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Posted by tawodi on May 28, 2007

We all think of this as the big kick off to summer and I know you and every body else,  has heard about how we should never forget those who sacrificed so we could   HAVE   a Memorial day weekend.   Of course,  we celebrate,  remember and in some cases,  mourn those we,  or others,  may have lost over the years,  indeed over the centuries,  in combat and service related accidents around the world.

Yes,  you heard me right,  a great many men and women have been lost to accident around the world,  in peace time and in war and I have always wondered how many see  their deaths as a sacrifice,  besides their families.

God tells us,  that they who but live in the world,  also serve Him.  Well logic tells me that those who are far from their families even though they are not in a theater of war also serve  US .

Some where,  right now,  a Coast Guardsman or woman is serving right around the corner from you  no doubt wishing they could be with their family on this holiday instead of on duty where ever they are.

On an air base or a fort  for instance,  there are trainees who are on base for the weekend,  far from home,  missing their families also. There are officers and men at Quantico others are serving quietly to keep us all free in less than glamorous surroundings all around the world. As I write this,  are they any less missed by their children,  wives,  sweethearts and families??  Of course not!!  They are HEROS,  each and every last one of them!!!

SO,  If you see a man or woman wearing the uniform of our countries service members today,  no matter where you or they are,  thank GOD  for these people who are sacrificing so much now and are prepared to lay it all down for you and this great country we all live in.  Thank them for their service, that’s right walk right up to them stick out your hand and SAY IT!!!          THANK YOU FOR YOUR VALIANT SERVICE TO ME,  MY CHILDREN,  AND ALL OF US!!

Be proud when you do it,  don’t feel you will embarass yourself or them. Too few in our world of jumbled politics and hate filled rhetoric,  will see the man or woman beneath the uniform and realize there is an AMERICAN  in there…..JUST LIKE YOU…..Who wants to live,  prosper, raise a family and be loved,  THANK THEM THEY DESERVE IT!!!

And from me to you before you do it…… THANK YOU TOO…….

Be well all,  and be assured you are blessed,  to be living here under the protection of all these wonderful young men and women…..Tawodi…out


One Response to “MEMORIAL DAY………..MUSINGS”

  1. Mike Dolan said

    Amen to that. Good article. More of us need to do that.

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