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Posted by tawodi on May 18, 2007

One of lifes most profound questions concerning religion is prayer.  If we consider what Jesus tells us ask and it shall be given you , and then when we ask and don’t get it,  we say well,  prayer doesn’t work very well does it. Then we set about wondering,  till the next time,  and the next time,  and then we give up.

It has been said God always answers prayers,  but we don’t always get what we want. God knows best.  And the all time classic when  arguing with my wife…HEY!  I might not be what you prayed for,  but apparently I’m the answer !!!   Stopped the argument cold……Maybe this prayer stuff does work!!!

Some years ago I came across something while talking to my mentor in ministry. It’s called active listening. I have found the best times are when the rest of the family is in bed,  either in the morning or the late evening. My preffered time is in the very early morning as I’m always up at five thirty or so.

One of the most profound things about prayer that I have found is we pray then get up and go,  if there’s an answer we don’t hear it above the daily noise of life.

Get comfortable and plan to spend time,  after all this is pretty important stuff. I usually allow half an hour. First I get comfortable and relaxed then pray. Now what you ask for is important,  too many times we give God our laundry list and it changes little on a daily basis. Health,  wellness,  money, yeah I know that’s tacky you wouldn’t ask for money, security, comfort, those things but never money. It really doesn’t matter,  the point is,  we don’t ask for what we REALLY need.

Wisdom,  perseverence, comfort, understanding,  wellness  for our loved ones and strength to deal with what life throws at us and of course,  Gods help through it all.

When you are in a quiet place in the house and in your mind,  pray, open your heart,  ask for those things you need and add those which I mentioned. Then stop,  sit with your hands open,  there is a reason for this. As every day humans we have a tendency to keep ourselves closed we do this to protect our self from the stuff life throws at us this is the time to learn to open yourself to God try and clear your mind and simply listen, see if you can ascertain what if any answer God may have for you . Do this as often as you pray, the purpose is to open your self up be aware of what may come to you immediately and perhaps later in the day or days later.

I must tell you some thing,  answers will come,  not when you expect them or even how, you expect them,  and they may be what you asked for or different than you imagined,  but come they will .

I learned this way of praying at the age of thirty six,  I’m sixty one now and it has never failed …not once …ever.  The answers are there ALWAYS  but you have to be aware of them as they appear in some times surprising ways that you may not expect.

Try it you will be,  as I said, surprised!!

Next time we will talk about active listening and the things you can do to learn the skills you need.

Be well friends…..Tawodi…out 



  1. I will recommend your site to my friends definitely.

  2. Mike Dolan said

    Good article Bruce and good sound advice. It sounds funny, but that is a very valid question…”How do I pray?” I asked that myself many times and have heard many good responses, yours is one of them.

    Good work and God Bless to you and your family.


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