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Religious concepts of soul – 4

Posted by tawodi on April 29, 2008

Yes, I differentiated a little at the beginning of the thread and was going to expand the definiton yesterday but didn’t get the chance.

From discussions over the years with different clergy, Protestant and Catholic it seems they pretty much all agree, the definition of soul is the combination of mind and spirit at the end of life. This seems to work as the mind learns from life, as we pass through it and, the spirit is with us from birth. It MUST be understood we are thinking and speaking theologically here and in keeping with Christian concepts.

As I mentioned, the Pharisies were busily engaged in purging the Hellenistic influences of the Occupation by the Greeks after they came to Israel in 325 B.C.E. after the Macabean revolts that finally succeeded in wresting Israel from their grasp ( apprx. 100 B.C.E. ) the restoration of the Pentateuch and the full Torah was of paramount importance to them. Greek philosophy had infiltrated to a large degree much of those writings before the time of Christ, including the Greek concept of “soul”.

Some of these concepts still find their way into our theology, especially from the first translation into the Greek and then to the Latin Vulgate versions and then through history.

The stabilizing of the Old Testament took almost five hundred years. Over that period of time the Masoretic Texts came to the fore and now that we have the Dead Sea Scrolls to compare with them it is astounding that the Rabbinical conclaves yearly, for all that time, were almost in word for word agreement with the Scrolls!!

The King James edition of 1603 and approved and distributed in middle english after it’s first editions in court French are also in almost word for word agreement with the scrolls also. When one considers the accuracy of these translations over thousands of years this is truly astonishing!

Back to your point, there is a difference in that “soul” is generally thought of as immortal in most Religious frameworks, ( Hindu, Krishna, Tantric Buddhism and some disciplines of Tantric Yoga, Shinto, Daoism, Taoism, and others. )

In Judaism and Christianity which of course has it’s roots in Judaism, spirit comes to us at first breath and returns to God at death but some believe as I have mentioned the combination of spirit and mind is the soul.

Others know more, this is the limit of my off the cuff expertise.

Be well friend……………Tawodi


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