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Posted by tawodi on August 12, 2008

 Last week we got a little further into prayer and next week will continue. But I need to share something with you, so this week we will take a side trip!!

   All too often in these times of war, tumult, seeming chaos and uncertainty, It is hard to see our way clearly to reach for a future of any kind.
   The media lives on selling us fear and it seems that most of our politicians do too!
   Suddenly something of hope rears up and at first we may not be aware of what we are seeing at first,  but then comes a moment of quietude and clarity. These moments are rare indeed and it is my belief that they should be shared,  as they are precious few and sometimes, in the hurley burley are not recognized for what they truly are, a blessing in hope.
   I officiated at a wedding yesterday, August tenth and right in the middle of the final vows was struck most forcibly with what was actually taking place.
   As I stood there the example of those two young people in front of me, and young people everywhere.  Are simply reaching out for their chance, at life, happiness, children, fruitfulness and hope, in what sometimes seems a hopeless world.  Being of clergy I found myself ashamed at the way I have been feeling lately. Unsure, worried about my 13 year old daughter and her future. All the things that might befall her, in this time of uncertainty and her mother as well, if the time comes when I will be gathered to my people.
   In all the blessings I have received from God to protect our little family. All the things that have been no less than a miracle of His Providing for us when all should have come to ruin.
   It was truly a moment of gifting.  God once again showing me that if we trust, He will provide. He will carry us through those times of helplessness and trial.
As I prayed over and blessed the couple they began to cry, I thought it was from joy, the mother of the groom after I pronounced them man and wife, the pictures taken and time for me to leave, took me aside.
She embraced me and told me, she had never been so inspired by a prayer before and that her son was deeply moved, as was his new bride. He had asked his mother to tell me that, as he was unsure how to do so.
I was speechless, and told her of what had transpired . That it was they, that had inspired me, not the other way around. I then suddenly realized it was God, inspiring Us all, quite a moment indeed!!!
So all of you,  Be in His blessing, it is us who lose sight of God, not God that loses sight of us!!
Rev.  Bruce………..Be well friends.   

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