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invitation to a new thing, it’s for every one

Posted by tawodi on May 8, 2007

Well today is Tuesday May 8th.  the pieces have been falling in place the last couple of days for me to tell you about what the purpose of this blog site is and about an up coming  blog radio show that will probably start in about a month maybe sooner,  I’m not sure. For the last three months a gentleman by the name of Robert Salaam who is an American Muslim ( radio show and blog site,  of the same name)  and I have been working out a way to bring about true understanding between people of different faith structures here in America and eventually around the world.

The biggest stumbling block to every movement that has come before this,  is that people of different faiths don’t want (understandably) to concede any of their beliefs, or faith structure, and we don’t think they should.

What is exciting is we started this on a site called religion in the military which is in the www.military,com web structure.

It has taken a couple of months for people to understand,  EXACTLY,  what we’re doing and what we mean. This has been acceptable to us because,  as I said,  this is something never tried before…………….and it’s WORKING!!

In the last two weeks it has literally exploded,  people of all different faiths and believe it or not the stongest support of all,  has come from people of no faith, thats right atheists and agnostics!! we have a Buddhist,  wiccans deeply spiritual Christians, Jewish people, Muslims, a few pagans,  three witches,  that I know about,  and many many others too many to count any more, for us anyway.

What must be understood is,  this is for the human beings on the planet that need water to drink,  air to breath,  food to eat and who want to see their children grow up,  free of fear,  safe from want,  and to have a little bit better life,  than you and I have had.  Those people only are the ones who need concern themselves with what we are doing,  if you don’t fit into that group well,  then you don’t need to worry about it at all.

You will need time to let all this sink in,  as we all have staked out long ago,  our structure of belief and the fear of those who we THINK mean us harm. There is a pernicious movement in this country to breed fear and distrust of one another, and the sick, pathetic, worst thing of all,  is we don’t even know what we are afraid OF.  We’re afraid because some bozo, cherry picking parts of a book,  they have zero understanding of,  and claiming it as truth.  The very same way these bozo’s have been cherry picking parts of scripture,  to condemn fellow Christians,  in the past and today. Never mind,  all that’s been done to all the poor Jewish people,  who live here and just like you and me,  have worn the uniform to protect this country and come home to persecution and hatred .  And,  the ones who hate them don’t have a clue,  why,  they do it because they were told to. Once again by some bozo who doesn’t have a clue,  except theior own hatred of some thing they REFUSE to try and understand.

I would ask that you consider history for a moment. A great Nation of eighty million people was once led merrily down the road to hell and utter destruction. Can you guess which nation it was? They brought us some of the greatest poets, composers of music, kings and statesmen,  military geniuses, the modern way of thinking about your own Christianity,  new religious movements,  that shaped our entire western civilization, scientific marvels that even today are held up as the best works of mankind ever beheld on a secular level, or equal to the highest achievments of mankind as a whole.

Did you guess?? have you figured it out??  It was Germany between the years of 1933 and 1945. A maniac who I believe was perfectly possesed of evil,  pointed the insecurity of his people at a target,  the Jews,  created of them an enemy to be focused on and then almost destroyed them in an orgy of destruction that the world up to that time had never seen.

In W. W. 2 there were 55,000,000 casualties yes fifty five million,  that doesn’t count the years leading up to the war in Russia, and in Germany and in China if these statistics are added in the toll in human life is over two hundred million.

That is a lot of agony and death isn’t it??  But of course that was then, right,  it’s not now right?  Wrong,  in the decade of the ninties two hundred million more were killed in wars around the world,  that’s right another two hundred million more ,killed in wars,  in the 1990’s.  Do you begin to see the fire that we are playing with,  by fostering all this fear and hatred.  Don’t say it can’t happen here,  you see it on the death tube every day,  kids are killing themselve in schools,  on the streets for dissin’ each other,  or for a pair of sneakers or a cool jacket,  as happened last week,  or just to hear a gun go off in a drive by shooting and they don’t care WHO they kill.

These are the stakes we are playing for,  it’s not political,  it’s not religious,  it’s not geographic,  it’s not economic. It’s not racial,  The nature of the threat is simply pure human FU%^%$ERY,  it’s as simple as that.

I know,  I’m a preacher,  and I’m not  s’posed to talk like that,  but the time for calling a spade a spade has come, euphemisms  buzzwords, catchy phrases are not in order any more,  they don’t work,  they are a way to hide and cower away from the truth, and we can’t afford to hide any more.

Look in the eyes of your  children tonight when you put them to bed,  quietly and for a long moment.  What do you see?? A full future, full of love and achievement, or fear suffering and early death because of some fool who can’t stop being afaraid of the boogyman next door!!!

Be well,  friends….bring peace to one another no one else can….Tawodi…out


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