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A conversation in progress with a Chaplain friend

Posted by tawodi on April 2, 2009

I made a post on another forum and thought it might make for interesting reading here;  The beginning premise of the questions are,   prevenient grace from God.


The accusation of not being able to be objective wears a little thin with me and here’s why. For most of my life you could have called me an agnostic at best.

I studied, compared, analysed, debated, argued, fussed, fumed and finally said, the hell with it all, at about the age of thirty two.

Then came Jan 8th 1983….ah crap!!! talked to my counsellor I was seeing at the time, told him what happened and finally said to myself, O.K. fool, now you know what a nervous breakdown feels like!! And got on with it….that’s the way I am, for a whole host of reasons, quit B***chin and GET ON WITH IT!!!

I Kept reading though, checkin’ things out, still wouldn’t fully commit to ministry, though I did attend church sporadically from 1991 on and did work as a lay speaker and things.

2002 June, Bang!!! Slam!!! Dunk!!! Alright why me, and moreover, why NOT me?? Started REALLY checking things out and found out something….there have been literally hundreds of times when things that I did, made no sense what-so-ever for the person I was at the time, but they all each and every one of them turned out good and sometimes with totally unforseen outcomes that were NEVER seen that way before by me till I sought the answers.

And man, did I get some flipping answers!!!

Now, I don’t ask a single person to accept, or believe, the reality that I have found, because they have to find it on their own….but it is real, it is proven, and I live it every day and will till I die!!

AND!!! It was REASON that brought me here!!

So make of it what you will, I will not argue it, I will not defend it, it needs no defense, I’m not selling it to you, if you want it, it’s free!! Take it or leave it…your choice…..

Choose wisely….T

And, immediately followed that with this for others who participated.

Alright fellas I needed to say the forgoing first, because there’s more!!

The above is about me, and me alone. Others have had similar experiences and feel as I do. Some are not as erudite as I, so be it. Some are much more so….so be it.

There are others though, that have NOT done the work I and others have done. They listen to others tell them things and parrot those things as gospel and fall into large dark places and bring others with them. I don’t argue that point with you, or anybody else, because it is true.

Extremeism is ugly, destructive and deadly, as we all know and it is destructive in ways that are not violent but destroy the person, not the place, on personal levels not seen with the eye, in families, in society and in the world in general.

All of you also know I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade and point out along with you, those times when it needs doing, and I do more than just point fingers, as you all know as well.

But to stop the destruction, stop the violence, and stop the devision, you guys of no religious systems and I, are in my mind, allies and brothers in arms, as we once were, for real, in the world. I take pride in seeking justice with you in those times when it is hard to find, or simply overlooked because of biases that some possess and can not see beyond.

So, stick that in your hooka and smoke it!!

Angel/Devil T

And then my friend asked the following question;


Did you ever wonder why we only see the real prevenience when looking back. Sometimes over many years and in many situations, but always when looking back. Just some thoughts…
Be well…

And, the answer was………

Yeah C.J., I have wondered that, and don’t any longer.

What has to transpire, is the loss of surity of, “self”.

Some thing, or series of some things, must occur to rattle you down to your very core and force you to ask questions of your self, that are too frightening to ask under normal circumstances, or the need simply never arises within you to ask them.

That something does NOT have to be life threatening, destructive, or simply uncomfortable. It must motivate you, to do the work, to see who you REALLY are though.

You must be willing to stand naked in front of the mirror of your mind, SEEING the scars and how you got them, the pimples, the warts, ALL of it, and take each answer as it comes, honestly, no matter how disparageing to your self image it may be, no matter how painful the truth is, and incorporating it into who, and WHAT, you truly are.

I have learned, that very damned few of us will do that.

I learned it by the time I was twenty, I never could stand the illusions that people try to foist off on me, and could not stand excuse making on my part either. This has caused untold misery for me in my life, because if you have no illusions about yourself, others see that, and they understand that you will not tolerate theirs, about themselves. This is enemy making 101 in the social hierarchy that we have created in the world today. Perhaps it always was, I don’t know.

