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Posted by tawodi on November 21, 2008

I wrote from the depths of despair after election day.  Didja notice??  O.K.  I’m human!!  I admit itt!!

But although it’s not ALL better now, it is “somewhat” better 

There are going to be changes coming to the blog in content, and scope, after the new year. Just what the extent of them are, will for the time being, be kept quiet for reasons that will be apparent then. Nothing earth shattering,  but they will be of some consequence.

On a lighter brighter note I presided at the wedding of my youngest son James and his bride Christy.  In many ways the capstone of my life!   Also a great joy that I had looked forward to for months. Both of his sets of extended families were there myself and wife Laura and our 13 year old daughter, then there was my ex wife Susan and her husband David, my oldest daughter Dawn and her husband Mat and their daughter Maia.  Our oldest son Bruce and his wife Beth, their two sons Doug  and John and daughter Morgan. Christy’s three sisters Our grand daughter Liegha Grace and then over fifty other family and friends!

To top it all off the church was not mine! But we were graciously allowed by Pastor David Stewart of the Dighton Community church  In central Massachusetts, to use the church. He opened the ceremonies and then turned over to me the couple for the sacrament of marriage to be performed by me, after the ceremony he used the prayer from my Methodist book of worship, pronounced the benediction, and sent us forth. All in All, a fine day indeed!!  The reception also went well, no fatalities and no excessive drinking….although it was close in a couple of instances!! We got some of the pictures today, coooool!!

So, not too much else to relate at this time.

Be well, all of you, my friends,  Rev.  Bruce……………………………………..Tawodi


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