J.V. Biblical,
Citations, Genesis 21: V.9: -21.
Descendants of Ishmael: Genesis 25: V.12:- 18.
These Verses come after the discription of Abraham’s children by Keturah, their names and the dispersal of Abraham’s estate to Issach only, as the child of the covenant between Abraham and God born of Sarah, as God promised.  Now for the life of me, I fail to see how you can blame Muhammad for what is in OUR OWN BIBLE!!! If you figure out how he did that, maybe you can tell the rest of us!!!

Read and learn, I didn’t write this, or invent it, it is in OUR Bible…….

It is very important that you understand that I am a DEVOUT Christian Minister of many years service. The people of Islam have a different understanding of their worship of God. Is it necessary for me to accept it?? NO it is necessary for me to accept that THEY do. Nothing more is required of a Christian or Jew, other than that.  Respect the fact that these things are what they believe and leave it alone!!!  You are NOT required,  to convert them,  attack them,  or abuse them  for their faith,  because you don’t agree with it.  Jesus tells us,  state your case and walk away,  be as harmless as doves. Why as Christians,  must we always forget those admonishments,  that we were given by the Lord Jesus Christ,  whom we PROFESS to follow??  keep your heart at peace and walk your own path to God as others walk theirs, you are but human beings,  you are NOT to judge, it is written……..

Be well all………Rev Bruce……………………..Tawodi


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Columbus Day look what you started Mr C !!!

Posted by tawodi on October 8, 2007

I posted this in the military forums this morning I thought you may enjoy it also, happy Columbus Day.

Howdy, happy Columbus Day;

It seems appropriate that this is here on this day.

The title of this thread led me to believe that Bill was going to post the Bible passages of various verses, where we are admonished to respect worldly governments,as institutions allowed to men and, recognized as necessary by God.

We are told, repeatedly, that governments that are just, rest assured of Gods blessing. We are told as christians, “render unto Ceaser that which is Ceasers.”

We are told, we are to be in the world but, not OF the world.

Were we settled by people ( puritans) who were devout and in their words engaged in” building a shining city on a hill??” Yes, we were.

As the colonial society grew into what would become The United States, did the bigotry of some “christian” sects seep into the cracks of that society? Yes it did, put plainly and simply.

For awhile it was legal to shoot Catholics in Mary’s town, later Maryland.

Was it legal to shoot anyone seen coming over the border into the Massachussetts Bay colony from Rhode Island? Legal? Hell it was required that you do!!! Believe it or not that law finally came off the books in the late eighties here in Ma.. 1980’s !!

These two, as well as hundreds of instances of others, are why the constitution was framed as it was.

First, to assure the world that HUMAN RIGHTS, come from where ever you choose to, or WHAT ever you choose to, consider a higher power.NOT FROM MEN!!

It was framed to assure that this government has NO power to take them away. NONE!!

It ,the constitution, was framed to assure that the sole existance of, THIS CONSTITTUION, is to protect them, enshrine them in such a way, that
Those who follow down the path of whatever destiny this nation has, never forget that. The constittuion does not and, was not, formed to GIVE YOU ANY RIGHTS AT ALL!!!

This constitution was framed and, this form of government, was CRAFTED to protect your rights, provide for the common defense to do so, and to be that just government of that shining city on a hill.

We, all of us who pray, ask for wisdom, next time you pray for that, think and, Thank God, or whatever providence you happen to believe in, that the framers and the builders, SOMEHOW, inculcated in our people the thought that, THE JUST LAW, agreed upon by our citizens, is to be the ruler, in THIS country. Not whoever happens to presently shine in the cults of personality. The politically popular or the temporarily
transcendant , in the temporary passions we see all around us, as they rise and fall in seeming importance.

Think of these things as you consider all of this, look into your heart and admit to yourself, that there have been and, will be times, when you yourself are dangerous in your passions and belief and, in the heights of passion are capable in the imprudent statement, or the innapropriate or even violent action that passion brings, as it suspends judgment.

Good article to post Bill, happy Columbus day, and, lets all once again thank all those “old dead white guys” for their skill, wisdom and yes, the passion, to give us what they did….the last best hope of Mankind, That shining city on a hill.

Be well  all………….Rev. Bruce………………………………………………………………..Tawodi

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Duck your head there’s a war out there

Posted by tawodi on October 2, 2007

This was written on June tenth 2007 and comes from my blog titled Life Religion Family.
By reading this you will begin to see who and what we are and what we are up against join us it’s our country too and eventualy, God willing ,our world to live in as the article states, in peace.