I mostly kept to myself, even when participating in so many different things, throughout my life.

The short answer to your question is, we always credit ourselves with too much, when citing our accomplishments, forgetting family, friends, co-workers, and too many others, that are forgotten along the way, that we learned from, took advantage of, or simply observed and copied, to achieve whatever it was, we have achieved.

Never mind giving credit to God, for the very life we enjoy!!!

I sincerely believe, that when people see how little it is, that they truly “control”, it is of a power to drop most to their knees!!! It scares the average person to their core, to realise the helplessness that each of us truly labors under, when we tout ourselves so highly, unthinkingly!!

Then when you see, as I have, the indomitable courage of the aged to face life on it’s own terms as the end come rushing toward them, it is the most humbling thing to endure as you witness it.

The posturing of the politicians, and the power that people ascribe to them, to control their existence is laughable. When you KNOW the truth about life. The atheists have, by and large, bestowed the fealty that you and I feel toward God, to men, politics, and themselves. It would be sad, if it wasn’t so futile and empty, becuase of it’s predictable futility.

Politics is the new religion of the twenty first century. It’s too bad that it is already showing itself threadbare and worn, as the politics through the ages, have shown them selves to be.

CLUE; the oldest continuous writings we have, are found in the Bible and almost EVERYBODY misses the point!!!

This is the story of human kind!! NOT how it was formed. NOT who God is. NOT what God wants!! BUT, the stories of HUMAN BEINGS and how they interacted with each other, and the things they SHOULD have learned about God, and didn’t, along the way. The stories always have a human protagonist don’t they? There’s a reason for that, the POINT, is how the HUMAN responded, NOT God!! God is consistant, even predictable, while through out the Bible man is not!! All the variables, the foibles, the frailty, the dishonesty, the thieving, murderous nature of us all, is exposed for all to see, and people concentrate on God when they ought to be examining themselves!! THAT is the point!! Self examinination and THEN, apply the lessons learned in the BOOK!

So, all in all, that is why we don’t see it, till we look back!!


As you can see there is some stuff here to think about that is of a personal nature for us all, as I said choose wisely!!

Rev. Bruce…………………………………….Tawodi


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Religious concepts of soul 6

Posted by tawodi on April 29, 2008

W.T. is right in one respect the body is temporary. The “Breath of life” animates it, Or is our first connection to God.

As the mind progresses it learns the necessary things to survive, adapt to society’s needs, comport behaviour to accepted norms according to the culture surrounding it and finally is ready to leave the parents on it’s own course in life. Tradition and scripture suggest that a child be raised in faith, but this is sometimes not done or is not effective.

The reason for the failure is unimportant. The truly important detail is this. God has provided a way to have Him accompany you on your walk, or to re-establish a connection that, for what ever reason, was not nurtured or withered away as one approaches adulthood.

This can take two forms, if you were Baptised as a child, you can stand in front of a congregation of Christians, of your choice, and renew your Baptismal vows. There are some that say you must be Baptised but the Holy spirit needs be conferred only once. In my faith, perhaps not yours.

Full immersion or sprinkling, is acceptable to most, but then again that is your choice.

The purpose of Baptism is not an initiation but to prepare a clean dwelling place for the spirit to be within as well as signifying a washing away of the old and a turning from the ways of sin. The very word “repent” means “to turn from”, in the Greek.

It is not as complicated as it sounds the Baptist church has a booklet that explains many details or you can talk to any pastor of your choice. What is important, is to be at peace with your form of worship, before you decide which course you will follow. Reading and instruction can do this for you.

Now, once the mind is reconciled to the indwelling spirit, your out look about everything will undergo subtle and increasingly complicated new ways of seeing yourself and the world around you …….It is beautifull to experience this! Most take several months to notice the changes, but change you will!

