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Posted by tawodi on June 30, 2007

Well,  to start this post,  I should tell you,  I’m the father of four and the grand dad to four more, not especially remarkable in any way.

EXCEPT,  that I was and am,a pain,  in , the, butt,  for my grown up kids and my twelve  year old about one thing. As the older ones were being raised I had one thing,  this one thing,  there there was no negotiation on, no discussion allowed, and no repreive from.  It was the hardest lesson for them to learn,  especially in this age of moral relativism. I got told more than you would believe that everybody does it,  it was acceptable to do so,  and down right foolhardy to maintain my position as no one,  not even me,  could live up to it!!!

My father was, shall  we say,  not much in the performance department as fathers go, but he had a gazillion cliche’s that he used to throw around as pearls of wisdom for us kids.  My grandfather was from Germany and had an almost oriental way of seeing things and was also prone to doing the same thing.

Of all the sayings that stuck in my mind and there are quite a few this one is the one that has had the most effect on me in my life.  To ride,  shoot straight  and tell the truth.  It has also brought me more heartache and pain than anything I have lived in my life. At the same time it has been the one thing that has brought me the most comfort,  on a personal level, down deep,  where you never let anyone else go,  much less see.

It has been said that you never have to ask yourself “What did Bruce mean when he said that?”  What ever “that” was.  I have always and I mean always spoken the truth. Through out my life I,  and if you’re honest,you too, have watched almost everyone  we  know create a legend about themselves that they then try to live and woe to you if you cast doubt on it,( the legend)  Now I’m not talking about a little harmless embellishment of a family story or the old tale about uncle Joe, Bill or Fred, you know,  the family drunk at thanksgiving, falling asleep in the punch bowl or whatever,  we all have them ,  but  the  guy or gal at work who ALWAYS has a story that is just a little bit better than yours,  a little bit wilder, or a little bit more ribald , or a little bit bigger show of bravery, humor,   daring,  or  bravado,  you know the ones I’m talking about,  we all know them.  One of the things I have noticed is that when I tell a story of someone I knew or know who has done something really silly or stupid or brave and daring and I tell the story with the person’s name in the right places instead of mine,  some people look at me a little funny and then accept it as true,  because it is not an example of one upmanship that we so commonly see.  It took me a lot of years to recognise just what was going on, because I would notice the funny look and almost wouldn’t finish the story,but then got a warmer reception when it was told. Weird,  people like the truth,  but so seldom  speak it,  when it seemingly doesn’t matter.

IT ALWAYS MATTERS!!  It is in those times when you think nobodies paying attention that you try and slip one by, and guess what, you have given up a little credibility,  just a little niggling some thing,  that will always make people from then on ask themselves,  “is  this true?”  Now be truthfull,  am I right??  Of course I am  and you know it. It may not be the first story or the second but sooner or later the question will be asked and then for ever you will be held in doubt about whatever you speak of. Do you know why???  It’s because if you lie about the stuff that doesn’t mean a damned thing, what else will you lie about when the chips are down and it’s time to put it on the line for the whole magillah!!

This has been the hardest lesson to teach my kids. You have nothing that means anything but your  WORD. there is nothing you can give anyone, that sombody else can’t give them.  Go ahead try and think of  something .      Money ?  hell, almost everybody has more money than me.  Jewels, cars, houses, travel, clothes,  parties,  noteriety,  fame, stature,  anything????  No matter who you are, or what you may have accomplished,  there is nothing but your word,  which is the true,  YOU,  that you can give to anyone,   NOTHING, that someone else can’t give them.

Yesterday I came home from taking my wife to work in the morning and was informed by my twelve year old that she had just set up a page on one of the internet sites that she had tried the day before to do but they have a rule,   nobody below the age of 14 is allowed to open an account with them.  HHmmmmmmm,  How did you do that I asked, knowing full well what the answer was. “Well,  I gave them 1992 as my birth year,”was her answer.  Now I would explain that lying has always been a” glow in the dark butt” offense in my home, no right of appeal, no excuses, you get a” glow in the dark butt”.  As many of you may also know,  12 is a little old for spankings………Now  what???  As I popped a couple of waffles in the toaster I asked her,”how does it feel to lose your  integrity, over something that is absolutely meaningless, for all time?? ”  Her look of shock was priceless,  and it was damned hard not to fall on the floor on my knees in thanks to the BIG GUY for  that look.  It was exactly what I had hoped to see.  You must understand the older kids had mysteriously, all at the age of about eight and a half,  lied for the last time, about the very same thing. It was uncanny and kind of funny as I have thought about it over the years.  I,  or their mother,  had given them  some money to go to the store to get bread or whatever and  in a day or so remembered the change, and with out exception they all asked “What change ??”  You know the change that you’ve been buying candy with for the last two or three days??   OH!!  THAT  CHANGE!!    whacka,  whacka ,whacka,   last lie from any of the three, as I said funny,  in retrospect.

