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Religious concepts of soul 5

Posted by tawodi on April 29, 2008

As I mentioned One definition of soul comes from the Greek theory that a soul is a complete being existing as PURE energy. It inhabits the body at birth, and goes on after death as an immortal being of energy, to inhabit other planes of existence.

One other concept of soul is Hindu in nature, which some Buddhists also believe. A discorporate being of pure energy that at death inhabits another body, The Dali LLama is said to be reincarnated from the last Dali Llama and on and on from agess past.( he is Buddhist ) The Hindu’s believe that the soul does this starting from a lower life form and progresses through many incarnations till it reaches perfection. That is why they have sacred cows and other such restrictions against eating animal tissue they see it as another Soul, eating it would be a BAD no no!!

SPIRIT; In Judaism the spirit, as I said, is the “Breath of life” given by God at birth and at death returns to him. After death we rest till the ressurection, there our mind and spirit unite ( check this fact of belief ) for the final judgment, the out come to be determined by God. You may or, may not, know that some believe, as do I, that Jesus will be the final judge at the first judgment and it will be God as the final arbiter at the White Throne judgment, according to Revelations.

Now we come to the point that the Hellenzation of scripture has led to the inclusion of soul in our thinking. Their definition of soul and the Judaistic concept of spirit from birth are merged as being spirit, it becomes soul when the mind, with all of lifes experiences are merged with spirit, as soul and go to God for judgment either after death or before judgment. It is this that led to the creation of “purgatory” to accomodate an “immortal” soul. Or the concept of “Limbo” for souls that were innocent or didn’t require punishing but had to go “SOMEWHERE”!! Since different dimensions were not even concieved of then, they came up with these two places, to make their theology work.

INTERPRET; This is no longer necessary. When reading the Bible. You DON”T need me or anybody else to tell you what it means. I am going to assume you all have read books you enjoyed, in doing so, no interpretation was necessary was it? O.K. get a modern translation of the Bible N.I.V. ( New international version ) N.R.S.V. ( New Revised Standard Version. New American Bible ( Approved by the Catholic Church ).

Read them as if you were reading a novel….do not ask what the meaning is, IT MEANS WHAT IT SAYS!! That’s it, that’s all you need do.

When I started reading on my own at not quite thirteen it was the only way it made any sense at all to me.(K.J.V.) Everybody else I asked had different ideas about almost everything in it, and I decided I would just do as I did, read it like any other book. Once having done that, I then bought, I don’t remember how many, concordances such as, Strongs, Harpers, Stromberghs, Zondervans concordance and dictionary. When an adult I purchased the Interpreters Bible library and the Interpreters dictionary of the Bible, Twelve volumes in all, which I still have. Over the years I have somehow wound up with 14 Bibles on the shelves of different translations. The Nag Hammahdi Libraries All the Apocryphal writings from the Bible.

None of this is to blow my own horn as some have accused me of, it is just to show where this search can lead you, once engaged!!

All but a few of these are located in libraries accross the country, go and enjoy!! You needn’t buy them!!

I hope this is of some use to you.

EDIT; the Zondervans dictionary is an invaluable tool for all as the definitions of Biblical words and places is invaluable to reading with understanding. T.

Be well friend…………..Tawodi


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