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Posted by tawodi on May 11, 2007

I’ll bet you ladies thought you were going to get off scott free didn’t you??  Well remember what I said about communication ? You can not fail at something you don’t do!!

Let us envision a nice evening together. A little wine…..some cheese and crackers maybe or perhaps a small shrimp Glace’ with a dash of strawberries and cream after and a good chick flick tape to watch.

Hubby is sitting on the couch,  with some extra pillows scattered about and the lights are off and a few candles are lit,  giving the room a nice ambiance of quiet secretiveness.

You come in from the kitchen and flop down and say “This is special honey,  thank you,  I really don’t feel like doing the dishes tonight.”  Hubby turns to you and says, “So don’t do them tonight,  do them in the morning.”  He turns on the v.c.r. pushes play,  you have curled up next to him as this exchange takes place.

As the movie starts a strange chill slowly begins to invade the room, you move slightly and sit up a little straighter……. he adjusts his position slightly and put his arm further around you ….the chill deepens.

You now sit up straight and reach for a few shrimp and your wine glass,  the temperature drops another five degrees…….he turns to you and smiles takes a few shrimp and his wine glass and settles back to watch the movie some more…..the temperature goes down another five degrees.

You both finish munching, he kicks off his shoes and lays his head in your lap… stand up and say excuse me a moment…..his head thumps down on the couch..thump!…

Fifteen minutes later after you have not returned your husband notices an ice flow moving slowly from the doorway where you left the room and it is slowly moving his way……WHAT THE…………honey what’s that!!!!! he shouts!

As the sound of dishes being washed faintly reaches his ears, he stares wonderingly at the doorway, rises and moves quietly to the kitchen…..what are you doing ??

Well when I asked you to do the dishes you made it plain that it was beneath your dignity to do dishes!!!!   Of course hubby is standing there looking like a gut shot steer just before it goes down and says, ” When did you ask me to do the dishes??”

When I came out in the living room I asked you plain to do the dishes…….”You did??”…..the gut shot look deepens.

Yes I did and just like always you ignored me!!……”I did???”   Yes you did !!!

WHEN!!!  Oh sure play dumb,  you know full well when I asked you,  but you will never admit it,  will you!!!!

STOMP!  STOMP!  STOMP!  STOMP! ……..SLAM!!!( bedroom door)  snick, snap ssshhhccctt  THUMP !  (lock snapping, bolt thrown home, chain in place, dresser being dragged in front of door and wedged in place)  THIS WEEKEND IS SOOOO OVER!!!!

RECAP;  What you said…”Idon’t feel like doing the dishes tonight.”  What he heard “I don’t feel like doing the dishes tonight.”  WHAT YOU HEARD …….Honey would you do the dishes??  HMMMMMMM  I think I’m seeing a pattern here!!

You don’t say what you mean….. and….. we don’t hear what you think!!!!!!   Want proof??

Honey what’s wrong??……WELL,  if you cared about me at all you’d know perfectly well,  whats wrong!!!!                    ????,

Oh I get it,    we’re supposed to read minds now!!!!               And so it goes on and on and on and on and on……………….

Be well all you out there!…Tawodi…out



  1. Mike Dolan said

    Bruce…when did you meet my wife?

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