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A SIMPLE QUESTION ASKED…….What did early Christian meetings look like..?

Posted by tawodi on March 22, 2012

As most of you know I spend time on the Military. com site. While there I and others are asked many questions about religion and the duties of Clergy in general. I took this opportunity to answer one and thought to bring it here for you to ponder and consider…. those very early days before we had sects and divisions, there was only one WAY to follow. that of Jesus the Massiach.

[QUOTE] Early Christian meetings were primarily centered around a shared meal. [UNQUOTE] CPL BUCKLEY.

That was one thing that would stand out. It was called a love feast in those times, something that still exists as Lay ministers and others can do this instead of consecrating the elements of the Eucharist, which they cannot. If the host is blessed by someone in the Apostolic line of succession, (something rather hazy today) then the laity can hold Communion services, which of course is considered a Sacrament.

Baptism is also a Sacrament and there are only two such in most protestant churches, unlike the Catholic Church which considers many rituals Sacraments….such as marriage for instance. In protestant churches the oath, between the woman and the man, is the Sacrament, not the ceremony.

Of course that is not true in some of them!

After the feast, they would discuss Scripture and since they had only what is now known as the Old Testament that was the Holy book under discussion. Most of these discussion centered around prophesy, as one can understand.

As Peter, Silas, Paul, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, (Saul of Tarsus) Ananias, Phillip, Mathias, and Matthew, travelled a bit and some of course on missionary journeys of many miles and great lengths of time, they exchanged ideas, letters and word of mouth communications with one congregation or another. They became known as “Followers of The Way” The symbol, as most know, was the fish…as per Jesus telling the first disciples, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men”

The Chrysanthamum and the Rose were also early symbols of Christianity as well. It was somewhere around 60 to 75 A.D. that the Cross started to be used as the Christian symbol of the sect. The Chrysanthemum was used on funerary things like Ossuaries and tomb markings, to symbolize the return of life with resurrection.

Three of these are still used today. The Cross of course the fish and the Rose. When some thing is to be kept secret for instance, a rose is placed in a tall vase on the table and then the conversation takes place. After the conversation the rose is burned and the vase is destroyed marking the end of the secret session. From this comes the phrase, “Under the Rose”, to imply the utmost secrecy of the subject at hand. Also the red of the Rose is used to designate the red color and sacrifice of the Sacred heart, as well as it being said that apparitions of Mary, are always accompanied by the scent of roses.

And so, the Followers of the way progressed to ever more formally conducted meetings of prayer, sermonizing, (teaching or “preaching” which means the same thing) and ritual. Which at first consisted of telling the sayings that the disciples and others who remembered Jesus as having said…. and then, finally, about 40 A.D. they began to be written down.

Before you jump my “stuff”. Let me explain that fragments from this period are still in hand with-in the Vatican library/museum, but are virtually useless for any purpose. They DO have over nine hundred fragments from those times but the earliest useful tracts, that exist today, are from about one fifty to two hundred A.D. as most already know.

About eighty years ago it was thought that one of the first copies of “Revelations” of St. John of Patmos had been found, but carbon dating left it in doubt as samples of enough size failed to be obtained, and so it goes.

So, as you can see…. those early meetings were much like today’s house gatherings of worshippers to feast, discuss, worship and share in the experience, of forming a relationship of a personal nature with God, and Jesus The Christ…to enrich their lives in understanding and fellowship.

Be well friends….Rev. Bruce……………………..Tawodi


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From Memorial Day

Posted by tawodi on May 30, 2009

The point is…once again….that your rights don’t come from MEN or GOVERNMENTS!!

If they did, the constitution wouldn’t be worth a tinker’s damn!!

The words of the Declaration of independance and the Constitution, are what created the dream in men’s minds that YOU are now living!!

That is all it is people, a dream!! That’s how truly fragile it really is!! It is a chimera, a wil-o-the wisp, A phantasm, sprung directly from the hearts of dreamers from over two centuries ago, that they formed into a living presence and a dream that millions have lived. And, they did so, without truly knowing what it was or how it was attained, but living it none the less.

