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Concepts of soul 3

Posted by tawodi on April 29, 2008

Have you found any other..(snip)

Yes many, as I alluded to at the beginning of the thread I did not include them there as I once again did not want to digress from the salient points.

Soul; (Shinto) A form of Japanese religion/philosophy and thought, considered by some to be ancestor worship, but it is much more than that. Some believe that their ancestors are with them in life and quide them at times. Small shrines are erected in the home and large shrines are built in villages and towns, for community worship of different deities and to ask or seek supplication and intervention by their ancestors and various entities.

There are several different sects of Shintoism.

Taoism, Daoism; are amalgamations generally speaking of spirit God and beings of spirit/soul combinations. I don’t really know much about either but there is a sect of Daoism that is very nearly, in fact is considered by some to BE Christian, I some how did not ever find the time for much investigation of them other than to note what the very basic concepts are.

Buddism; is not really a religion but some sects of it believe in soul and the progression of the soul till nirvannah is reached (heaven?)

The strictly philosophical version does not believe in soul but proposes that Nirvannah can be reached right here on earth by the living.

There are some Buddhists that frequent these fora but they usually get shouted down by some and, gentle people that they are, mostly stay away.

Islam; There is such friction between the faiths that I will refrain from a descriptiion here but, Sgt Salaam has a thread going and no doubt will read this, so, go there and ask, and he will give you the real take on that, as he is also a scholar and convert from Christianity to Islam and working toward his masters in comparitive religion. That’s why he and I get along well. He can spot B.S. a mile away ‘nough said. One of the grandest people I have ever spoken to is his grandfather who is a pastor of fifty years experience ( Baptist ) in Virginia. We have discussed a few things and it is always well to do so with someone who has forgotten more than I will ever know. They visited on the thread before this one.( different thinking )

Judaism; mostly the same as us ( of course! )

Hinduism; This one gets complicated as they believe EVERYTHING has a soul because everything progresses through incarnations and finally ends up in Heaven after who knows how many incarnations!!

Anamism; The belief that certain animals have souls that are able to communicate with or are kindred to certain human beings.

Totem identification; Not to be confused with anamism. It is different in that people do NOT believe the totem animal/trees of certain kinds/fish/birds/ are “gods” but identify with them because of certain characteristics. This is sometimes interesting as I know a little more of it because I am part native American. My mother was half Wazhazhe or known to you as Osage. From the central plains area.

Spirit guides; this is one area that you must be careful I do not reccomend much study of this as to do so with out Jesus firmly in your heart is in my opinion dangerous. We are told “Treat not with spirits except in my name.” and I firmly believe that, don’t do it!!

Now the reason I brought up the Greek definition of soul was not because Bill did but because the Greeks had a heavy influence on Israel from about 325 B.C.E. till about 100 or so B.C.E. they had conquered Israel and their philosophy caused the Hellenization of scripture. It was one of the things that the Pharasies were heavily engaged in scouring from scripture in the time of Jesus. You have no doubt heard of the Maccabeean rebellion it was these that overthrew the Greeks. If you want to learn of them ( Maccabees ) read Apocryphal texts of Maccabees 1..2..3.. it is fascinating.

Soul Inuit; These people believe in the soul inhabiting an animal after death usually one that has served as a totem for the believer.
Inuit/= eskimo

That’s about all I recall clearly off the top of my head. The little book I sent today has quite a bit more and better detail, as well as dates and places

Be well friends…………Rev.  Bruce……………………………………………….Tawodi



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