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Posted by tawodi on April 11, 2008



Last night we got on to an interesting question posed by AKinNC, I LOVE this stuff!!!

I got jumped by Raunchy as I have been by him, and others, who very closely watch what I say to try and trip me up, or more charitably, keep me from leading the flock astray. (as if I could, or would)

In a strange kind of way I praise him and others for that, as that is what a Soldier of God SHOULD DO. Defend his faith, as he sees it, from every percieved threat, even ME!!

It is to lay his fears to rest, and any body elses, that I make this post.

First off, I don’t and never did think that God is an Alien………geeeesh!!

But, open speculation of the greatness of God, was and is, my point.

The Bible, Old and New Testament, Tells us that God is in everything doesn’t it. ( “He knows the hairs on your head.”) That, to me , is a given. I believe the word of God, as presented for us to be understood, in that book. And just to REALLY tick off some, it also says this in the Quoran, and just about every other treatise, exposition and synopsis of God, ever written……..O.K., I get it, I believe it. What is the problem with what I wrote, late Thursday night april 10th???????

The upshot is, that I suggested that the universe was filled with life, as we can see by examining our own little mud ball, the purpose of life IS life, I will not back off from that point, know why, once again, the book tells us that, that is why we are NOT to wantonly kill!!! Every creation belongs to God and, it is not our place to kill it wantonly, with no regard for it, or it’s Creator!! Men, animals and yes, even bugs!! They serve a purpose I can not see at times, but then, the Maine black fly is extremely necessary or there will NOT be native Maine rainbow trout, because they won’t have the black fly larvae and adults to eat and will starve to death before they adapt to another food source!! FACT!!! I’m being really charitable here as even I, don’t want ants at my picnic!!

The real meat of the controversy is this, The Creator of this universe has a plan, this is what we are told. Right? Right!! What is it?? HMMMMMM, I DON’T KNOW!! Now as a preacher I’m supposed to tell you I do and, it MUST agree with every thing every body else believes about Him or I’m in a world of crap. Right?? RIGHT!! Uh, sorry about that, the same great book tells us to USE ,our discernment to find,God, Him/Her/It’s/ self!!! I stated that for a reason I am writing this for ALL, as I addressed it and, some have different concepts of God and it is only fair to keep from applying MY lable to THEIR concept. Doing so limits GOD!!! Something I am NOT prepared to do. Or qualified, for.

NOW with all that in place as intro. and yes it was necessary!! Let’s proceed………

QUERY; Do you accept and believe that this is as I have described, all is God and God is all?? If you do then continue, if you DON’T continue any way, it still might illuminate something for you.

If this is so, you DO believe this, then tell me please, if you can, what the HELL is the rest of the universe FOR!!!???

If, as was intimated last night, we are the only sentient life forms in it, is it waiting for us to fill it?? What if we destroy ourselves first??!!??

Is it some kind of toy, for God to play with while we get our sxxt together?? I mean you have to admit, it would make one hell of a mobile for the cosmic crib!!

Or is it a back drop for us little temporarily mobile, backbiting, little self important worms to wriggle against, during our futile, dance macabre, of death, we seem so intent on fulfilling.

Come on, TELL me, you who have the answers!!!!

Don’t think for one minute I don’t understand your fear, after all, all of your life you have been taught. He is a “jealous” God, an “angry” God, he will punish, YOU, in his righteous anger and, final retribution, WILL be His!!

Hmmmmmm, Men say that, God tells us we are His children, doesn’t He?? We are told He is all forgiving, He understands our nature and will forgive us infinitely, THAT’S WHAT JESUS SAID!!!
Of course we have to want that forgiveness,don’t we?? Of course we do and will, but, when you are reviewing your life in front of GOD, will it be too late?? I think not, here is why, every thing I just wrote about forgiveness would be a lie, that’s right, a lie. MAN wants it both ways, it can’t BE both ways, it is one, or the other, take your choice I CHOOSE to believe what God and Jesus Christ SAID!!

NOW, the universe, if this creator can create it, and YOU say He did!! Why can it not be full of life??? I for one don’t think the universe we see is some kind of picture show to amuse us as we wriggle toward death, to keep us distracted from the reality of life and the way that God would have us BE. It is a taste, in living beautifull color, of the Magnificence that IS GOD we are seeing and, what IS God? He is THE CREATOR, that is what He DOES!! CREATE!! Every thing in all it’s beauty, and, in the uglyness of some, that is the dichotomy of divinity and man, so we can tell one from the other and THEN CHOOSE, which we will BE!!

Now, as for punishment. I ask this, while you are being judged by God, who is doing the judging, God or YOU?? I would suggest from every thing I understand, that it is YOU! Here is why I beleive that, when you contemplate just how many times you were picking your nose when you THOUGHT no one was looking, when you lost your virginity when you THOUGHT no one was looking, when you stole, lied about your neighbor, cheated the tax man, cheated someone in business( I NEVER cheated any one in business!!!!) Oh really!! You never got home from the convenience store, realised you had been given too much change and DIDN’T GIVE IT BACK? come on, lets continue, you sanctimonious self deifying, have you never masturbated, fooled around with the wrong girl/guy, never slugged your kid and been wrong and failed to apologise, never looked at some middle aged woman at the beach and smirked to yourself boy I’m glad I don’t have that much cellulite! Never looked at some old man at this same beach and the pimples on his butt and had the same thought!!??

This little self audit is gonna be a wowser, ain’t it!! And we know this is going to happen how?? People who have almost drowned tell us, “their whole life flashed before their eyes in seconds!” I submit that it was not seconds but was that timless place where God is, and He was giving that person a heads up, as well as every one that person told about his experience. I was an E.M.T. for some years and have heard this story MANY times and near death is the contributing factor and the judgement that these people apply to themselves is MERCILESS!!! Now, why would God punish you? you can’t hurt HIM!! But, you can hurt, even destroy one of HIS children, at least the corporeal form of that creation, and you are NOT supposed to do that,and the judgement you render unto yourself will be merciless BELIEVE IT!!!

Now I will leave you to consider, remember I never ask anyone to believe a damned thing I say, just consider, does it make sense? Do you feel comfortable with it as you consider, or do you reject it in part, or completly? Is God more magnificent than you EVER in YOUR WILDEST DREAMS contemplated, or not? Is not your life and the mind He gave you not the most magnificent gift ever devised, or not?

Your choice……CHOOSE WELL,……….Tawodi



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