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Clearing The Air

Posted by tawodi on October 16, 2007

peopleof-abraham-2x25-pic-only.JPGOnce again the question has been raised as to the name of God, in relation to Islam and Christianity and Judaism.

Once again it is Christian fundamentalists who make spurious accusations about the word Allah. Here for all of you is the TRUTH where the name comes from, who the father of Islam is and, what the name means and why it means it.

I have engaged in this battle for years and when it is put down in one location by once more,  it pops up again in another location. Apparently these people think like Geoseph Geobbels of W.W. 2,  if you repeat a lie long enough, loud enough, it will become the truth. THIS IS NOT SO!! a lie is a lie, no matter how many times you repeat it!! Receive the truth!


You know something?? I get so tired of posting the truth of things, only to have the very same people come back and say the same lie all over again.
The Hebrew EL, was also the Cannaanite EL, or transcendant Chief God. The word is the root of thirty five Attributes of God linguistically for Jews and Christians alike.

ILLAH……pronounced ILL Yach “gutteral, glottal stop,” implied by the semitic ACH sound of Hebrew and Arabic the two main semitic languages.

Shortened to AL (prefix word -the-) apposed (attached) to Illah to make the compound word, Allah. Phonetic pronunciation Al- ach or THE GOD Taken to mean, litterally, the ONE God of Ishmael, Older brother of Issach, by fourteen years, who, the Bible tells us, that God was with as he grew, to be the father of his own people, to whom
would be descended twelve more tribes of people.

Their father???? ABRAHAM!! The FATHER of the two semitic tribes, Hebrews and Arabs.

Read your Bible people!!!! The Arabs didn’t make this up. WE DID!!!!!

K.J.V. Biblical,
Citations, Genesis 21: V.9: -21.
Descendants of Ishmael: Genesis 25: V.12:- 18.
These Verses come after the discription of Abraham’s children by Keturah, their names and the dispersal of Abraham’s estate to Issach only, as the child of the covenant between Abraham and God born of Sarah, as God promised.  Now for the life of me, I fail to see how you can blame Muhammad for what is in OUR OWN BIBLE!!! If you figure out how he did that, maybe you can tell the rest of us!!!

Read and learn, I didn’t write this, or invent it, it is in OUR Bible…….

It is very important that you understand that I am a DEVOUT Christian Minister of many years service. The people of Islam have a different understanding of their worship of God. Is it necessary for me to accept it?? NO it is necessary for me to accept that THEY do. Nothing more is required of a Christian or Jew, other than that.  Respect the fact that these things are what they believe and leave it alone!!!  You are NOT required,  to convert them,  attack them,  or abuse them  for their faith,  because you don’t agree with it.  Jesus tells us,  state your case and walk away,  be as harmless as doves. Why as Christians,  must we always forget those admonishments,  that we were given by the Lord Jesus Christ,  whom we PROFESS to follow??  keep your heart at peace and walk your own path to God as others walk theirs, you are but human beings,  you are NOT to judge, it is written……..

Be well all………Rev Bruce……………………..Tawodi


One Response to “Clearing The Air”

  1. Micah Tillman said

    I never realized that Allah is a compound word. I should have, but didn’t. Linguistics is fun (at least I think it is).

    Thanks for the etymology lesson. I hope your blood-pressure returns to normal soon. 😉

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