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Posted by tawodi on April 3, 2008

One of the nursing homes that I visit and preach at is going through a bout with a tummy bug and they don’t want me there to catch it so YOU LOSE!! I’m home today!! (just kiddin’)Look into your hearts for your own answers. Some one above said,  I don’t know what angers the militant Muslims,  so I won’t even go there.NEWS FLASH!! TAWODI DOES!! So really, do you.

Winning and loosing and the word,  enough,  is what is wrong, and it can be fixed.

Change your thinking,  change your heart,  yeah it is that simple and yes,  so terribly difficult. Do you know why,  because you’re afraid if you choose to think this way,  you MAY lose, and that would suck wouldn’t it, bear with me here this is NOT some pie in the sky “liberal rant” just a slightly different way of maybe seeing your own life.

HUNGER; It is a fact, there is enough food in the world to feed everybody NOW. Why do almost thirty thousand a DAY starve to death somewhere in the world?? Is this what you would term just natural? As most do. Or is it a CHOICE?

When you insist on attacking some one, because they don’t believe as you, are you afraid of losing YOUR salvation as you have been told you will, so become even more militant in your approach? This is a CHOICE.

When you attack someone of faith because they don’t agree with some of the provable immorality of some life choices that you don’t have a problem with, note, I say here you don’t practice them but, have a real problem with people that call them wrong? This is a CHOICE.

I DO NOT MEAN HOMOSEXUALITY don’t even go there people!!

I mean destructive to themselves and their families ALCOHOL, DRUGS, TOBBACO, and other destructive things, there are hundreds.

LOOSING, is the reason you think by limiting the choice of some, they think to limit yours, so you will lose, thats why you do it (attack the religious)

Now to the meat of it.

Hunger would go away tomorrow if we CHOOSE for it to, yes it would, all we need do is gather together and say to our “great leaders”… THIS STOPS NOW!!!… Why don’t we?…………Well T some body would have to “give up ” something!!!

Who?? What would they have to “give up” or “lose”??

Example; when I was working I would stop every morning on the way to the job site (I had my own little business) buy a cup of coffee a doughnut and a couple of packs of butts, cost? $12.56 This was at least 5 days a week and usually we stop and grab coffe after church on the weekends and I used to be running all the time so would get one or two more cups a day, as well. One day I was watching an ad for the Christian childrens fund and SHAZZAM burst of clarity!! The next morning I went to Dunkin Doughnuts bought two 1 qt. thermos jugs, two lbs. of coffee and went home. From then, till now, my wife and I drink ONLY D.D. coffee (the best!!) Don’t smoke near as much, (we’ve almost quit) and supoort three of the kids somewhere in the world.Cost of coffee not quite 5.00 a week for us now, cost of thermos jugs 14.00 dollars (still got em, and use em,) 71.oo a month to the Christian childrens fund voila!! three little kids that get enough to eat a smattering of education the knowledge that somebody gives a crap about them, who will probably never meet them and, the chance……….just the chance, that they may be the ones to choose to save the world. WE LOST NOTHING!! We have gained the knowledge of hope for them, and for us, in what they may become!!

We helped them to CHOOSE to reach for the best vision of themselves that they can be and BECOME IT!! Was it in the doing, we got this sense of good? No it is in the BEING. this is where the change of heart will begin…….


YOU are a human……BEING……that word BEING is the secret to who you are!! And, WHAT you are. Sounds too simple doesn’t it? here it comes!!

At any given moment you are being “someone” and “something” aren’t you? Come on, give it up, you know this is TRUE!! You are “Being” even as you read this aren’t you? Of course you are, if you aren’t “being” you’re NOT HERE!!!

Now what are you “doing” as you are “Being” ? Well, right now, you’re reading this aren’t you, that is doing, why not take your highest vision of what you are “being” and then “doing” something with it!!

You CAN’T LOSE, THERE IS NO LOSE!!! As you would be ….DO…and you will become as you see YOU, there is NO loss in this course of action.None!

I know in my guts you’re probably thinking, oh well another one over the edge, but stop, THINK, what have you got to “lose” Did we “lose our morning coffee? No, we have MORE and any time we want it, the best there IS!! We have become that we never thought we could be, simply by “being it’!!! Find some small inconsequential thing, do as we have for a short while, look for the change that your choice brings in your perception of your self, as a self defining developing…BEING OF CHOICE… then sit, cogitate, think, how does it feel?? You will be yearning for the next step in learning who YOU are and, we will take it together, you are not doing this for anyone, you are doing it for you!!!

Be a verb, start BEING that which YOU choose.

Be well all…………….Tawodi

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