This is why we who have passed through these things know the concept body, mind and spirit. To us in our understanding as Christians we know ourselves as this till death then, at death, the mind with all it’s experience merges with the spirit and, Becomes! The Soul, and as W.T. said goes onward, to what ever it is God has planned for us!! Some will not agree, some will, ALL are free to choose their path with Christ to God. He knows our hearts and how true or not, they are. Even better than we ourselves do, He will judge our intent, not men.

I have renewed my Baptismal vows several times, why several? Because like the other day, I feel pain and react unwisely, just as any other would do, if not sufficiently discipilined in nature. It’s sometimes very difficult for an old street kid like me to avoid that. No excuse, just the truth. Knowing this about myself makes it wonderfully easy, for me to apologise for this and MEAN it, as I am aware of this fault within my self, then move on.

Via Con Dios friend……….Tawodi

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Religious concepts of soul 5

Posted by tawodi on April 29, 2008

As I mentioned One definition of soul comes from the Greek theory that a soul is a complete being existing as PURE energy. It inhabits the body at birth, and goes on after death as an immortal being of energy, to inhabit other planes of existence.

One other concept of soul is Hindu in nature, which some Buddhists also believe. A discorporate being of pure energy that at death inhabits another body, The Dali LLama is said to be reincarnated from the last Dali Llama and on and on from agess past.( he is Buddhist ) The Hindu’s believe that the soul does this starting from a lower life form and progresses through many incarnations till it reaches perfection. That is why they have sacred cows and other such restrictions against eating animal tissue they see it as another Soul, eating it would be a BAD no no!!

SPIRIT; In Judaism the spirit, as I said, is the “Breath of life” given by God at birth and at death returns to him. After death we rest till the ressurection, there our mind and spirit unite ( check this fact of belief ) for the final judgment, the out come to be determined by God. You may or, may not, know that some believe, as do I, that Jesus will be the final judge at the first judgment and it will be God as the final arbiter at the White Throne judgment, according to Revelations.

Now we come to the point that the Hellenzation of scripture has led to the inclusion of soul in our thinking. Their definition of soul and the Judaistic concept of spirit from birth are merged as being spirit, it becomes soul when the mind, with all of lifes experiences are merged with spirit, as soul and go to God for judgment either after death or before judgment. It is this that led to the creation of “purgatory” to accomodate an “immortal” soul. Or the concept of “Limbo” for souls that were innocent or didn’t require punishing but had to go “SOMEWHERE”!! Since different dimensions were not even concieved of then, they came up with these two places, to make their theology work.

INTERPRET; This is no longer necessary. When reading the Bible. You DON”T need me or anybody else to tell you what it means. I am going to assume you all have read books you enjoyed, in doing so, no interpretation was necessary was it? O.K. get a modern translation of the Bible N.I.V. ( New international version ) N.R.S.V. ( New Revised Standard Version. New American Bible ( Approved by the Catholic Church ).

Read them as if you were reading a novel….do not ask what the meaning is, IT MEANS WHAT IT SAYS!! That’s it, that’s all you need do.

When I started reading on my own at not quite thirteen it was the only way it made any sense at all to me.(K.J.V.) Everybody else I asked had different ideas about almost everything in it, and I decided I would just do as I did, read it like any other book. Once having done that, I then bought, I don’t remember how many, concordances such as, Strongs, Harpers, Stromberghs, Zondervans concordance and dictionary. When an adult I purchased the Interpreters Bible library and the Interpreters dictionary of the Bible, Twelve volumes in all, which I still have. Over the years I have somehow wound up with 14 Bibles on the shelves of different translations. The Nag Hammahdi Libraries All the Apocryphal writings from the Bible.

None of this is to blow my own horn as some have accused me of, it is just to show where this search can lead you, once engaged!!

All but a few of these are located in libraries accross the country, go and enjoy!! You needn’t buy them!!

I hope this is of some use to you.

EDIT; the Zondervans dictionary is an invaluable tool for all as the definitions of Biblical words and places is invaluable to reading with understanding. T.

Be well friend…………..Tawodi

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Concepts of soul 3

Posted by tawodi on April 29, 2008

Have you found any other..(snip)

Yes many, as I alluded to at the beginning of the thread I did not include them there as I once again did not want to digress from the salient points.

