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Political commentary for this election carried on elsewhere

Posted by tawodi on November 1, 2008


Who should we listen to about who we should elect as OUR president??? HMMMMMM???

This will take a nano second or two……..


I don’t give a SWEET GRANDIOSE damn!!!  What, other countries and people think. Whoever it is, will be OUR president.

This is NOT some half azzed beauty contest to win the approval of the world!!!

Don’t you realize they don’t give a happy crap about us!!! The only thing they give a damn about, is what they can get from us and then curse us to the heavens, for being arrogant rich Americans!!!

I am not an isolationist, but we need to look at the real picture.

We are in the same position England was for 150 years, on top of the heap!! And the favorite past time of humanity is?? To pull down the top dog!! Don’t you get it!!??

We rebuild France, Germany, all of Europe, Japan and the only ones grateful are the Japanese and that is wearing thin, at least it was, till the little hand-grenade with a crappy haircut in N. Korea started ringing other people’s bells, with nukes!! Now we’re every bodies daddy again!!

Checkoslovakia, Kosovo, Serbia, Yugoslavia, all those countries we had to go into??? The Last time I looked they weren’t in Florida, or just next door to the Dakota’s, they are in EUROPE!! They are called THE BALKAN COUNTRIES!!! A EUROPEAN PROBLEM!!,

And by the way, don’t wave George Bush in my face, I’m not some moonbat that goes Berserk when thinking of the 2000 elections!! Bush is done, He’s gone!! In January no longer the president!! GET IT???

And!! I don’t CARE!! What Binladen wants, why do you??!!?? What I want is that son of a b*tch DEAD!! And, puuhhleeeeze!!! don’t hand me the usual crap about “geees, that’s not being a good Christian!!” I don’t care what you think about that either!!

When  are you all going to wake up!

From the other poster;

T, very thoughtful post. It must give you a head ache to get that worked up over the democratic process of “we the people”.
As I have read over any number of ‘conservative’ posts here and there, it appears to me at some point many of them are just going to fly apart! Boooom! Explode in their own frenzy of fear and dismay. The closer to the election we get the faster they spin. Get a grip, if your guy wins don’t you want to be somewhat stable enough to follow? And if not, then I guess the rest of us will just have to pick up the pieces. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…. but couldn’t put Humpty back together again?

Back to me:

Haven’t you figured it out yet, Oh learned one???

I don’t give a damn who wins!! We will get the government we deserve we always do. The problem is too damned many checks, going to over forty percent of the people in this country in one form or another. That is one of those inconvenient little facts that most of you hate!!

That little inconvenience, is why we are in this mess now and we will NOT get out of it!! There is no-one, and nothing, that will stop this slide to socialism and then ever increasing levels of compulsion of people by the utilization of force, to keep it in place .

We have, unless we are attacked with nukes, maybe twenty years left, as a country that can be recognised for what it once was.

Pack that up there with your supercilious esoteric knowledge and smoke it!! This is reality we are discussing, not some pie in the sky hopeful dream. There are thousands of years of history to support my position. What do you have??? Some hope, that it will be different this time???

Come on PROFESSOR, profess!! I keep asking you to do just that, and you keep handing me smarmy put downs, about my awful temper and conservative out look of fear, Blah Blah blah!!

I have more hope than you can possibly understand, so lets hear you tell me, and every body else, how it’s REALLY, going to be different, THIS TIME!!

It should be really interesting to hear.

For those of you who might be wondering why I say these things here is why.

The socialist countries from the Netherlands (Holland) Sweden, Germany,France, Norway, Spain,Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, in fact almost ALL of Europe is socialist.

The unemployment rate in these countries runs right now today from 9 to 19 percent and is getting worse.

The only reason these countries have been able to survive, is principally because they spend two percent or less on thier defense, England being the sole exception.

Nato, via the U/S. had kept thousands of tanks, aircraft, bombs, guns, several hundred thousand troops and such in Europe for the last fifty years of the twentieth century, for their defense. We have also given them billions upon billions of dollars to maintain and train their standing armies. Now there are thousands of men and women who have served there. You can confirm for others, that this is true. Others in supply and support services of O3 rank and up also can confirm this, because they would have had to be in the chain of command that kept these munitions, supplies, and personnel, in motion and rotation as they were replaced.

Now as we leave the theater of a stable E,urope will they be able to control their populations?? It will be seen. There is an example though for you to consider. the Unrest created by the underclass of immigrant workers in all those countries. They have been marginalized and ghettoised, just as have been the minorities in our country, The difference being, upward mobility, we as a nation perenially praised and pushed for and the immigrents that came here themselves strove for.

This has changed with the entitlement mentality that currently exists, and is carefull cultured, by the American left. It is a tool that sets people against one another, and increases their power base by convincing people they are victims of the upper class, when in reality they are victims of those that profess to help them!!

In 1954 it was Eisenhower and the republicans that instigated and passed the human rights laws the blue dog Democrats went ballistic!! Ike sent the first troops to the south to force integration as well. The northern democrats were in shambles in the north east and with the second lustrum of the 1960’s they hit on a formula that to this day has worked wonderfully well for them. Invade and occupy the centers of learning in this country. Instill socialistic thinking in our youth. Create a system that is self sustaining, and will maintain itself through the appeal to human decency and caring, Paint anybody who objects, as a heartless uncaring capitolist and never never stop shouting the mantra!!

Well, check out the main stream media, in the tank unashamedly for the last 35 years and only now, not even bothering to deny it any longer!! There is no need to, they have been successful!!
And so, many will accuse me of needing a tinfoil hat, so be it!! I don’t care because others like me, saw the Education Foundation document of 1971. We read it were apalled and eventually overwhelmed, just as most of you, unwittingly, have been. You gave up your soveriegnty for security, every time you had the chance to choose differently, and will no doubt, do so again next tuesday.

I know many will think I have slipped over the edge, but I would ask you, read your history from 1920 to the present and then ask your self is old Taowdi nuts??? Or is he right??? The sad part is, it doesn’t make a damned bit of difference anymore. As you will see Tuesday.

And, there it is a synopsis of my feelings vis a vis this election. As you know I don’t usually comment on politics but when pushed I will and have as you can see.

Be well all…… choose well !!….Rev Bruce………………………………………………….Tawodi


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