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Posted by tawodi on April 5, 2008


This is going to be difficult but I think I’m ready to try this… goes.

The biggest single problem in our society is as R.T. said, static thinking.

What does this MEAN?? Not what you think.

We are discussing here, the modern version of the dark ages compared to the enlightenment of the seventeen hundreds and till now.

From the late eighteen hundreds there has been an incredible explosion of knowledge almost indescribable in scope and depth. From the invention of the internal combustion engine and all that that contributed to heat theory and application of mechanical principle to, in 1905 the developement of the theory of relativity by Einstien, (he gives a somewhat comical exposition of static thinking himself in his search for a unified field theory).

Biological understandings have increased exponentialy since the 1950’s and we have as living beings not caught up with the technology, or the full implications of it all.

All of this of course does not address nuclear fission or fusion, brought to our happy little planet first as a weapon, now to be considered as an energy source for the replacement of fossil fuels.

All of the proceeding is to set the stage for what follows.

How much have we changed?? I am serious here, just how much have we changed? REALLY!!

Clue; The missile defense system; Russia is apoplectic over this, why?? We said we’d give it to them, why would they not want us to have it??

Because it leaves them vulnerable to attack with no response possible, or if they attack, we anniaillate them and they can’t do any thing about it!!

Back to that old boogie man once again aren’t we, FEAR!!!….simple fear. What if, has become instead of a blessing, a curse!

It has been said that IF is for children, WHAT IF, should not be a CURSE, it should open the door to new possibilities but now opens the door to fear.

One of the shattering things about the Iraq war is that we have surrendered the moral high ground that we had gained with gulf war one, all of our humanitarian actions through history and the disallowal of statecraft, that we practice, we have given our enemies the reason to ask WHAT IF, when they now see us as the aggressor, and make no mistake we were and must now finish this honorably, and well, the world and the American people do not deserve and, no doubt, will not accept another failure such as Viet Nam.

We as a people, all people, not just the U.S. think and live, pretty much as we did in the twentieth century( the first half!!) We have improved technology immensely but have we improved ourselves?? That is the question and THERE IS an answer!!

Who raised you?? Your parents did right?? Did you, or do you, realise that the most peaceful, tranquil societies are those in which the parents do NOT raise the children?? it’s true, agrarian societies have an advantage over us, in one way that is, or more rather, has been lost to us. Our elders!! You heard me right, who do we credit with wisdom…our elders. Why is that? The answer is simple, once again there is that word. You do know the difference between knowledge and wisdom don’t you?

When you graduate from college you have a fount of knowledge to use don’t you, wisdom comes with the realisation of how much you DON’T know and acknowledge it and then apply “wisdom” to more properly use that which you DO!!

In more “primitive” societies the “extended family” is the way of life and the ELDERS raise and educate the children!! They had to, mom and dad were busting their butts, to make it in tough circumstances. With the advent of “Urban Clustering” and disolution of the extended family, this was destroyed. We have a vast reservoir of knowledge in this country and we push them aside as useless obstructions to our percieved advanced way of life, are we stupid or what??!!

Lifetimes of experience, lifetimes of wisdom and in our arrogance we throw it away!!

We have people in our society who are vastly knowledgable and incredibly successful human beings. And, we shove them out to pasture just when they are the most valuable and, in the modern age are looking for ways to be of service to themselves and to the world. DUH!!

What I would suggest is that we find a way to use this fount of knowledge and here is the reason why.

Our children are being raised by those, who are little more than children themselves! This is one incontrovertable fact of life AND is one we can change NOW.

This is why I asked you, “who raised you??”

It is my belief, that until we do some thing along these lines, we will not be able to reach beyond the social impasse we now find our selves in. Once again, “the thinking that GOT us here, will NOT take us from here!!”

We all of us are, too close to the source, so to speak, of all our training and preconceptions of us, others, and the societies and world around us, this aalso includes the PREDJUDICES. Wisdom is what enables us to step beyond, that which we were taught, NOT knowledge. That is one of the immutable truths of life!!

We must INCUDE wisdom in the teaching of our young. Will it cost more to do this? NO. It won’t, replace day care with elderly providers who WANT to be there. My youngest daughter went to day care at the age of three and was physically abused (violence not sexual) by the provider and her two daughters, age 4 and 11. We are still dealing with the damage done my daughter at the age of almost thirteen. Those who know me personally, still can not believe I didn’t “lose it” and kill the woman….all I can say is I had gained the wisdom not to!!

Now, believe it or not, I started to think this way then and as I read and considered my own past and those when I was teaching, who were around me, it has become clear that these things can and should be done.

Children can not and should not, bring up children, it’s that simple. That does not mean you breed and give them away!! No far from it, you create in them as they grow, the knowledge of who you are and our elders will give them the reasons WHY!! Only then, will they get a “jump start” to become who they are and, engage life on a more level playing field. There again I am NOT talking about equal out comes, but equal oppurtunity to be exposed to WISDOM, so they can USE PROPERLY, the knowledge they have accrued for their entrance into life.

My time is almost over, it will be for those who read these things, to implement them, spread them, absorb them and then benefit from them.

Do I have more ideas as to how to implement them, yes I do and will discuss them with those who ask. There are schools that have been concieved of and are in operation, even as we speak, soooo.

CONSIDER, CHOOSE, as you will.

Factoid; Einstien was a rigid atheist and as such absolutely refused to accept anything but a “STATIC UNIVERSE” well along came Edwin Hubble and kicked the whole idea of a static universe into a cocked hat. You see if the universe is expanding that means it had a BEGINNING!! Sorry about that Albert….. now he never did admit there is a God but he DID begin to succesfull begin to resolve the “unified field theory, before his death.

Be well friends………………..Tawodi


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