Now of course the twelve year old has heard that story many times in her young life and being smart,  has never lied after the age of three and a half ( the infamous cookie incident)  is how we refer to it around here. After about a half hour of earnest talking we agreed that what she did was stupid as she didn’t even recognise it as a lie,  per se’ and I understood that from the git go. But there was still the issue of what to do about it,  as she really wanted that page because my grand daughters and my older kids all had pages on that platform. Sooooo, we called her older sister and found that there are all kinds of blocks that can be put on the page to severely limit the entries to only those with prior approval to post or even read what’s there. Which is what we did,  and we,  I expect will live happily ever after………till next time.

NOW,  why did I put this story here for you all to read?  Well look around you, to ride  shoot straight and tell the truth,  is the title of a book by Jeff Cooper a sportsman,  former border patrol agent and officianado of the shooting sports,  of great renown.  Long before I bought his book I,  as I said,  had been hearing that phrase, and understood exactly what it meant.

In the Middle ages the royal families of the near and far east used to send their sons away  to learn these three vastly important skills,  when they returned home to learn to rule, it was thought and proved to be true,  that by knowing these things in their bones at the age of eighteen,  the rest could be taught and was,  in about six months to a year.

Coming from a broken home and with all the things in my and my siblings childhood that we endured,  this single thing personal integrity,  is the only thing that has never failed me, or my children. Would they make mistakes?  You betcha, as they say in yooper country. But as I taught them. If you get in trouble and lie,  I can’t help you and you can’t help yourself, as you,  or I,  won’t know where to start,  or even if help is necessary. An  incredibly important lesson in life. Lying is incredibly insulting to people as well,  the feeling is “did you think I was so dismally stupid as to believe that or, even worse that they did and now feel that stupid,  what an insult to your friends.

Don’t give me the example of the wife coming to you with some rediculous looking article of clothing that she obviously likes but makes her look like a doofus, the thing to do is,  think,  and reccomend a flattering blouse, belt or alternate color, that would be more flattering to her figure,  or coloring,  than letting her see herself in a mirror after the new has worn off and asking you,  why didn’t you tell her she looked rediculous!!!   And if you don’t believe a single thing I’ve said,  believe that, it WILL happen!!

The other BIG thing to consider in truthfulness,  is fidelity,  and it goes right back to where we started,  what do you have to give your wife or husband that no one…..NOBODY…on this Gods green earth can give them???    YOU !!   Are you finally getting it,  just how important truth is???

This isn’t quite scriptural ,  but it’s close,  those things that take us away from the truth,  will cause the love of many to grow cold.

Be well all,  and have a happy and safe,  fourth of July…………….Rev.      Bruce……………………………………….Tawodi


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Posted by tawodi on June 26, 2007

Tonight is Tuesday night and that means at eight o’clock Tawodi’s Hawks nest is on blog talk radio. Just click Tawodi’s Hawks Nest in the blogroll on the right, it takes you there once there click the blue lettering up on the left and you’re there!!

Last week we had a little fun oh heck, a lot of fun with Robert Salaam paying me a visit and me returning the favor on thursday to him by visiting at his show The American Muslim. Some of you know Robert as the man who started with me the movement called… The People of Abraham, Christians Muslims and Jews.  When I went to scedule my show I found that the nine O’clock spot had been taken even after I had sceduledit three weeks previously. So I guess one needs to sqauck a bit to make sure that doesn’t happen again and I did.  I put up the title and tags for this week as new people, new thoughts, c’mon people lets use our brains!

Then this morning,  after realising I hadn’t written anything in six days,  thought it would be appropriate to lead in here with what I have in mind for tonights show.

There has been a gratifying amount of traffic here on the blog but it is not that strong on the talk show so maybe I need to approach it as a sort of tandem operation. This last week I have seen a lot of restating,  of what may be called the obvious, in the news,  the various news letters, and forums,  telling us who the Muslims and those who don’t hate them,  really are!

EXCUSE ME, but are these the same people we’re talking about??  Or are these new people we haven’t ever heard of before,  that suddenly materialised among us you are talking about??

Tonight on the show we will discuss this phenomenon, where it comes from,  who spreads it,  do these “New People” really exist or are they, once again,  a rehashing of the old hatreds and predjudices,  dressed up in new rhetoric to try and sell to new frightened people who don’t know any better.