Soul; (Shinto) A form of Japanese religion/philosophy and thought, considered by some to be ancestor worship, but it is much more than that. Some believe that their ancestors are with them in life and quide them at times. Small shrines are erected in the home and large shrines are built in villages and towns, for community worship of different deities and to ask or seek supplication and intervention by their ancestors and various entities.

There are several different sects of Shintoism.

Taoism, Daoism; are amalgamations generally speaking of spirit God and beings of spirit/soul combinations. I don’t really know much about either but there is a sect of Daoism that is very nearly, in fact is considered by some to BE Christian, I some how did not ever find the time for much investigation of them other than to note what the very basic concepts are.

Buddism; is not really a religion but some sects of it believe in soul and the progression of the soul till nirvannah is reached (heaven?)

The strictly philosophical version does not believe in soul but proposes that Nirvannah can be reached right here on earth by the living.

There are some Buddhists that frequent these fora but they usually get shouted down by some and, gentle people that they are, mostly stay away.

Islam; There is such friction between the faiths that I will refrain from a descriptiion here but, Sgt Salaam has a thread going and no doubt will read this, so, go there and ask, and he will give you the real take on that, as he is also a scholar and convert from Christianity to Islam and working toward his masters in comparitive religion. That’s why he and I get along well. He can spot B.S. a mile away ‘nough said. One of the grandest people I have ever spoken to is his grandfather who is a pastor of fifty years experience ( Baptist ) in Virginia. We have discussed a few things and it is always well to do so with someone who has forgotten more than I will ever know. They visited on the thread before this one.( different thinking )

Judaism; mostly the same as us ( of course! )

Hinduism; This one gets complicated as they believe EVERYTHING has a soul because everything progresses through incarnations and finally ends up in Heaven after who knows how many incarnations!!

Anamism; The belief that certain animals have souls that are able to communicate with or are kindred to certain human beings.

Totem identification; Not to be confused with anamism. It is different in that people do NOT believe the totem animal/trees of certain kinds/fish/birds/ are “gods” but identify with them because of certain characteristics. This is sometimes interesting as I know a little more of it because I am part native American. My mother was half Wazhazhe or known to you as Osage. From the central plains area.

Spirit guides; this is one area that you must be careful I do not reccomend much study of this as to do so with out Jesus firmly in your heart is in my opinion dangerous. We are told “Treat not with spirits except in my name.” and I firmly believe that, don’t do it!!

Now the reason I brought up the Greek definition of soul was not because Bill did but because the Greeks had a heavy influence on Israel from about 325 B.C.E. till about 100 or so B.C.E. they had conquered Israel and their philosophy caused the Hellenization of scripture. It was one of the things that the Pharasies were heavily engaged in scouring from scripture in the time of Jesus. You have no doubt heard of the Maccabeean rebellion it was these that overthrew the Greeks. If you want to learn of them ( Maccabees ) read Apocryphal texts of Maccabees 1..2..3.. it is fascinating.

Soul Inuit; These people believe in the soul inhabiting an animal after death usually one that has served as a totem for the believer.
Inuit/= eskimo

That’s about all I recall clearly off the top of my head. The little book I sent today has quite a bit more and better detail, as well as dates and places

Be well friends…………Rev.  Bruce……………………………………………….Tawodi


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Next installment of considering the soul

Posted by tawodi on April 29, 2008

After reading through your post twice, very carefully, I don’t see any thing that I cannot agree with. All you have done is extrapolated, or explained, that which I stated as “givens” to a fuller degree.

That’s cool!!

The reason I did NOT include them is that to do so, would force me to digress from the simple statements that I made that many will recognise as accepted and move on from there with their own “discerned truths” as applied to them selves, because their paths will be subtly different from mine.

You, on a different thread, are having a terrible time explaining to Bob, the acceptability of differing paths and still being a “true” Christian,a term that I bridle at, but in this case is fully explanatory of the point, you are trying to make on that other thread.

