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  2. I look at the pictures now and they seem so long ago.
    An angel, smiling at me with eyes to melt your heart
    And a smile to brighten your darkest days.
  3. I think of the night, dancing on that stage, so full of promise.
    I remember fighting back my tears, so full of joy, so full of hope.
    Anything was possible that night, I thought she could do so much.
    I can see her now as she danced and twirled and smiled.
  4. Was it just me that saw all that she could be?
    Was it only me that felt she could conquer all, dance her way to the stars?
    Didn’t she see it, feel it?
    Why didn’t she see what I saw, know what I knew?
  5. The magic of that night was fleeting.
    The promise of things to come was illusory.
    Where did the future I had envisioned go?
  6. One cannot dream another’s life for them.
    It must be born of desire, they must want it.
    She did not see what I saw, she did not feel what I felt.
    That night has gone and the dream with it.
  7. all my good intentions and hopes of wonderment are as the wind.
    All my efforts have been for naught.
    The angel who now looks at me from a distant past is gone.
    She will live forever in my heart, but no more.
  8. If only she saw what I saw.
    She cannot see through the darkened world she now lives.
    No more bright lights, no more dancing.
    There is no longer promise and hope, only struggle and pain.
  9. If only I saw what she saw.
    Where I saw hope, maybe she saw futility.
    Where I saw promise maybe she saw failure.
    Maybe it is I who was blind.
  10. If only I could see into the darkness she dwells in, could I shed light?
    If only I could see her wounds, could I ease the pain?
    If only we could see into each other, would we understand?
    Would she then see what I saw so long ago, yet so short a time?
  11. Would my little ballerina then dance again?
  13. A father dreams not about his children, but for his children.
    He sees what they cannot yet see.
    He knows that which they do not yet know.
    He feels that which they have yet to feel.
  14. A father dreams of little girls becoming ballerinas or movie stars
    And little boys of becoming everything that he could not.
    He wants them to reach for the stars and achieve their dreams.
  15. A father dreams that his words will guide his children and keep them safe.
    He dreams that all the talks and advice will help them succeed.
    He dreams that when times are tough, they will find solace and strength in what he has tried to teach them, that he has not failed them.
  16. A father dreams that when they have children of their own that they want to raise their own the way he raised them. He wants to know he did it right.
    He looks forward to laughing with his grown children about years past.
    He wants to share their laughter and heal their pain.
  17. A father dreams.
  18. A father also cries, he cries when he knows these things will not happen.
    He cries when he cannot heal their pain.
    He cries late at night when they cannot see as he sits in the dark.
    He cries because he is in the dark, he cannot see that which they see.
    He cries because he does not know that which they know.
    He cries because he cannot feel that which they feel.
  19. He cries when he knows he will see no ballerinas or football stars.
    He cries when he comes to the realization that his words did not protect them, they did not help them.
  20. A father cries.
  21. A father hurts when he lies awake at night and wonders why he was so hard sometimes, he didn’t mean to be.
    He hurts when he knows he wont be able pay for his children’s college.
    He hurts when he cant give them the things he always thought he would.
    He hurts when he realizes that he isn’t the father he always “knew” he would be.
  22. He hurts when he knows he can no longer dream for his children.
    He hurts when he knows what they have seen.
    He hurts when he knows what they know.
    He hurts when he knows what they feel.
  23. A father hurts.
  24. A father hopes. A father hopes for no more than when it is all said and done that he did it right. He hopes when he sits alone in the dark and looks back on days past that he did more things right than he did wrong, that he didn’t cause too much pain.
    He hopes that through it all, his children know how much he loves them.
    He hopes they know how sorry he is for not being the perfect father.
    He hopes they don’t sit alone at night and cry and hurt and hope.
  25. He hopes they understand the joy and sorrow of all that he has seen.
    He hopes they do not know all that he knows.
    He hopes they never feel some of what he has felt.
  26. A father hopes.

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