Then,  once we explore who they are,  we will examine those who would poison us with phobias that need not be,  regarding them.

Now to sort of precondition you,  I would submit the following. Those of you,  like me,  who are old enough to remember the late fifties and the upheaval of the sixties and the civil rights movements of those times,  will recall all the dire predictions of the fall of Christian civilisation if we embraced equality the end of Jim Crow Laws.  The separate but equal nonsense and all the rest of the undisquised racism that pervaded this country and still does to this day,  although in nowhere near the degree that it did then.  If indeed you do remember,  think about what you are reading,  seeing on the death tube and hearing on the radio,  regarding the world of Islam. Now I’m not stupid,  there are those who would,  if given half a chance,  wipe us out,  but they are few in comparison to the population of Islam world wide.  There are among us,  those who would if given half a chance,  wipe THEM out,  men,  women,  children,  dogs,  cats,  elephants and the countries they live in,  and never blink an eye and you know this is also true!!

It is this and the thoughts and emotions that I will begin to address tonight on the show.

We must start somewhere ending this insanity and it is insane,  to condemn out of hand,  an entire class and people,  we basically know nothing about . And , it is clear,  very little is known about them. That is why on this blog there are,  in the right hand column,  so many places for you to go and begin to learn,  who the American Muslims are . What they think . What they dream of for their children and all the things that make them just as human as you,  with the right to live and prosper,  as you have those rights.

I hope to talk to you tonight and if you can’t be there,  the show like all the others will be archived so whenever you can do so,  you can listen .

Be well, all,                 Rev.   Bruce                                                                                                      Tawodi

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Posted by tawodi on June 21, 2007

As we pass through life we,  each of  us, pass through stages and sometimes something that could be called,  for want of a better term,  a check point. I did just that today and didn’t realise it till after the fact,  that it would be a huge one for me.

I performed,  as” Solemniser” the first wedding ceremony of my ministry today,  at 5 P.M.  21 june 2007.  I of course was looking forward to this milestone for many reasons, as would any one in this line of work,  so to speak.  It was joyous for the participants as they started out together on a new life,  as you can expect it was.  When two people get together and stand up and say,  alright life,  BRING IT ON!!  it instills in us the feeling,  Yes go for it !! 

Those feelings,  as well as many others,  we all share at weddings.  Afterward I felt a great need to be alone for awhile, so after I filled out the bottom of the license and popped it in the mailbox. I grabbed a cup of coffee at the local convenience store and went and parked at the beach,  about a quarter mile away from where the ceremony had been conducted over looking the ocean (Atlantic)…….In Chatham.

I seemed to have no real sense of accomplishment as I thought I would at reaching this milestone in my life. But as I sat in my car I suddenly realised how many things had occurred within a mile of where I now sat. In 1964 I was stationed at my first duty station in the Coast Guard less than 100 feet from where I was sitting……In Chatham.  I came here as a green kid,  fresh from boot camp and prior to that,  a tough street kid straight from the streets of Chicago. This was the first place I had ever seen like this. We got to take liberty after we learned how to stand a watch by ourselves which took me about three weeks,  about average,  as there was a great deal to learn. As I walked down the main street (how quaint) a real place called,  Main street, I was suddenly struck with how nobody walked with their eyes on the ground as to make eye contact might invite a violent altercation like in the city. there was a band shell and a band concert going on and I had never seen one of those, ( they still have them) There were people walking along talking, totally relaxed, kids with balloons,  pop corn,  cotton candy, smiling parents, my God,  it was like a movie,  I was mesmerized and lost. Lost to the life I had known, never to return, I vowed to myself then and there,  that no matter what it took,  I would never go back to the life I had known. And I didn’t.

