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Posted by tawodi on May 23, 2007

I was sitting here wondering what to say and came up with this question.  I like you sometimes wonder “What difference does it make what I say or do??”

Well I got up at five and made the coffee and settled in to figure what I was going to do, take my daughter to school,  check, take my wife to work,  check.  Oh yeah put the tables I refinished for a friend back,  check. Eat breakfast,  check. Go to bank,  check.  I think I’m seeing a pattern here!  Crank up the puter,   O.M.G.  military .com is going nuts the guys found out ,…..well I told  ’em last night,   but they woke up and found out I got my degree,  congrats are falling out of the trees!!

It does feel good,  as the last ten days have had some set backs,  but all in all there has been a lot of good too.

So  I wrote some E mails to offer thanks to them all,  then wrote some historical fill ins to answer some religious questions some had and offered up prayers to others that need them tried to mend some fences,  for some feelings that I had hurt  of one of my friends,   checked my blogradio archive to see if the show was any good yesterday (it was O.K. I guess) asked a gentleman if I could put up some of his poetry here,  for all of you and of course attribute it to him,  it’s some of the most beautiful writing I have seen in a long time,  about being a father.

ate dinner then went to my friends wood shop and built four high chairs for dolls for a sale our church is going to do in July it’s for wooden toys my friend Fred and I have made. There are twenty five bird houses of five different kinds a big riding pig ( like a rocking horse)  a tricycle made like a pony that I made two desk sets ….Ya know something we’ve been busy!!

Got home at 9:30 and sat down to check my blog and you have already heard the thought process that brought us to this point.  Gee for a retired guy, I’m damn glad I don’t work any more I couldn’t stand the pace!!

Oh yeah,  the degree     this is          Reverend   Bruce Holzrichter   Dr. of divinity      Signing  off.    IT DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


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