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The Tree of The Mustard Seed

Posted by tawodi on July 17, 2008

   I was checking my blog stats today and somebody clicked in looking for a picture of the tree of the mustard seed. SO, being for once in a good mood, with my daughter in law entering labor this afternoon with what portends to be the birth of my fifth grand child, ( praise God!!)  I figured what the hay!!!  Have a little fun for once preacher!!!!   So, here for who ever it was, is the tree which grew from just a smidgen of faith, to be a tree with branches that will support song birds with out number, to bring the beautiful music of God’s creation to us for generations.

Be well all….Rev..Bruce………………………………………..Tawodi


2 Responses to “The Tree of The Mustard Seed”

  1. Michelle Goodrich said

    I pray that your 5th Grandchild is fit and well, I was sat here trying to write my sermon for Sunday morning (on Matthew 13:31-52) and I longed to know what the tree that grew from a mustard seed actually looked like, I have to say your picture instilled me with a real sense of peace. Thank you so much and God bless you.


  2. tawodi said

    Michelle I was touched by your comment. The labor was false labor, the kids not coming till she knows what school she’s going to!! Isn’t it strange, how these little things we do as preachers, touch people we never thought they would? And, in ways we could not have predicted.
    I hope that your sermon went well. I myself never write them, as then there is too much me in them, and it seems God doesn’t want that. So I approach the pulpit and face the alter and fervently pray Lord keep me out of the way! Somebody here needs what you have to give us use this flawed tool as you will and give that person or these people what they need,Amen. I guess He doesn’t want me to seem like a shambling fool because it works!! The only problem is I never remember what I said! So when someone asks for a copy whoops!! there ain’t one. I don’t tell them they were not MY words they were His. Blessings be to you in your ministry and His gifts in your life. Rev.Bruce………………Tawodi

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