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Welcome Becca !!

Posted by tawodi on September 29, 2007

Sat 29 September 2007 08:11 PM

Thanks Becca……As I get used to the way this site works ( they’re all different) things will really start moving.We are trying to set it so people can log in and comment, or POST! That is the challenge, we will look at the posts to moderate them and, edit or delete, any that are abusive or obscene but, other than that, we’re going to let people have their say, that is as it should be.There is also going to be an active recruitment program for churches, mosques and synagogues, to tell their congregations about us and what we’re doing and ask them to become federated with us.By this I mean, nobody will get swallowed up by bigger organizations but, simply become allies in the cause. People usually have a tremendous personal stake in work they have done of this nature and, the recognition of their groups and themselves and their efforts is to be lauded, not submerged in another group.There will be polls to see the direction some may think we need to go. Also rallies, pot luck suppers in the places of worship and lectures by those qualified to do so and, many other exciting things that are still on the drawing boards but, God willing, will come to fruition!!Be well sister, thanks for stopping by!!! Tawodi…out


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