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HEY!! Rev. Bruce…Where ya been??!!??

Posted by tawodi on October 16, 2009

Well,  ya see it’s like this.  I’ve had a long summer with my fourteen year old daughter and some weeks of care for myself. Yeah, even old preachers need a “vacation” once in a while.

So I, kinda sorta, took a sabatical from writing, I REALLY needed one! Any body who looks at what was posted up to Memorial day can see that with out too much trouble.

I was terribly disheartened over the way this country is tending what with all the people standing around with their hands out instead of doing what they need to do to get on with life. My writing reflected that and I could not seem to remove myself from that down cast mood.

I still have grave concerns but it seems even the lamestream media can not keep us down for as long as they would like so their agenda gets shoved down our throats. Maybe us Americans still have enough sense left to see and understand what the government media is really doing to us all.

I have to also admit,  that I am terribly frustrated that I didn’t get the towel consession for the Today Show on N.B.C. as everytime matt, Merideth or Anne, mentions Obama their multible orgasms could generate a fortune for who ever does have the towel concession!!

Somebody is getting rich I tell ya!!

So this is the first effort in a long while and if I can keep it light,  maybe I won’t be slinking around contemplating snufficide so damned much!!

There is still hope and let’s face it,  what ever one congress does,  the next one can undo!! And I,  as well as many others,  have started a movement to get rid of them ALL!!

It’s legal!! It is our duty,  and it’s about damned time!
It is clear that all the present crop of politicians don’t give a sweet one about what we think and they will pay dearly for that,  that  is our prediction.

The goverment won’t fall,  too many bean counters for that,  but the one we elect and those who scrape through,  will understand that the Americans won’t tolerate being subjects rather than citizens!!
More on this subject later…BUT!!   Be advised that Gallup polls show the people who vote are 56% in favor of what we are doing,  and we WILL do it!!  The movement is growing and hopefully,  by this time next year will be unstoppable!!

Then we will have Senators and congress critters who WILL listen to US….. their bosses!!

Take care and be well….Tawodi…..Rev Bruce


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