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Posted by tawodi on May 12, 2007

Tomorrow is mothers day and I like so many others search for ways to say in a new way happy mothers day.  Like most I am at a loss to come up with any thing new or inspiring, moving, or especially memorable.

But there is one good thing about mothers, as they watch their children play and grow I know that like me they can not often put in to words what they are feeling either, sometimes it seems there really are no words.

As a matter of fact to try and reduce a feeling to words takes away the meaning of what we feel. It is sometimes better to leave unsaid that which is deepest in our hearts and keep it as a private memory.

Telling the person or mother involved essentially in the form which I just put it is more than enough because women understand that to touch a memory sometimes is to destroy or degrade it. If the person is someone we love they understand sometimes more than we what we mean just because we tried to tell them.

That’s a neat thing about moms sometimes trying is enough,it’s appreciated , because so many times they wonder if anybody notices,  I mean really notices, what they do for us.

You do notice don’t you? strangely enough few do just like men on average notice so little of what their women truly do for them.

So guys if you can’t think of words,  tell them you’re trying to think of the words, they’ll understand, this once it’ll be enough that you tried.

Be well all,   Happy Mothers Day…Tawodi…out


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