I met and married my first wife in 1966, in Falmouth Ma. on a bus,  when we married,  I finally met her father and step mother who lived in….you guessed it,  Chatham. Twenty years and three children later we divorced. a period of three years passed and I married again and five years later divorced for the second time. That’s IT,  no more for me !! I spent 2 and a half years alone, there was no more of me left to give away. I then met my wife at a club where my first wife was playing with her and her husbands band, (Yes, we had been musicians and singers together)  My youngest son was playing out (bass) for the first time and she had invited me to see him do it with them and I went,  SHAZAAM!!!  A tall willowy, twenty nine year old girl walked up,  and fifteen months later we were married!!  Who’d a thunk it??!!??   Oh by the way …….in Chatham. In the past I had lived in New Hampshire,  Maine and pretty much the prettiest and best places in New England,  like Nantucket,  the White Mountains of N.H. and guided as a registered Maine guide in the back woods of Maine and wound up guess where…….In Chatham.  While living here we have seen the birth of my daughter,  my fourth child,  my wife Laura’s first and only. We have built a life that is second to none, we don’t have much,  if any,  money, but there has never been a time when I and she have felt so fulfilled,  complete and blessed,  in our lives as in……..Chatham. My two oldest kids live on Cape Cod,  in other towns with our grandchildren, ( that used to be a tough one for laura,  a 35 year old grand ma)  but she has gotten used to it …..four times over!!!  Eleven  years ago I entered lay speaking ministry,  five years ago I became a certified lay minister. In ninteen ninety nine I suffered a heart attack that almost carried me off. My friend had been a chaplain for the V.A. and sent away for the papers to sign me up for health care.  Jan. 2000, two stents in my heart and recovery time in……Chatham. I,  thrilled that I might be able to see my daughter grow up,  and be there for her and mom before I died.  March 14, 2005,  met with the board of ordained ministry of the United Methodist Church ,candidacy ended,  I was devastated……. I vowed no decisions for ninety days…….May tenth perforated bowel ,into the hospital , surgery,  resect the bowel (colostomy) peritonitis,  five days on a respirator near death, (no I didn’t see anything) and five more days in the I.C.U. and went home. Huge wound in belly,  that didn’t stop bleeding till Nov 16 th that year. S.S. came through for us,  retired my sorry butt,  there’s other stuff wrong too. Started taking corespondence course in ministry got my 27 hours course credits from Duke from 1974, finished the course did two dissertations compounded my ministry experience. May ninth I was informed that the U. methodist Church did not want me to give the impression that anything I wrote or said had the impramatur of the church !!  I never did, but the writing was on the wall…..knock it off!!!!  OR ELSE!!!!  So I did,  I knocked it off,  I knocked it right out of the park! Told the pastor that anything they had to say to me was useless commentary,  as I was gone…..Home to Chatham……….

Literally fell into a funk for ten days… an E Mail  ” Dear Bruce,  your disertation has been accepted and you are being presented with a degree,  Doctor of Divinity and are to stand for Ordination on the twenty first of this month !!!????!!!”   (May).      BOOM!!!

I couldn’t believe it !!  So I called them up …..believe it!!     O.K. it sunk in and I was ordained on the twenty first. What do I do now????

Keep on,  keepin on, that’s what,  what ever you’re doin’,  it seems the BIG GUY, wants you to keep on doin’ it!!!

And so today a nice first day of summer a day to think about renewal maybe,  or where you’re going………Or maybe where you’ve been……..A whole lot of places and just like everybody else,  most of the time not having any idea whatsoever,  where I’m going,  or what I’m going to do,  when I get there,  but willing to try and willing to listen,  to what He has to tell me,  to be guided by the Lord,  when it’s so painfully obvious,  I DON’T HAVE A CLUE!!!

And so…to all of you,  mark those passages you make,  some never get the chance to make them.

To all I have ever known,  thank you for your friendship, your love,  your guidance, your knowledge, and support,  through the lean times,  the frightening times,…..and the good times.

And to Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Stirling…..Bon voyage,  may you have as fruitfull a life as I have had,  may you be as blessed with the love I have known, may you be blessed by your children,  as I have been,  and may you live a long, long,  time in peace and security, die in the arms of the Lord when it’s your time,  and love ……….Here in Chatham………..

Rev.    Bruce                                                                                                 Tawodi…, in Chatham

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Posted by tawodi on June 17, 2007

I removed the C.A.I.R. link from the blogroll because I thought it better to have a place that more nearly represents AMERICAN muslims as they see themselves and our nation and I sincerely believe you will learn more here about Islam in a western culture than what was there to study before. The titles are American Muslim, Robert Salaam, and  further down on the right, The American Muslim . ORG,  which has been around since 1988 or so, a very good site. Read and learn.

Be well all,     Rev.   Bruce                                                                                   Tawodi 

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Posted by tawodi on June 16, 2007

Just some thoughts; This was posted Sat morning by me on the military threads and I thought what the hay, it’s pertinent, so brought it here for you.

I was reading this thread and W.T. really has it right, but, and this is NOT critisism, most miss the basic points of sacrifice not W.T., I know he gets it, but most do not.

With the fall of mankind, not because we ate an apple or what ever it was, but by thinking we could be as God (remember that was what Satan told Eve and she told Adam) What caused our fall was arrogance, plain and simple.

From that point onward we needed to propitiate our sins with sacrifices. BUT, it should be remembered that God IS justice, there is no sacrifice worthy of him but a PERFECT sacrifice.

