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Posted by tawodi on May 14, 2007

You know even when you’re retired Mondays can still be a bear!  I’ve been trying to make some headway on the blogradio show and it’s a slow uphill battle, nothing happens in real time and you don’t know if what you set up is even recieved for approval till it suddenly appears, or more likely doesn’t!  Oh well this too  shall pass, at least I hope it does,  before I do!!

On a lighter note, did you all have a good Mother’s day? We did,  I got a cake for she who must be obeyed and it was a big hit,  phew, saved myself again!!

This may seem silly to ask, but I still don’t know if you can post comments here yet!  Have you tried? if you were not able, I’m trying to set it up so you can,  please be patient once again things you ask do not get answered in real time, it’s the nature of the beast.

On the way to Bible discussion group I blew a brake cylinder,  so I can’t say the day was boring,  just one more agravation to put in the basket. I got it fixed and just barely made it to the discussion group, once again saved myself,  or maybe He did!!

O.K.  Today’s catagory is going to be EVANGELISM,   JUMP AND SHOUT,  OR LISTEN AND WHISPER??

We find now days there is an increasing level of , volume,  in the approach to evangelistic endeavors of many of the main stream mega churches. It has seemed to me at times to be extremely off putting to most people.

The reason,  as I see it,  is that the message is too much fire and brimstone and not enough love. No I am most definitly NOT a sixties burn out looking to resurect the flower generation….. heaven forbid, once was much more than enough, thank you!!

What I mean is there are very definite right and wrong methods of accepted behavior in the Bible and in Christian theology in general. Every body knows what they are and the penalty for some of them,  why doesn’t any body talk of how not to transgress instead of insisting you’re going to burn for all eternity if you don’t worship their way?

Have you ever stopped to think how many denominations of Christians there are?? It’s staggering!! The last I was certain of,  there were over one hundred and forty and more.

At one of the living centers where I preach,  care for and visit,  we have, every other Sunday afternoon two people who come to preach, and during the weekend they also visit some of the residents. Now you must understand long term residents of nursing home facilities are skating along the thin edge of every thing,  they don’t need some over zealous idjit, coming in and telling them they’re going to hell, I mean give me a break!!  I went to listen because I was hearing a ton of complaints  and when I asked them if they thought what they were preaching was appropriate for this audience,  they were outraged that I would ask them such a thing. What they didn’t realize was the management had dozens of complaits I told them this, and also told them they needed to tone it down,  their efforts were not productive for these surroundings and for this congregation.  Well…………., since I’m now officially on my way to hell, maybe you’ll pray for me. That is at least, what I was told, oh well.

I have found in my years of ministry that listening is the most effective tool in your tool box. People are curious about clergy,  even if it’s  just to ask if I  really believe all this stuff!!!  The answer of course is yes, the next logical step for them then is to ask how I could,  in this modern world or some variation thereof.  My answer is ALWAYS . the Bible is a book of stories, they are the stories of men written by men and how they interacted with God and what He expects of us, some times it seems to contradict itself .  Sometimes it seems inscrutable. Sometimes it seems like a bunch of legends all made up,  almost like fairy tales,  just a little more grim in places.  When I say these things they ask how to make sense of it all and at this point is when I tell them listen after you pray,  thats the first thing . Then when you are asked questions whisper the answers,  do not shout them in peoples faces,  whisper them. It’s the strangest thing , you will notice if you speak softly people will listen harder,  if they listen harder they hear better and it penetrates more deeply. That is the way it seems to work for me any way,  try it some time.

That’s enough for this installment,  there’s a lot to consider here in your approach to others, as you would lead them to God

Be well friends…..Tawodi…out


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