We CAN have differing points of view on certain meanings of scripture, but be no less “Christians” because of them. As I like to point out, opening your mind does not make your brain fall out!

By the way, staying clear of “some” particular questions, in some cases, is a wise course, would that I, were so wise in some cases!!

Our faith, like science, is a constant quest ever deeper into the mystery. Not to prove or disprove, but to reach the core of the “truths” that we must have in trying to move on to ‘Christian perfection”. Which, in it’s self, is an impossible task, but once engaged can not be ended as our belief drives us onward in search of our God. Where ever that takes us and no matter the slings and arrows of our fellows.

John Wesley’s concept of the Wesleyan quadrilateral is one of the wisest, most freeing things, for Christians in the history of the faith.

The Wesleyan quadrilateral; Is the point in question, bourne out by wisdom? Is the point bourne out by experience? Is the point bourne out by tradition? Is the point bourne out by SCRIPTURE? If all four of these criteria are met then it is permissable to include the point in your faith make up.

His departure from the dogma of original sin 202 years before the Catholic Church did so, is indicative of this truism. This point, as well as many others, is in his philosophy the primary one being……….Always question,yourself and your foundation, in your faith. MAKE SURE you do NOT deviate from the tennets laid out by Christ Jesus in your questions and more importantly, in your answers.

Be well friend…………Tawodi…..Choose well!

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Posted by tawodi on April 3, 2008

One of the nursing homes that I visit and preach at is going through a bout with a tummy bug and they don’t want me there to catch it so YOU LOSE!! I’m home today!! (just kiddin’)Look into your hearts for your own answers. Some one above said,  I don’t know what angers the militant Muslims,  so I won’t even go there.NEWS FLASH!! TAWODI DOES!! So really, do you.

Winning and loosing and the word,  enough,  is what is wrong, and it can be fixed.

Change your thinking,  change your heart,  yeah it is that simple and yes,  so terribly difficult. Do you know why,  because you’re afraid if you choose to think this way,  you MAY lose, and that would suck wouldn’t it, bear with me here this is NOT some pie in the sky “liberal rant” just a slightly different way of maybe seeing your own life.

HUNGER; It is a fact, there is enough food in the world to feed everybody NOW. Why do almost thirty thousand a DAY starve to death somewhere in the world?? Is this what you would term just natural? As most do. Or is it a CHOICE?

When you insist on attacking some one, because they don’t believe as you, are you afraid of losing YOUR salvation as you have been told you will, so become even more militant in your approach? This is a CHOICE.

When you attack someone of faith because they don’t agree with some of the provable immorality of some life choices that you don’t have a problem with, note, I say here you don’t practice them but, have a real problem with people that call them wrong? This is a CHOICE.

I DO NOT MEAN HOMOSEXUALITY don’t even go there people!!

I mean destructive to themselves and their families ALCOHOL, DRUGS, TOBBACO, and other destructive things, there are hundreds.

LOOSING, is the reason you think by limiting the choice of some, they think to limit yours, so you will lose, thats why you do it (attack the religious)

Now to the meat of it.

Hunger would go away tomorrow if we CHOOSE for it to, yes it would, all we need do is gather together and say to our “great leaders”… THIS STOPS NOW!!!… Why don’t we?…………Well T some body would have to “give up ” something!!!

Who?? What would they have to “give up” or “lose”??

Example; when I was working I would stop every morning on the way to the job site (I had my own little business) buy a cup of coffee a doughnut and a couple of packs of butts, cost? $12.56 This was at least 5 days a week and usually we stop and grab coffe after church on the weekends and I used to be running all the time so would get one or two more cups a day, as well. One day I was watching an ad for the Christian childrens fund and SHAZZAM burst of clarity!! The next morning I went to Dunkin Doughnuts bought two 1 qt. thermos jugs, two lbs. of coffee and went home. From then, till now, my wife and I drink ONLY D.D. coffee (the best!!) Don’t smoke near as much, (we’ve almost quit) and supoort three of the kids somewhere in the world.Cost of coffee not quite 5.00 a week for us now, cost of thermos jugs 14.00 dollars (still got em, and use em,) 71.oo a month to the Christian childrens fund voila!! three little kids that get enough to eat a smattering of education the knowledge that somebody gives a crap about them, who will probably never meet them and, the chance……….just the chance, that they may be the ones to choose to save the world. WE LOST NOTHING!! We have gained the knowledge of hope for them, and for us, in what they may become!!

