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Posted by tawodi on September 30, 2007

This was a morning post at my Life Religion Family blog on the wordpress platform.

We are beginning to reach out to other organizations as we become better known. The purpose of this is obvious, but the way we will do it is going to be entirely different than that which has gone before. What has to be realized is that many people have put in years or even decades of faithfull service in all kinds of ways to promote peace and have a huge personal stake in what they are doing and just how they do it. It is with this in mind that we are considering a federation kind of organization. What this means is we will communicate and co-ordinate what we do and how we affiliate with them and accomodate their approach,slant and methods, which will leave them as an intact oganization, as well as us being that . The common term would be allies but, it will, and must be, a deeper connection than that.
Alliances usually are temporary things, that work toward short term goals. One thing we are aware of and, you too must become aware of, is that this is no short term goal. I’m 61 someone will have to pick up the torch in the future from me, and others, as time goes by, that is the nature of this. This is bigger than me, you, a small group, large group, even nations.
At least that is the hope. We are relatively small yet, but have talked with people all over the world. They Live in places where the hope of peace is a distant dream and they tell us, that it seems they are never going to see a day where their children can play outside, safely, a sad thought and one that is coming to our country if we don’t get it together, educate ourselves and stop the insanity before it starts ….along with the killing. Don’t say it can’t happen here, neither could sept. eleventh 2001.

I thought that this info. could come here too, as it is pertinent to this site and how we are going to proceed.

Be well, take care…………..Rev. Bruce……………………………………..Tawodi


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