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Posted by tawodi on June 2, 2008

 I am proud to announce the Consultants to Religious Tolerance of Ontario Canada, to the home page of the People of Abraham, Christians Muslims and Jews. Here at Life, Religion, Family.

This Sunday, at The Tree of The Mustard Seed, I also announced their existance and the link up of their site to mine. They and I are at present discussing the future workings and possible sharing of information and contacts accross the world that they have made and we have made.

They are especially interested in our methods of acceptance for people of differing faiths as with some groups they have not made the inroads that we have.

All of these things are under discussion, or soon will be, and I decided not to wait before introducing them here, as even if some facets do not come to fruition they do good work and, we are proud to make known to others their participation in peacefull pursuits, to the benefit of all mankind.

So WELCOME !!  Brothers and Sisters of Religious Tolerance,  may we all be blessed in the work for peace.

They are located in the Blogroll to the right in the column, go visit, you will be as excited as I!!!

Rev. Bruce………………………………….Tawodi



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