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Posted by tawodi on May 21, 2008


This dedication is to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces worldwide.
And to all those Veterans, living and passed on.

They serve and have served, all of humanity by their selfless sacrifice to bring Liberty to the oppressed of the world and to maintain it here, in the United States of America.

Historically we, as a Nation, have pursued the dream, with all of our faults, that the rest of the world does not understand, is still alive in the heart of every American, man or woman, serving and living, liberal or conservative, religious or not, anywhere in the world today.

This, a dream, that constitutes our reality and continues to enable, this great People to reach for the stars, even though we may stumble and fall at times.

It is this dream that enables us to rise above the individual, whom we cherish and, march as a people to ever greater endeavors to enrich the future of all humanity.

To do so enriches us not in a worldly sense but, in what ever concept of human dignity one may hold. To uplift the one, is to uplift the many. To oppress the one, is to oppress the many. Thus it has ever been and so shall it ever be, in the minds of a truly free, great people, who wish nothing more than to spread it to the hearts, of all mankind.

From the Congregation;

This is to signify that YOU, by your service and contributions. Have taken to heart the foregoing and by so doing, you recognize the family of MAN and WOMAN KIND.

Whether it is by belief in a higher power, Or belief in the powerful synergy of collective conscience and human endeavor, YOU have recognized we ARE a family and you, by your service, have done and are doing your utmost, to uphold that truth.

If you have the faith of a grain of mustard seed you can move mountains. This you have proved by your selfless service. We as your indebted fellow citizens, have that faith in you, and as such, we offer to you our thanks and, humbly accept the gifts, you so honorably have given us.


The Tree of The Mustard Seed,   Dennisport ma.  166 Upper County Rd. 02639      Rev, Bruce Holzrichter………………Tawodi


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