This is crucial to understanding the meaning of Jesus’s existance, mission, ministry, and purpose, for us, and to us.

We, as human beings, are incapable of doing ANYTHING that will restore justice between us and God, period, end of story, NOT open for discussion.

It is this simple understanding that trips so many humans into the fog, so to speak, and understand it you MUST!!!

Most grasp the fact that works will not save you, not without faith, in justification of those works.

Faith with out the works, that faith COMPELS us to perform, is the fruit of that justification, by that faith.

I would ask that you clip and copy this last few paragraphs, they are critical for understanding what was given to you, simply for asking.

When reciting the Jesus prayer (I’m a sinner etc. etc.) Most do not truly believe it when they say the words. Oh, they know they “make mistakes” and such but “sinner” that’s a little strong isn’t it??

No, it’s not, what it actually means is that you, as a human being, have ABSOLUTELY zero, zip, nada, none, can’t get it, and never will, concept of what perfection IS!!!

But that’s O.K., God knows that and doesn’t expect it of you, but He does expect you to understand that much, and by understanding that, you can then accept that He has provided a way home, as He said He would, in Genesis 3,verse fifteen. The mention of your salvation by a redeemer starts there, that far back in the Bible, and most never realise it!!

A dead Man on the cross is not the lesson to be learned from the crucifiction of Jesus.

The terrified scattered survivors who were galvanized by his presence, ALIVE, AMONG THEM, EATING AND DRINKING, (spirits can do neither)Talking, teaching, loving, and forgiving, ( Peter on the beach being asked three times, Peter do you love me? feed my sheep) these are the things that speak to the reality of Christ Jesus, Lord of Heaven and Earth, Possessor of these powers granted by God, for us, to Him, for our salvation and intersession in our imperfection and shallowness of existance, to deepen the bonds to enrich our understanding of just how much God loves us, but to also show us how much Jesus loves us, to suffer so and lay down His life BY COMMAND, for us, never knowing if we will do what is necessary to earn the gift of life, or not.

These are the things you must know, to even begin to understand, the tennets of Christianity and the things that are there, for you, just for asking.

Be well friends…Rev   Bruce                                                                                           Tawodi

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Posted by tawodi on June 13, 2007

In today’s world the word,  Hospice,  has taken on new meaning from that which it used to have.  If you are here reading this,  you may have already recieved the shock of your life.  You,  or someone you love,  has gotten the news that you,  or they,  have contracted an illness that is not survivable.  It does make a difference which it is,  you,  or they.

In many cases  you may have heard of them,  but,  you may not. Usually the first use of Hospice is when a loved one is the one who will need them and that is because they are older and more at risk than you.

O.K.  you have gotten the news,  have you talked with the person in question about what their wishes are?  If so, you are now looking to find out the next step. Most care givers have a pamphlet or hand out that they give to patients to whom they give this news, along with some counselling,  others do not.

So now you may find yourself cast adrift so to speak and wondering where you go from here.  If you are not a church goer it may be doubly difficult for you to access help because you don’t have anybody with experience to show you the way.

The very first place to look is in the phone book under Hospice. The next is public health services they are constantly reffering people from all over the map so to speak,  to different services and caregivers.

DO NOT,  be afraid to call them if you are poor… they are set up to offer care to the dying even with no money exchanging hands,  as a matter of fact they very often are completely free of charge to all.  Most of the people who serve are trained volunteers and they don’t charge so the service does not either.

The range of services they offer is as follows, I by the way have set many people up with some or all of them.

Placement for those who can not go home for terminal care,  due to lack of family members to help care for them.

Arranging the home care equipment such as oxygen,  toilet helps,  hospital type beds,  excercise equipment,  support care of professionals,  (medicare or other plans pay for this)  Clergy that is specially trained for these circumstances,  support services for the dependants of the terminally ill,  such as help with child counselling,  councilling for you,  people who will come in several times a month so you can take a break from providing care,  (very important) even drivers and others to make this the supportive nurturing experience you and all in your family,  will need to weather the coming trials.

One of the things that brings grace to these situations is the fact that you will have time to face this,  to grieve together as a family and to get to know the one who will pass. I have written before what a great boon it is to be able to make audio or video tapes of conversations with the loved one and preserve who and what they were,  for you and your family, yes, but also for them,  it is a great comfort to know you will not be forgotten. The thoughts and love they have for you can be stated and confirmed while alive,  looking you in the eye,  a grace that some never receive to give to their loved ones before they pass from this life.

