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Posted by tawodi on June 5, 2007

I am starting to enter   “summer mode”  I live in a resort area, actually more like a zoo in the summer, but nobody feeds me!!

In the last five years it has NOT been fun here as the people seem to be carrying a huge load of unrest and in some instances they’re just downright angry.  The problem is what are they angry at??!!  I don’t know.  The roads were not meant to carry the traffic that we now have and the tempers flair over that. Of course there is the phenomenon of people standing around on main street after coming out of a gift shop,  looking like gut shot cattle and you can see them asking themselves,  “Why did I just spend half a weeks pay on this crap and why am I spending 5000.00 dollars to spend a week in a place where the only thing to do is spend money …..oh and play mini golf,  or go to the beach!!!

I gotta tell ya,  I really feel badly for some of these folks. We have a Chamber of Commerce that is second to none in bringing tourists here and when they arrive and then go I realise that there are three hundred million people in this country and the supply of ………shall we say,  victims,  is endless!!

Now it is abeautiful place but you better like fishing swimming laying on the beach or other things such as boating, kayaking,  canoeing,  hiking in the dunes,  dining out,  a few night spots ……Oh! Good Heavens!! They’ve got me doing it!!!

Yeah, all right,  I guess if you don’t get summers off because you live here,  and are busting your butt,  smiling at some disgruntled idjit,  who blames you for the outrageous prices and every thing else,  up to and including the rain, you like me may be in serious need of an opterectomy. You know,  disconnect your optic nerve fr……never mind.

I think I need to take my daughter fishing yeah that’s what I’ll do go fishing……get in the boat and……Somebody help me…..I’ve been captured by the SYSTEM!!!

Just for some laughs….Be well all…Tawodi


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