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Posted by tawodi on June 16, 2007

Just some thoughts; This was posted Sat morning by me on the military threads and I thought what the hay, it’s pertinent, so brought it here for you.

I was reading this thread and W.T. really has it right, but, and this is NOT critisism, most miss the basic points of sacrifice not W.T., I know he gets it, but most do not.

With the fall of mankind, not because we ate an apple or what ever it was, but by thinking we could be as God (remember that was what Satan told Eve and she told Adam) What caused our fall was arrogance, plain and simple.

From that point onward we needed to propitiate our sins with sacrifices. BUT, it should be remembered that God IS justice, there is no sacrifice worthy of him but a PERFECT sacrifice.

This is crucial to understanding the meaning of Jesus’s existance, mission, ministry, and purpose, for us, and to us.

We, as human beings, are incapable of doing ANYTHING that will restore justice between us and God, period, end of story, NOT open for discussion.

It is this simple understanding that trips so many humans into the fog, so to speak, and understand it you MUST!!!

Most grasp the fact that works will not save you, not without faith, in justification of those works.

Faith with out the works, that faith COMPELS us to perform, is the fruit of that justification, by that faith.

I would ask that you clip and copy this last few paragraphs, they are critical for understanding what was given to you, simply for asking.

When reciting the Jesus prayer (I’m a sinner etc. etc.) Most do not truly believe it when they say the words. Oh, they know they “make mistakes” and such but “sinner” that’s a little strong isn’t it??

No, it’s not, what it actually means is that you, as a human being, have ABSOLUTELY zero, zip, nada, none, can’t get it, and never will, concept of what perfection IS!!!

But that’s O.K., God knows that and doesn’t expect it of you, but He does expect you to understand that much, and by understanding that, you can then accept that He has provided a way home, as He said He would, in Genesis 3,verse fifteen. The mention of your salvation by a redeemer starts there, that far back in the Bible, and most never realise it!!

A dead Man on the cross is not the lesson to be learned from the crucifiction of Jesus.

The terrified scattered survivors who were galvanized by his presence, ALIVE, AMONG THEM, EATING AND DRINKING, (spirits can do neither)Talking, teaching, loving, and forgiving, ( Peter on the beach being asked three times, Peter do you love me? feed my sheep) these are the things that speak to the reality of Christ Jesus, Lord of Heaven and Earth, Possessor of these powers granted by God, for us, to Him, for our salvation and intersession in our imperfection and shallowness of existance, to deepen the bonds to enrich our understanding of just how much God loves us, but to also show us how much Jesus loves us, to suffer so and lay down His life BY COMMAND, for us, never knowing if we will do what is necessary to earn the gift of life, or not.

These are the things you must know, to even begin to understand, the tennets of Christianity and the things that are there, for you, just for asking.

Be well friends…Rev   Bruce                                                                                           Tawodi

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