The plans for after death and what will be the final disposition of property,  keepsakes and momentos,  is critically important to some people as they attach a special signifigance to each item with certain members of the family. Record these wishes either on tape or write them down,  it will be of great comfort to them.

Last,  but by no means least,  Hospice care extends to the family before and after the passing of the family member,  there are support groups to help you weather the storm and there will be a storm.  You will be concentrating on the care of the person who is ill when the end comes,  it can come to pass that you will suddenly find that you NEED some help,  all your emotions and fears needs and wants have been on the back burner,  some times for months or even as long as a year or more. All most every one involved with the long term care of a loved one passes through this and needs and DESERVES help.  The range of emotions you will go through,  is almost infinite and pricipally guilt,  is the most dangerous one.

One of the best weapons I can give you is this,  every thing you feel is real, they are your feelings and you have a right to them, you can not, control  your  feelings,  BUT,  you can control what you do with them,  and self destruction of the bad feeling need not overwhealm you,  if you have help. The people involved in Hospice care are familiar with this aspect of things and nothing you say,  will surprise them,  bring them dismay,  or poison their feeling for YOU and what you are going through. There is a reason for this. They’ve been there, most of the volunteers in Hospice care have become familiar with them because they used this care for a loved one and they,  themselves were greatly helped and want to pass it forward,  so to speak,  to others in need of the support and assistance they received  in a terrible time,  a time made bearable by the loving support of the Hospice volunteers,  around the world.  If you have questions post them in a comment I will answer them every one with information  and the places to go to find help

Be well all and at peace………Rev.  Bruce                                                  Tawodi

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Posted by tawodi on June 10, 2007

Well it’s been a few days since I have had time to post here. I have of course checked a couple of times a day to see if answers are needed for comments …..nope!   SO,  I’ll begin  with the latest news on the people of Abraham faith initiative.

THERE’S A WAR   and it’s not what you might think it would be,  or even who it would be!!  I was on some different venues over the last few days and got slam dunked a couple of times from….you guessed it fellow Christians.

What is so hard to understand about acceptance??  I don’t follow the tennets of Islam,  but to listen to some of these people I’m the worst thing to come down the pike since Judas Iscariot!!!

Nothing about me has changed,  I still preach the word of God, to us, through Jesus Christ and the New Testament, I still do Hospice work, with all that it entails, I still visit the sick and the shut in’s who can’t travel to church and worship,  or just need to see another human being once in a while, and of course do this work of reconciliation, proudly might I add,  to stand with so many who seek peace through understanding.

I am starting to see something very disturbing out there and what it is,  flies in the face of all we have been taught as Christians.It is written that Jesus said ‘I am sending you out as sheep among wolves, be thee therefore as wise as serpents, and as harmless as doves.”  I had somebody quote this to me in an attempt to show me the error of my ways!!!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,  he completely forgot the part about the doves!! It seems that there is, out there, a certain percentage of people who believe that the Muslims are the children of Satan and will be the armies of the anti Christ and the sooner the war comes the sooner we all get to be with Jesus in His Heaven…….Frightening to say the least!!

First off,  it seems to me to be the height of arrogance on the part of some because we are told, ” No man knoweth the hour of His coming,  only the Father.”  We are to be as watchmen on the wall,  ready,  but not to stop living in the world,  but to live in such a way that we may be worthy of His heaven,  not force the coming of it!!!   As if we could!!!

The open condemnation of literally,  billions of human beings to the fires of hell,  is to them it seems,  almost eagerly looked forward to,  almost like some kind of cosmic wienie roast,  to which we as Christians have been invited to attend and enjoy!!

GOD,  sweet loving Christ,  PROTECT US!!!  From such as these, who it would seem,  gleefully anticipate the deaths of billiions to feel some kind of wierd justifcation in their faith.

Are the people of other faiths to be saved?? Are they to be condemned by God as sinners?? Maybe,  or perhaps definitely, but I can gaurantee one thing for certain sure,  there is no human being on this green earth that is supposed to do it!!!  God tells us again and again,  not to do that,  it is HIS province to judge mens hearts,  NOT OURS!!!

For centuries we condemned the Jews,  only to find through exegitical studies,  that they are still the people of the covenant!! They will be given the chance according to scripture to profess Jesus as Lord. We are taught through scripture that those who but live in the world,  also serve the Lord our God and will be judged from their deeds,  written in the book of life. by GOD, not us!!  We are taught in the Lords prayer to ask to not,  be led into temptation,  and what do they do!!!  Assume they know the mind of God,  in regard to the ultimate disposition of billions of human beings, Sweet Lord what arrogance!! It is unbelievable to me,  that so many would fail so utterly to understand,  the basic tennets of our faith this way!!!