We helped them to CHOOSE to reach for the best vision of themselves that they can be and BECOME IT!! Was it in the doing, we got this sense of good? No it is in the BEING. this is where the change of heart will begin…….


YOU are a human……BEING……that word BEING is the secret to who you are!! And, WHAT you are. Sounds too simple doesn’t it? here it comes!!

At any given moment you are being “someone” and “something” aren’t you? Come on, give it up, you know this is TRUE!! You are “Being” even as you read this aren’t you? Of course you are, if you aren’t “being” you’re NOT HERE!!!

Now what are you “doing” as you are “Being” ? Well, right now, you’re reading this aren’t you, that is doing, why not take your highest vision of what you are “being” and then “doing” something with it!!

You CAN’T LOSE, THERE IS NO LOSE!!! As you would be ….DO…and you will become as you see YOU, there is NO loss in this course of action.None!

I know in my guts you’re probably thinking, oh well another one over the edge, but stop, THINK, what have you got to “lose” Did we “lose our morning coffee? No, we have MORE and any time we want it, the best there IS!! We have become that we never thought we could be, simply by “being it’!!! Find some small inconsequential thing, do as we have for a short while, look for the change that your choice brings in your perception of your self, as a self defining developing…BEING OF CHOICE… then sit, cogitate, think, how does it feel?? You will be yearning for the next step in learning who YOU are and, we will take it together, you are not doing this for anyone, you are doing it for you!!!

Be a verb, start BEING that which YOU choose.

Be well all…………….Tawodi

This message has

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A different kind of thinking?? maybe not

Posted by tawodi on March 30, 2008


I am going to take a little side trip with all of you and ask that you consider what I say for just a short while, before you dismiss it. OR accept that it has some truth to offer.

We are body, mind and spirit most accept this as a description of humanity.

Body; well, this has to be accepted.

Mind; that which is capable of learning, forming opinions and capable of judgement. The ability to reason cause and effect and the probable outcomes of certain stimuli to the environment or our actions within it. I do not mean in a macro sense, but in the direct application of reason, ergo, I throw a ball at this window the probable cause of the effect of it’s breakage. Just for now accept this reasoning.

Spirit; that which animates us or directs us in all of our human pursuits. The secularists will state that there is no such thing. But your fellow scientists have had to coin the term , ego, id and superego, or sub-conscience conscience and superconscience to co-relate and reconcile the obvious three levels of conduct and their manifestation in each of us. With out this concept, of three levels of conscience, there is no making sense of any human action, for a host of reasons. I would ask that you simply follow along here for a moment if you have no psycological training, the rest of you will agree.

None of us at any given moment is really, truly, aware of just what we’re doing until we analyse the conduct of all three of the elements of Psychy, and how a given action reached it’s conclusion or indeed, what caused us to act in just this way. ALL human actions are governed by this analytical process to determine what the frack are we doing! And, moreover why!!

With these elements in place for this discussion let us now proceed.

We are created by whatever process you choose to use as the mechanism that is a fact SOMETHING caused us,there again we will make an assumption for this discussion.

That something is “the Creator” ( call him/her/it, what you will for your own purposes.)

If we change the word spirit for soul we can then make another adjustment in our thinking, a soul is something with a life of it’s own in most theologies isn’t it.

Now, to the meat of it.

Posit; Soul, on a journey of learning who and what it is, created at the instant of creation by the creater as part of Him/Her/It’s self to populate the cosmos with life in all it’s many forms. It makes choices for the purpose of learning what and who it is to better itself and become one again with God/Creator.