THERE’S A WAR, and it’s not what you might think it would be, or even, WHO, it would be!! I was on some different venues over the last few days and got slam dunked a couple of times from….you guessed it!! Fellow Christians.

What is so hard to understand about acceptance?? I don’t follow the tennets of Islam, but to listen to some of these people I’m the worst thing to come down the pike since Judas Iscariot!!!
Nothing about me has changed, I still preach the word of God, to us, through Jesus Christ and the New Testament, I still do Hospice work, with all that it entails, I still visit the sick and the shut in’s who can’t travel to church and worship, or just need to see another human being once in a while, and of course do this work of reconciliation, proudly might I add, to stand with so many who seek peace through understanding.

I am starting to see something very disturbing out there and what it is, flies in the face of all we have been taught as Christians.It is written that Jesus said “I am sending you out as sheep among wolves, be thee therefore as wise as serpents, and as harmless as doves.” I had somebody quote this to me, in an attempt to show me the error of my ways!!!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, he completely forgot the part about the doves!! It seems that there is, out there, a certain percentage of people who believe that the Muslims are the children of Satan and will be the armies of the anti Christ and the sooner the war comes the sooner we all get to be with Jesus in His Heaven…….Frightening to say the least!!

First off, it seems to me to be the height of arrogance on the part of some because we are told, “ No man knoweth the hour of His coming, only the Father.” We are to be as watchmen on the wall, ready, but not to stop living in the world, but to live in such a way that we may be worthy of His heaven, not force the coming of it!!! As if we could!!!

The open condemnation of literally, billions of human beings to the fires of hell, is to them it seems, almost eagerly looked forward to, almost like some kind of cosmic wienie roast, to which we, as Christians, have been invited to attend and enjoy!!
GOD, sweet loving Christ, PROTECT US!!! From such as these, who it would seem, gleefully anticipate the deaths of billiions to feel some kind of wierd justifcation in their faith.
Are the people of other faiths to be saved?? Are they to be condemned by God as sinners?? Maybe, or perhaps definitely, but I can gaurantee one thing for certain sure, there is no human being on this green earth that is supposed to do it!!! God tells us again and again, not to do that, it is HIS province to judge mens hearts, NOT OURS!!!

For centuries we condemned the Jews, only to find through exegitical studies, that they are still the people of the covenant!! They will be given the chance according to scripture to profess Jesus as Lord. We are taught through scripture that those who but live in the world, also serve the Lord our God and will be judged from their deeds, written in the book of life. by GOD, not us!! We are taught in the Lords prayer to ask to not, be led into temptation, and what do they do!!! Assume they know the mind of God, in regard to the ultimate disposition of billions of human beings, Sweet Lord, what arrogance!! It is unbelievable to me, that so many would fail so utterly to understand, the basic tennets of our faith this way!!!

I have seen time and again these people give explanations of the Quoran, when it is so incredibly obvious, they have no clue about their own Bible and, what it says in regard to these matters of guilt and innocence in matters of faith.

First there are millions of American Muslims right here in this country who have never hurt anyone and never will, they are innocent. There are literally more than a billion others, who the same thing can be said for, they are innocent !!

Are there monsters out there? YES, must they be dealt with, unfortunately, in the only way open to us to deal with them? YES, But the innocent must NOT be condemned along with them.
There are monsters among us, who call ourselves Christians, and they call themselves Christians too, and they must be dealt with also, hopefully, before we reach the point that we have reached with the terrorists of the world, but dealt with none the less. there is NO gainsaying that. I would have to be a fool to believe otherwise and I like to think, I am not a fool.
Some have accused me of trying to start some wierd hybrid Christian, Muslim religion, balderdash, this is no such thing. The people involved in this intend to leave the religion, or lack of it, in others, STRICTLY, alone. It is none of our business what some one believes, only that they believe, you and I and them, have the right, not to be murdered, for that belief!!! We have the right, to demand that our children prosper in their beliefs and have a better life than we have had. Not to be murdered because they are of a certain faith, or race, or sex.

Look to the right side of the post in the column, you will find places to go and learn about the efforts of thousands to bring peace to this mud ball before we blow it up. You need not profess their faith, just understand, they have a right to it, as human beings and as you study, you will find not one of them is authorised by God, or Jesus Christ, or Muhammad, to kill you for your faith. Yes the Quoran talks of wars in the early years against pagans and, now perverted cultural influences and governments are using it to twist their people to war, but so are those who profess to be Christians!!! help us stop this, at least in America, where we have religious freedom, at least for now, stop this, while there is still time.

In the name of Christ we pray…..Amen………. Rev. Bruce…………………………… Tawodi

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