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Posted by tawodi on June 3, 2007

Well today was the bridge crossing ceremony. The Girl Scout year is at an end,  except of course for dump duty for dad and mom to sort bottles, the troop got a little over four thousand dollars this year,  for this. You do of course realise,  that they would have to sell about five bazillion cookies to make that much don’t you? Sooooooo, we do the dump thing to recycle bottles,  it’s worth it,  lots of little girls go to camp and on field trips,  that they may not otherwise be able to afford.

Today brought a lot of memories, my oldest daughter is going to be forty on August 5th,  and my youngest daughter will be twelve on July 31 rst. I can remember when the oldest crossed over from junior to Girl Scout like it was yesterday. I know that’s kind of cliche’,  but it’s the truth. It’s like they say,  time flies when you’re getting the snot slapped out of you!!  Nah I haven’t lived as hard as some, as a matter of fact,  my life like any other has had highs and lows and with Gods help I and my extended family,  have weathered them all.

Have you out there,  like me,  considered at times like this,  where you’ve been and where you’re going??  I have reached the point in life,  that when I wake up in the morning , no matter how lamed up I am,  I feel like I’ve cheated death,  one more time!!

At the church today when we were leaving,  after the ceremony,  somebody came up to my wife and I and said,  you guessed it….. Hi Carly,  grandpa came with you and mom to the ceremony today, that’s nice isn’t it.   OOPS!!   This happens from time to time and it’s always hard to decide ,Hmmmmm,  should we tell them what’s what,  or just leave it alone? Either way it’s always good for a chuckle later for my wife and I.  There is an eighteen year difference in our ages so you can imagine what they think in some circumstances. What’s up with that??  Would be the kindest way to put it. My wife and I could care less,  but as I said it’s good for the occasional chuckle.

Stages I guess is what I’m talking about,  life has stages we go through as we pass through life and all of us do it somewhat the same,  but vastly different at the same time.  I know that last didn’t make much sense the way I wrote it,  but I couldn’t seem to get it just right. I guess the emotional content that we feel,  or give to each experience that we all share,  as humans,  affects us in subtly different ways,  or some times vastly different ways,  depending on the individual circumstance of each of us. RATS!!  I think I just said the same thing,  differently!!

ANYHOO,  I’m sure if you have read this far you get it,  new kid twenty eight years later,  same ceremony, same dad. There is that a little clearer?  I hope so cause it’s the best I can do. Time and passages that is the point, it’s a good thing I don’t have to pay for ink to write this stuff at times,  I’d go broke!!

To all the parents of Girl Scouts  every where you can see you’re not alone when it comes to rites of passage for your children or grandchildren they all mean we are marking passages of our own as we pass through life. I have to wonder though.  Am I scoring a passing grade through all this??  When I look at how successful my older kids are,  I feel that I am, but then this one’s not done growing yet, so I guess I’ll just have to keep trying to make a passing grade.

Be well,  all hug those little rug rats…..Tawodi 


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