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Posted by tawodi on April 18, 2008

A strange and very upsetting thing happened last night and I thought it was worthwhile to write about it, but didn’t want to on the venue where it happened.  I have been called a lot of things over the years and last night was a real capper. I don’t know if I will publish this but for the last year or so it’s almost as if I can’t really think,  unless I’m writing for some body elses understanding. So if I can make sense to you, maybe it will to me.

As most of you know I have a blog radio show and do a lot of posting on a forum else where. On this forum one of the people,  who I respect a great deal,  posted a starter piece for discussion. In it he referred to apostacy in a poorly vieled compilation of scriptural quotes and analysis, that though flawed in it’s scholarship, was very pointed in it’s direction. In it he pointed out,  as many have,  that anyone who adds or takes away from the “word” is of,  or from,  the AntiChrist. I was floored as I do a lot of think pieces there and on my show,  as most of you know. I do not condemn ANYBODY for their beliefs, that is a wrong thing to do, if I do not believe as they,  and they ask,  I will tell them that but in the same breath,  tell them it is not necessary for me to. It is only necessary for me to ACCEPT that they do, understand their viewpoint and work within those parameters,  to include them in my thinking as we converse. Also to be sensitive to the beliefs of others and not step on them inadvertantly by my own ignorance,  something I am not always successful at. WHO IS??

I responded somewhat strongly to his treatise, then went back later and deleted what I had written, as it did not support my image of myself and,  who and WHAT, I choose to be. I left a short explanation of one of the errors in scholarship,  said why I was leaving,  and did.

This is really eating me up because I thought in all of my writing ( 3200+ posts and articles there ) here on the blog and the things I address on my show it was absolutely clear who I am and,  my intent to bring peace between people of ALL faiths,  we need not be afraid of each other,  never mind be killing each other.

I am extremely careful to tell all that read and listen,  that I have NO AUTHORITY to tell anyone anything,  or how they shoud or MUST believe. My belief is that we all walk a different path as we come to know God, each of us is unique and no two of us will know God the same way. There are generalities yes,  but each relationship is unique!

I firmly believe that each one of us is special and unique, in his ot her,  own way and that we are MADE that way by God,  to reflect the many things we can not apprehend about Him.  As we realize this, we see that God is unlimited, that is the PURPOSE of our unique-NESS  ( is that a word?? )

It is possible that he never even considered me as he wrote what he did,  but it felt directed, as many there speculate on aspects of and the nuances of,  God and the lessons brought to us by Jesus, The Christ.

Many know that I don’t believe that Jesus was God. He was OF GOD given great power to do His mission as DIRECTED by God.  Here at the beginning of the world and will rule over that which God gives him to rule,  in Heaven and on earth,  as the Massiah and conquering King of all. He told us he will prepare a place for us in His Fathers mansions and,  He will sit at the right hand of God in Heaven itself,  as He does so.  After all that’s what Jesus said,  isn’t it?  He said that God was in Him and,  He in God.  He did NOT say that He WAS God!   When in Nazareth He could do no miracles because of the people’s unbelief and tells us that all of the things he did were by Gods power, never claiming that power for Himself. He stated that all of the things He did were to glorify God,  not Himself. He told us that the father will decide when to end the world as we know it,  not even the “Son Of Man” knows when this will happen!! If He was God why did He not say,” when I’m ready,  you’re TOAST!!”  evrything in scriptures is stated this way except the changes wrought by two unknown scribes known by scholars as ‘Q”  and the  other is known as “P”.   We know this by changes in syntax and the writing examples themselves on the oldest documents extant.

Can some body,  ANYBODY,   tell me where I have stated anything different??

I got to tell you,  I can’t remember ever doing so!!  I guess I’ll put this in “thoughts and sharing” if I publish it,  I was gonna put it in “Can anybody help me!”  But maybe I’m beyond help!!

Pondering………….What NOW???? ……………be well all…………….Rev. Bruce…………………..Tawodi





2 Responses to “THIS ONE’S FOR ME.”

  1. bshelley said

    God bless you as you seek a better understanding of Him and His word. Bryan

  2. tawodi said

    Bryan, Welcome to the site and thank you for your comment, it helps! Life some times slaps us all in the kisser don’t it!

    Be well new friend…………….Rev Bruce…………Tawodi

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