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my description of God

Posted by tawodi on May 7, 2007

Gracious loving God, I cannot describe You, I have listened on a roadside, in a room alone, on a mountain, when I knew not, where I was to go, and You showed me.  Your grace was in my life before I knew you. The moments I made decisions, not knowing why, and finding later, they were the right decisions guided by You. When I questioned You did not chastise me, but answered my questions as the loving father I didn’t have should have.  When my life was over You restored me to my family, I did not know why….. I do now. It was to do as You asked me to. I did not expect to last, but You have preserved me for Your task, once again a flawed tool is sufficient for the masters use. I serve You Lord, as long as I live let me serve You. When my service is over, I know You will sustain my family, in the love You have shown us, and with the support, unearned and unwarrented, but freely given by You. Gracious loving God I and we Thank You for these gifts and only live to show them to others, that they may partake of life more fully, as have we, my family and I.  The gift You give is unique, if we hide it, hoard it, or keep it for ourselves it withers and dies. If we give it away, it returns ten fold, to give away again to return again, beyond measure.  Thank You for these gifts loving God of Hosts







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