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Hospice care death and dying and psychological aspects of care

Posted by tawodi on August 9, 2007

On my blog radio show TAWODI’S HAWKS NEST for the last two weeks I have dedicated the shows to the care of the dying and their families.  I have noticed that this subject gets a lot of hits here on the blog. Sooo I decided that perhaps to talk of it may help those who come here looking for that help. If you look on the right hand column you will see a blog roll and about half way down there is Tawodi’s Hawks nest click there and you will go to the show and the archived segments click on the large blue type at the top left and you will find them listed . they are down loadable in ipod or mp 3 format or you can set a tape recorder in front of your speakers and tape ie or direct feed in stereo to the tape deck if so equipped DO NOT worry about copyrighted material it is all mine and you are welcome to it as is everyone in any aspect of my ministry. If you have further questions you can ask them here or at the show page comment section .

Be well,  take care …………..Rev. Bruce………………………………………………….Tawodi


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