A chimera, that some few among us all, even today, are willing to give their lives for, even though they couldn’t really explain it to you either!!

From time out of mind, from even before the dawn of civilization, men and women have felt it, lived for it, trained their children to covet and treasure it, even though they couldn’t explain it, or where it came from then, or where it comes from now.

Some shouted it as they died, some whispered it as their lives fled from them in rivulets across the ground, of some far away battlefield, they couldn’t even pronounce the name of properly.

Some have pursued it through swamps real and imagined, across deserts that stretched beyond their endurance, just as the hunger for it outlived them.

Some have provided it for us without knowing they did so, simply by being productive citizens and paying the taxes levied for the joint defense of us all.

Some have preserved it, dying in prisons of the unjust and by being remembered for their courage and inspiring us to ever greater efforts toward it’s preservation.

Some have conveyed with a glance, all of it’s meaning and some, with millions of words, have failed to convey even a glimmer of what it truly IS.

It is a word, a thought, a deed, a hope, a wish, a memory for some, for others a future untold.

But at the end of each day…still a dream, still a chimera, still a will-o-the wisp, unfathomable, unexplainable, unearned, loved and cherished, even to foolishness, but NEVER to be surrendered. NEVER to be given up and never, never to be thrown away!

The name of the dream?? One word…..freedom.

The place where it was truly given life in the minds and hearts of men?

The United States of America.

And for at least a while, as it is cast aside by the many for security in the foolish hope that a man can preserve it alone for us, with the hollow promises of a politician, the last best hope for the world, the same, The United States of America.

The land of dreamers….may we be preserved as such…….

Dedi cated to our troops and those who wonder at our nation.
Be well friends………..Rev. Bruce……………………….Tawodi



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Posted by tawodi on August 26, 2007

I am sure that over the last several days many of you have seen the stories that have come out. The focus of these is, whether or not, she lost her faith. For those who don’t understand theology, I felt it should be explained, in that light, for those who may be somewhat dissillusioned by all of this.

The first example we should examine, is that of Jesus on the cross.

In His extremity we know that He cried out, “My God, my God why have you forsaken me!?”

This cry is exemplary of two things for us to understand, the first of which is, at that moment Jesus had assumed the sins of all human kind. It was at this moment that he was, for the first time In His existance, separated from the presence of God.

A horrifying experience of course but, once again, one for us to KNOW, in our hearts as well.

Mother Teresa knew, every day, horrors of existance we can not even concieve in the forms of, disease, poverty, starvation and, human cruelty and neglect.

The quavering of belief in these circumstances, if it did NOT occur, would be astounding. The fact that it did, is great testimony to the steadfastness of this great, humble, human being, that we, Catholic or Protestant, know as MOTHER Teresa. Indeed belief in God or the tennets of Christianity has very little to do with that understanding among all people.

The question that should be asked is how, with this question that she presents to her confidant for spiritual support, did she maintain her steadfast sense of duty and commitment to the service to those she brought comfort to and God.

Faith is the answer, faith pure and simple. People of great faith know, that in the seeming absence of God, is our greatest trial and triumph as human beings.

We realise, that to prevail in these times God MUST be present for us to succeed, or even have a chance to succeed, at all!!

Now, I have not seen anything but what you have seen on the television but, when I read the book (and I will ) I am positive this is what we will find, that in the silences of her heart she knew God and knew He was there, in her work her efforts, and her life.

How do I know this? I, like you, am a human being, and after the darkest times in my life, and I have had some pretty gloomy times, after the passing of the storm, I became aware that I NEVER would have made it with out God. I, no way, no how, had any where near the strength or fortitude or knowledge, to do so at the time. That is the plain, flat, truth of it, I can not take any credit for my success at those times, none at all. I was usually lost, frightened and alone, with no clue of what to do, or where to turn, that is the truth.

So now you have a little to chew on from two directions. How God can seem to be absent. Why He would choose to seem that way, and perhaps understand how Jesus Himself could have thought the same thing……..Being forsaken.

Be well all, take heart……Tawodi…out

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