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Posted by tawodi on June 26, 2007

Tonight is Tuesday night and that means at eight o’clock Tawodi’s Hawks nest is on blog talk radio. Just click Tawodi’s Hawks Nest in the blogroll on the right, it takes you there once there click the blue lettering up on the left and you’re there!!

Last week we had a little fun oh heck, a lot of fun with Robert Salaam paying me a visit and me returning the favor on thursday to him by visiting at his show The American Muslim. Some of you know Robert as the man who started with me the movement called… The People of Abraham, Christians Muslims and Jews.  When I went to scedule my show I found that the nine O’clock spot had been taken even after I had sceduledit three weeks previously. So I guess one needs to sqauck a bit to make sure that doesn’t happen again and I did.  I put up the title and tags for this week as new people, new thoughts, c’mon people lets use our brains!

Then this morning,  after realising I hadn’t written anything in six days,  thought it would be appropriate to lead in here with what I have in mind for tonights show.

There has been a gratifying amount of traffic here on the blog but it is not that strong on the talk show so maybe I need to approach it as a sort of tandem operation. This last week I have seen a lot of restating,  of what may be called the obvious, in the news,  the various news letters, and forums,  telling us who the Muslims and those who don’t hate them,  really are!

EXCUSE ME, but are these the same people we’re talking about??  Or are these new people we haven’t ever heard of before,  that suddenly materialised among us you are talking about??

Tonight on the show we will discuss this phenomenon, where it comes from,  who spreads it,  do these “New People” really exist or are they, once again,  a rehashing of the old hatreds and predjudices,  dressed up in new rhetoric to try and sell to new frightened people who don’t know any better.

Then,  once we explore who they are,  we will examine those who would poison us with phobias that need not be,  regarding them.

Now to sort of precondition you,  I would submit the following. Those of you,  like me,  who are old enough to remember the late fifties and the upheaval of the sixties and the civil rights movements of those times,  will recall all the dire predictions of the fall of Christian civilisation if we embraced equality the end of Jim Crow Laws.  The separate but equal nonsense and all the rest of the undisquised racism that pervaded this country and still does to this day,  although in nowhere near the degree that it did then.  If indeed you do remember,  think about what you are reading,  seeing on the death tube and hearing on the radio,  regarding the world of Islam. Now I’m not stupid,  there are those who would,  if given half a chance,  wipe us out,  but they are few in comparison to the population of Islam world wide.  There are among us,  those who would if given half a chance,  wipe THEM out,  men,  women,  children,  dogs,  cats,  elephants and the countries they live in,  and never blink an eye and you know this is also true!!

It is this and the thoughts and emotions that I will begin to address tonight on the show.

We must start somewhere ending this insanity and it is insane,  to condemn out of hand,  an entire class and people,  we basically know nothing about . And , it is clear,  very little is known about them. That is why on this blog there are,  in the right hand column,  so many places for you to go and begin to learn,  who the American Muslims are . What they think . What they dream of for their children and all the things that make them just as human as you,  with the right to live and prosper,  as you have those rights.

I hope to talk to you tonight and if you can’t be there,  the show like all the others will be archived so whenever you can do so,  you can listen .

Be well, all,                 Rev.   Bruce                                                                                                      Tawodi


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