I have seen time and again these people give explanations of the Quoran,  when it is so incredibly obvious they have no clue about their own Bible and what it says in regard to these matters of guilt and innocence in matters of faith.

First there are millions of American Muslims right here in this country who have never hurt anyone and never will,  they are innocent. There are literally more than a billion others,  who the same thing can be said for,  they are innocent!!

Are there monsters out there,  YES,  must they be dealt with,  unfortunately,  in the only way open to us to deal with them, YES,  But the innocent must NOT be condemned along with them.

There are monsters among us,  who call ourselves Christians,  and they call themselves Christians too,  and they must be dealt with also,  hopefully,  before we reach the point that we have reached with the terrorists of the world,  but dealt with none the less. there is NO gainsaying that. I would have to be a fool to believe otherwise and I like to think,  I am not a fool.

Some have accused me of trying to start some wierd hybrid Christian,  Muslim religion, balderdash,  this is no such thing. The people involved in this intend to leave the religion, or lack of it,  in others,  STRICTLY,  alone. It is none of our business what some one believes,  only that they believe,  you and I and them,  have the right,  not to be murdered for that belief!!!  We have the right,  to demand that our children prosper in their beliefs and have a better life than we have had. Not to be Murdered because they are of a certain faith,  or race,  or sex.

Look to the right side of the post in the column,  you will find places to go and learn about the efforts of thousands to bring peace to this mud ball before we blow it up. You need not profess their faith,  just understand they have a right to it as human beings and as you study you will find not one of them is authorised by God or Jesus Christ or Muhammad to kill you for your faith. Yes the quoran talks of wars in the early years against pagans and now perverted cultural influences and governments are using it to twist their people to war,  but so are those who profess to be Christians!!!  help us stop this at least in America where we have religious freedom at least for now,  stop this while there is still time.

In the name of Christ we pray…..Amen                                                             Rev. Bruce                                    Tawodi

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Posted by tawodi on June 6, 2007

Hello all, the fourth show is up and archived at Tawodi’s Hawks Nest.  After I vetted it last night I thought it the best so far. It seemed to be smoother with more varied content, I hope you enjoy it if you choose to listen.

Late last week I found an interesting spot to visit called GOD TUBE.  It’s kind of like You Tube in concept but is full of religious vidios and forums as well as ministry vidios and movies, lots to look at. I started a group called the People of Abraham , Christians, Muslims and Jews. I set it up and put up a brief description of who we are and what our intent is, we”ll see how it works. As usual look in the right hand column it’s listed there click and enjoy.

ALWAYS  check the right hand bloroll for new places to go and learn,  sometimes I pop things up and don’t have time to write a post telling you about it!!

Something is happening out there and I can see it in here……..last friday this site had four hundred hits since May fifth when I started it. This afternoon some time it went over five hundred lots of people seem to be following feeds in and tags for categories that they are searching for specific things to answer their questions. It is my earnest hope that what I write and put up for study from other sites will help those of you in need.

For those who may not know how this blog works on the left there is a list of what’s currently on the “front page ”  so to speak. Also of course the different sites for research and fun you can click to when you want.  On the left is first the category column it lists by category all the articles and think pieces I have written by their category so if you come here you can click what might interest you with out having to read through everything. Next is the Tag cloud this is a little different in that it shows by highlight which pieces are the most heavily read. A good example is Mike Dolans poetry about fathers if you look it’s at the top bar line on left it says,  about,  if you put your curser there and pause a flag comes up and tells you what it is in a brief description….cool huh!!!

I have recieved over thirty E mails in the last two days about the interfaith efforts and that is very heartening,  people are begining to “get it”  when they  read the preamble.  PRAISE GOD!!!  As I have said previously,  you don’t change a thing you believe to join us,  you simply accept that others have their own concepts of belief and learn together,  what we can do for understanding and to lessen the fear of the unknown we all feel.  From there,  as we come to know each other as humans,  it all gets much easier, when that point is reached,  others seem drawn to us simply because they see,  it DOES work,  just as we say it works. There truly is nothing to lose and so incredibly much to gain. Continue to read,  to watch,  to learn and then make up your own mind. ALL are welcome here whatever faith or no faith at all.

On the blog radio show there is lots of stuff about Y.M.C.A. camps Girl Scouts Boy Scouts and other youth organizations for summer stuff for kids to do and you to do with them and how to access them in your town or city youth ministries and all sorts of stuff, as I said enjoy!!

That’s pretty much it for today, Be well all and at peace………Tawodi

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Posted by tawodi on June 5, 2007

I am starting to enter   “summer mode”  I live in a resort area, actually more like a zoo in the summer, but nobody feeds me!!