It knows what it wants, on a concious level we do not. We have “chosen” to forget this aspect of our makeup and there is a reason for this, which I will get into later. It is this that causes us to attempt to “raise our consciousness” to the level at which we begin to see who we are, is this phrase familiar to you?

Now let’s shake the cart up real good!

There is NO original sin I posted the other day this has been accepted by the Catholic church and the Methodist as long ago as 225 years ago and more for John Wesley and the Catholics as recently as 1965 at Vatican two.

Why haven’t any of your churchmen or women for that matter told you this????

Simple they cannot control you with the concept that YOU can have unique and special, PERSONAL relationship with God, all by your self!! YOU DO NOT NEED US!!!

Now I need to get ready for my church services, more later, cogitate on this for awhile I’ll be back later.

BE WELL ALL……………..tawodi


I figured I’d better be! To continue I am not disparaging the “church” it is a good institution and accomplishes much that is good, and even great, about humanity.

When examined closely however it has one common failing……… is run by human beings and as such is subject to certain common failures.

This is not to disparage as I said simply to explain that is not my purpose.

A.K. popped in to say hi and you can read what he said yourself hence this caveat.

Let me state here and now, NO-ONE is more sure of the existence of God than me, NO-ONE!! I have had many “God moments” in my life and, it was not till the age of 37 that I began to closly examine them and become aware of what they truly were.

And A.K. you’re right, there are those who will wish me dead, but I cannot sit on this any longer.

Now all of your life you have been told you are the children of God, is this not right? I would pose the question; why is that so hard to believe?

Answer; because the God you have tried to understand is not possible to understand!! At least, as it has been explained to you.

Let me digress again….you have read my postings for over a year and a half now and never seen me disparage anyone’s religion or belief system or lack of a belief system and there is a reason for that….I don’t have that right!! Each is on a path, but not as commonly thought. It is uniquely your own path and NONE but you will walk it…….That is THE PLAN!!!

The soul of each of us KNOWS what it is!! It knows what it wants and, what it wants is this….To be again with God………You read that correctly…….you ARE a literal CHILD OF GOD!! Now niether you or I can change that, it simply IS.

Taken a little further then, how can there be atheists? A soul can not KNOW what it is until it knows, what it isn’t. Consider……for every in, there is an out….for every up, there is a down…..for every is, there is an, is not…..for every here, is a there and what is in between. do you get it yet?

We are here to experience, for it is only by experience that we learn who we are and who we are not….it is only by experience that we learn WHAT we are or are not. It is this experience of being by which God is enriched, as are we, it is the way to God and, guess what, there is no pass/fail. How can there be, remember what Christ SAID when asked where is Heaven. His answer?? IT IS WITHIN YOU Have you ever once truly considered what that means???!!!???

What it means is this, you know who you are, you are part of God and He is part of you!!!

EVERYTHING you need to find God, you already have, every thing you need to be with God you already have, in fact, THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN BE WITHOUT GOD……Except one… choose to be.

You have seen me write about free will many times and argued with me about it but God knows you and WILL NOT interfere with your choices to Him there is no good or bad there simply exists the not. Something is either you, or it is not!! if you choose wrong(there is no wrong) choose again, remember you are building yourself, you are choosing that statement of who, and what, you ARE!! No-one else can.

Choose WISELY and if you make a mistake, remember God will forgive, He is infinite love, is indeed, love itself!!

It must be remembered I am not saying stop going to church I am saying be AWARE believe what He told you, what Jesus told you they do not lie!!

Every master who ever walked the earth has given us the same message consider it.

There is a tremendous amount of stuff here to consider, I will discuss as you question and remember also, I can not tell you what to do, only you, can Decide what is right for you.

Also consider, you are not being told to cast off the teaching of your faiths, just to consider what makes sense in the context I have, and will continue, to out line.

We have the Bible but there is much to learn from, and OF, it that you may not have been taught.

Be well all and I know you ALL go with God….Tawodi

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