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What is a “calling ??”

Posted by tawodi on September 12, 2008

I was asked in an E Mail;

 Why do you say it is your “calling” to form and maintain a Ministry of visitation? I never though of this as a ” Ministry” before.

To illustrate why I know it as my Calling,  rather than re state one of the epiphanies of my life, I chose to explain what I had encountered at the very beginning, when years ago I submitted to God’s  “request”. This is taken from the  “Pastors page, ” at the Tree of The Mustard Seed web site. If you are interested in “epiphanies” they are filed here under the category listed as “evangelism” in the left hand blog roll column. The title of the piece is I’m not what you think!

  It was a month ago that I put up the article about the wedding of the young people.

This time I would like to draw your attention to what it is I do for the major portion of my ministry.
   Ministry takes many forms as most of you know. Mine takes the form of service to the elderly, disabled, those recovering from injury, and those who are lonely and forgotten, such as the homeless and the poor.
   This ministry is one of the most forgotten aspects of all, and in my estimation the most important I can do. In 2002 in June of that year My heart was opened by God in an epiphany on a country road in McHenry Illinois. If you would like a full accounting go to my blog page Life Religion Family and The People of Abraham it is there, listed under evangelism, titled “I’m not what you think”.  It is there for you to learn from. It is NOT about me, but is rather, to have an idea of your own relationship with God and the many forms it can take.
   Once engaged in this ministry, I learned in very short order, how cruel well meaning people can be, to those so in need of human contact. The single biggest issue I encountered was the one of being forgotten. The aged are a lost section of humanity both in society and from their churches. Imagine your self a life long supporter and member of a church. It doesn’t matter which one, they ALL are guilty of this. You have reached the time of your life where you are no longer able to drive, this has great consequence to this group of people. They can’t go shopping for food easily, they can’t get to the doctor,dentist or visit friends and relations. They can’t go to church, and right here is exibited the cruelty that I mentioned. You have given time, love, effort, and money, all of your life and nobody and I mean NOBODY cares about you any more. All of your friends that you had accepted as your church family, all or most of your life, never calls, never visits, never sends you cards or letters, you simply cease to exist!! And worst of all?? The Pastors that you have supported all of your life with your church contributions and fund gathering efforts won’t call, write, or visit either!! But!!!  The pledge cards keep showing up in the mail!! Some Pastors even have the unmitigated  gall  to call the poor soul and ask where their money is. It’s true I have seen it and heard it!!!
  How do you think you would feel about them now?? How do you think you would feel about your old church now?? How do you think you would feel about your old pastor now?? And,  last and the worst ….how do you think you would feel about religion now??? How about God….now?? You have served faithfully all of, or most of,  your life….do you think you would be hurt?? Feel kind of like a SAP???  Of course you would!!  Well virtually every day I walk through some one’s door that has been abandoned this way. I see the results of this cruelty, and I mourn for my fellow humans who can be so unwittingly cruel. Especially Pastors!!! I know how precious time is,  but there is no excuse for this…. none!!  You don’t have time??  Send someone who does!!  Form a committee of people, educate them in how to be a simple human being.  They don’t need to do the God talk, but to sit for an hour and play checkers, cards, write a letter for someone, who no longercan, there are a hundred ways to bring God to these people and never mention His name!!!  If these people are well versed in their faith?  Well that’s a real boon, go for it!! You don’t need to be a pastor, just a human being who can read a few verses and pray with them.
   Now you must beware!!  Once you have started this, these people will not trust you for about three or four visits, do you know why?? They’ve heard it all before!!  So once you start, make SURE that you or someone else, keeps it up, or at least invest fifteen minutes and a phone call, if you have a cold or are going on vacation,  keep the connection open. You have no idea how appreciated you will become,  as a bringer of light, human contact and simple human caring to these people. The same goes for those you may visit in a nursing home. Never forget these are still human beings,  they feel everything you do, still, and “happy”, is usually in very short supply, Bring them some!!!
  If you are interested, contact me, I will tell you how to go about this if you wish,
It is such a simple,  but so great a deed and gift,  you can give them.
Be well, my friends and, be blessed by God……Rev.  Bruce

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Next installment of considering the soul

Posted by tawodi on April 29, 2008

After reading through your post twice, very carefully, I don’t see any thing that I cannot agree with. All you have done is extrapolated, or explained, that which I stated as “givens” to a fuller degree.

That’s cool!!

The reason I did NOT include them is that to do so, would force me to digress from the simple statements that I made that many will recognise as accepted and move on from there with their own “discerned truths” as applied to them selves, because their paths will be subtly different from mine.

You, on a different thread, are having a terrible time explaining to Bob, the acceptability of differing paths and still being a “true” Christian,a term that I bridle at, but in this case is fully explanatory of the point, you are trying to make on that other thread.

We CAN have differing points of view on certain meanings of scripture, but be no less “Christians” because of them. As I like to point out, opening your mind does not make your brain fall out!

By the way, staying clear of “some” particular questions, in some cases, is a wise course, would that I, were so wise in some cases!!

Our faith, like science, is a constant quest ever deeper into the mystery. Not to prove or disprove, but to reach the core of the “truths” that we must have in trying to move on to ‘Christian perfection”. Which, in it’s self, is an impossible task, but once engaged can not be ended as our belief drives us onward in search of our God. Where ever that takes us and no matter the slings and arrows of our fellows.

John Wesley’s concept of the Wesleyan quadrilateral is one of the wisest, most freeing things, for Christians in the history of the faith.

The Wesleyan quadrilateral; Is the point in question, bourne out by wisdom? Is the point bourne out by experience? Is the point bourne out by tradition? Is the point bourne out by SCRIPTURE? If all four of these criteria are met then it is permissable to include the point in your faith make up.

His departure from the dogma of original sin 202 years before the Catholic Church did so, is indicative of this truism. This point, as well as many others, is in his philosophy the primary one being……….Always question,yourself and your foundation, in your faith. MAKE SURE you do NOT deviate from the tennets laid out by Christ Jesus in your questions and more importantly, in your answers.

Be well friend…………Tawodi…..Choose well!

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