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Posted by tawodi on June 1, 2007

Every once in a while you see something that makes you think that maybe the inhabitants of this little mud ball we live on may  be worth letting stick around for a while longer.

My theory of life is that the purpose of life IS life.  Every thing that I have learned about God and the message of the Bible tells me this. As I have lived,  it sometimes it seems so simple and I have wondered why so few seem to get it.

We were not put here to hate and kill each other but to seek and understand what our purpose is and to grow in the spirit of God and move in the direction He would have us move and live.  When I find things of fascination such as I have enclosed here it cheers me to think that the search for knowledge of this our home and the small faltering steps to learn about our universe are being taken,we are getting to see what God has created for us.

Perhaps some day,  when we are with God,  we will get to see the continuing miracle,  that is His creation some of those miracles are shown in these pictures from the J.P.L.  Lab photos from the cassini- Huygens  space vehicle as it travelled to Saturn and beyond, also exploring Titan a moon of Saturn.  If you click J.P.L. HOME  you can tour the Jet Propulsion Labratories and see all kinds of neat stuff!!

Click and enjoy,  and wonder….the blogroll on the right column where it says ….THE  PLANET


One Response to “MAYBE WE’RE NOT ALONE ??”

  1. I find this enlightening… It just upsets me people can be so closed minded about other faiths, including even their own. People don’t understand what their missing.

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