In the last five years it has NOT been fun here as the people seem to be carrying a huge load of unrest and in some instances they’re just downright angry.  The problem is what are they angry at??!!  I don’t know.  The roads were not meant to carry the traffic that we now have and the tempers flair over that. Of course there is the phenomenon of people standing around on main street after coming out of a gift shop,  looking like gut shot cattle and you can see them asking themselves,  “Why did I just spend half a weeks pay on this crap and why am I spending 5000.00 dollars to spend a week in a place where the only thing to do is spend money …..oh and play mini golf,  or go to the beach!!!

I gotta tell ya,  I really feel badly for some of these folks. We have a Chamber of Commerce that is second to none in bringing tourists here and when they arrive and then go I realise that there are three hundred million people in this country and the supply of ………shall we say,  victims,  is endless!!

Now it is abeautiful place but you better like fishing swimming laying on the beach or other things such as boating, kayaking,  canoeing,  hiking in the dunes,  dining out,  a few night spots ……Oh! Good Heavens!! They’ve got me doing it!!!

Yeah, all right,  I guess if you don’t get summers off because you live here,  and are busting your butt,  smiling at some disgruntled idjit,  who blames you for the outrageous prices and every thing else,  up to and including the rain, you like me may be in serious need of an opterectomy. You know,  disconnect your optic nerve fr……never mind.

I think I need to take my daughter fishing yeah that’s what I’ll do go fishing……get in the boat and……Somebody help me…..I’ve been captured by the SYSTEM!!!

Just for some laughs….Be well all…Tawodi

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Posted by tawodi on June 3, 2007

Well today was the bridge crossing ceremony. The Girl Scout year is at an end,  except of course for dump duty for dad and mom to sort bottles, the troop got a little over four thousand dollars this year,  for this. You do of course realise,  that they would have to sell about five bazillion cookies to make that much don’t you? Sooooooo, we do the dump thing to recycle bottles,  it’s worth it,  lots of little girls go to camp and on field trips,  that they may not otherwise be able to afford.

Today brought a lot of memories, my oldest daughter is going to be forty on August 5th,  and my youngest daughter will be twelve on July 31 rst. I can remember when the oldest crossed over from junior to Girl Scout like it was yesterday. I know that’s kind of cliche’,  but it’s the truth. It’s like they say,  time flies when you’re getting the snot slapped out of you!!  Nah I haven’t lived as hard as some, as a matter of fact,  my life like any other has had highs and lows and with Gods help I and my extended family,  have weathered them all.

Have you out there,  like me,  considered at times like this,  where you’ve been and where you’re going??  I have reached the point in life,  that when I wake up in the morning , no matter how lamed up I am,  I feel like I’ve cheated death,  one more time!!

At the church today when we were leaving,  after the ceremony,  somebody came up to my wife and I and said,  you guessed it….. Hi Carly,  grandpa came with you and mom to the ceremony today, that’s nice isn’t it.   OOPS!!   This happens from time to time and it’s always hard to decide ,Hmmmmm,  should we tell them what’s what,  or just leave it alone? Either way it’s always good for a chuckle later for my wife and I.  There is an eighteen year difference in our ages so you can imagine what they think in some circumstances. What’s up with that??  Would be the kindest way to put it. My wife and I could care less,  but as I said it’s good for the occasional chuckle.

Stages I guess is what I’m talking about,  life has stages we go through as we pass through life and all of us do it somewhat the same,  but vastly different at the same time.  I know that last didn’t make much sense the way I wrote it,  but I couldn’t seem to get it just right. I guess the emotional content that we feel,  or give to each experience that we all share,  as humans,  affects us in subtly different ways,  or some times vastly different ways,  depending on the individual circumstance of each of us. RATS!!  I think I just said the same thing,  differently!!

ANYHOO,  I’m sure if you have read this far you get it,  new kid twenty eight years later,  same ceremony, same dad. There is that a little clearer?  I hope so cause it’s the best I can do. Time and passages that is the point, it’s a good thing I don’t have to pay for ink to write this stuff at times,  I’d go broke!!

To all the parents of Girl Scouts  every where you can see you’re not alone when it comes to rites of passage for your children or grandchildren they all mean we are marking passages of our own as we pass through life. I have to wonder though.  Am I scoring a passing grade through all this??  When I look at how successful my older kids are,  I feel that I am, but then this one’s not done growing yet, so I guess I’ll just have to keep trying to make a passing grade.

Be well,  all hug those little rug rats…..Tawodi 

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