a place to come and discuss in peace, things of religion, life, and families

The people of Abraham——– MISSION STATEMENT

The group, The People of Abraham, Christians, Muslims and Jews, is an interfaith group, whose mission is to bring understanding and thereby peace, to people of disparate religious faiths and, faith systems.

Conflict around the world has, and is raging, most of this is caused by wrong assumptions by people who do not share beliefs.

We of this group of believers in the one God, Creator of all, are COMMANDED by the writings in our books, to be those who bring peace. Cultural teachings, which pervert all three structures of faith, in subtle, and overt ways, are creating havoc among human beings, world wide.

Therefore be it affirmed; We will work to educate, console,and reconcile,and strengthen ourselves, settle our differences through mutual respect and acceptance, that we may worship differently, but are commanded by the God of Abraham to be those bringers of peace, we profess to be.

Affirmed; Others who are of different faith structures are welcome here to learn, work toward understanding, of us, them, and people of no recognized faith structure whatsoever. Atheists, Agnostics, And those of personal faith not generally recognised, are welcome as human beings. Fellows in the human drama, that makes up our existence and will determine if we indeed survive and prosper, in the future we create, together.

WELCOME TO ALL. Robert Salaam and Rev. Bruce Holzrichter, Co founders.


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