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Posted by tawodi on July 10, 2007

Today on Tawodi’s Hawks Nest  I discussed the names of God.  There is great controversy in the world today about just that especially in regard to the name Allah. In the exegitical language studies you will find the parralels to connect the dots so to speak and come to your own conclusions, as to who God is,  by His name and what God is,  by the descriptive terms we as humans use to try and comprehend,  the incomprehensible,  for the finite mind.

That is the crux of the matter,  we CANNOT comprehend the infinite,  all we can do is to excercise our sorry little minds and try to describe what we feel,  or sense of God,  as so many common men and prophets alike,  have done through the ages.

I will have to transcribe the show in it’s entirety for you and bring it here.  As well as invite you to go there and listen,  it is archived so you can listen whenever you want and you don’t have to do the whole hour at one sitting.  You can advance or return the listening control to where you turned off the show and catch the rest of it at your leisure.  ENJOY  and learn.

By the way we learned today just in the Hebrew scriptures there are 35 names of God in person and in comprehension of what He is!!  And what He does!!

So the next time someone tells you about the evil Muslims with the name,  Allah  which is al ( the )   ( Illah = God) or the way we see it today, Allah,  which means the One God, the everlasting, without end, constant and abiding…….sound familiar??

That’s all for now,  I’m going to go and start transcribing,  it will take a couple of days.

Be well take care …Rev. Bruce………………………………………………………………..Tawodi

P.S.   On God tube the two videos there are now in the news and the favorites section ………….WOW…………..that’s cool!!


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